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  1. Yes, this! I am sure we could work out the rules again with Golem Arcana, but those pieces will likely never see the light of day again. Not to mention the wands have probably had batteries die in them. I don't mind some app support, but I don't want an app to be required.
  2. Mostly I like those tokens because they are useful. I don't have to keep track of which ship can't shoot. I don't have to look at the cards on the side to remember I have a lower agility on one. Not saying it's for everyone, but I found it very useful and actually had me using the tokens when I wasn't using the cardboard ones. And there are the basic ones for the more complicated crits.
  3. My biggest concern with Pokemon GO is that it is run (in part or in whole) by Niantic. Don't get me wrong, Niantic is a great spin-off company from Google. They run Ingress. This seems to progress along the same path and use the same data (and I think it is interesting that the best portal I created was a train on campus and it is now a Gym in Pokemon GO). Early levels are good, but it gets extreme what you have to do to keep stuff in Ingress. Gym ownership is going to be a pain (either to the wallet... or to the... bah... let's be honest... you probably can't bike enough to keep a gym in good shape at top tiers). One thing that seems to be an advantage is that it is three teams instead of two (though even harder to keep stuff) and that you can only contribute one pokemon per gym (where Ingress is tiered based on the level of the portal). It still makes me want to get out in the summer heat on my bike, so maybe it is a positive, I'm just leery of Niantic fingerprints.
  4. Thiago (Lead Developer and Magic 8 Ball User) stated that there will be no additional treasure in the hero vs. monster add-on boxes. Only the spawn cards.
  5. I'll see if anyone knows on the additional treasure cards. That's a good question. And for Kickstarters from CMON, they are definitely taking a different approach with this game. They stated it from the beginning and are sticking to it so far. They appear to be trying to be more retail friendly, which means most of the important upgrades are (which have the heroes and big boxes of monsters) are going to be available for retail sale and do still drive the income from the Kickstarter, but not as much because it isn't exclusive. I think it is a good change and I am willing to wait on getting some things since I know I will be able to buy one or two sets of them when they come out.
  6. Yeah, I like the Hellephant! Luckily my wife wanted Valerie... so I was able to add-on that box! Woot!
  7. Depends. Some have quoted different boxes... some that were KS priced at $25 were released for $32. Some the margin was closer ($25 > $28). Actually, a little bit, but not that much more. I'm also hoping the Kickstarter ending on the 7th, may allow the Pledge Manager to be open till August. I doubt it... usually it is just a couple of weeks, but if it does make it, my add-on purchases will be significantly more!
  8. Ratlings just in... pretty cool sculpts on some of them... and easy to modify with all the skaven bits...
  9. Judging distances is challenging for some, not so much for others. Will it make you a better player? Absolutely! And you don't even have to be a player on Vassal to learn from it. With the Vassal league, you can sit in on games being played by the absolute best players in the game and watch what they do. Not only that, you can download the vlog files and watch what happened. On your own, you may not learn as much without some commentary, so there are times and seasons where you will catch games being broadcasted via twitch by some of the podcasts and have the commentary overlay. However, if you are deeply committed to becoming a top notch player, there is no other place that you can find the top notch tier of players gathered in one place that you could play against. You might not can pick your opponent on any given night, but with the different tournament circuits and Vassal League, you can definitely play against regional winners and worlds competitors for stronger competition. It is a unique atmosphere.
  10. Or until you upgrade to Ultimate Ears Pro
  11. Unless you like to paint them!
  12. The biggest problem with Thrawn is he is definitely after Vader... and with Rebels stuck in the timeline where they are, there shouldn't be a way for them to encounter him. I know, they can rewrite whatever they want, but I don't know that we will see Thrawn in Rebels, but I hope we see him in the timeline of the movies. Especially if they truly portray him with his holo-art collections and Art of War mentality. But if they bring him in, that opens up a lot of other issues... so no matter what, lots of rewriting has to happen.
  13. Zombivors are AWESOME! They are so much tougher... and it's like it is their last gasp at saving the group. Could play it either way, but there have been games that we wouldn't have made it without one or two Zombivors. It is also a last gasp effort at not running out of zombies to place on the board... it's amazing what you will do to not have extra activations. As for the change in ranged, I like it... I think, but I'll have to play with it to make sure. It certainly is better than "you hit your friend first", and the "don't miss!" becomes poignant. Looking forward to that aspect.
  14. My wife is the bonafide Zombicide addict. She loves the coop, but mostly she loves Zombies!!! (not necessarily the game of the same name, though we have it). The Massive Darkness appeals to my old gamer self with lots of playtime in the original Diablo and the red boxed set of D&D. Having played Zombicide, I know that this will be harder than either of those were, but we don't have to spin up a DM and build a world. I'm sure we'll have stories with the characters and voices, so that part will be fine and scratch a bit of the RPG itch without the weekly commitment. Oddly enough, the thing that hooked me the most was the $8 buy in that connected Black Plague and Massive Darkness. Even if it is a one-way port into Massive Darkness and allows use of all the basic characters from Black Plague and brings in the zombie hordes, then it makes me happy and my wife happy and it being co-op means we'll play it with other people. People that won't necessarily commit to X-Wing because they see it mostly as a one versus one game or a really big game that takes a lot of time (these being some of the same people that stayed up until 3 am finishing a Zombicide game... guess they aren't Star Wars fans...).
  15. Of course this thread has a fork from the beginning. I didn't really use them until I got these acrylic Premium Critical Damage Pack tokens from Applied Perspective. As they are functional and useful, I now use critical hit tokens all the time.
  16. Wow... and I thought I was jumping in with two feet! Way to go Visceroth! Edit: And I retract my statement. With my Apple eBook Bonus in my Amazon account and a $25 Amazon card I have from my birthday last month... I can have Black Plague and Wulfsburg headed to my house this week! I'm going to have to seriously step up my zombie painting schedule... and just learn to deal with the cats and the paint (at least one of them is now just over a year old).
  17. Thank you Amazon and thank you Apple for your Antitrust Settlement and depositing $99 into my Amazon account! Now... what am I going to spend it on! Choices... choices... choices.... Oh, and hopefully a lot of you guys benefited from this too!
  18. Yeah... the Kickstarter exclusives are a pain with CMON games. It does get a lot of people to put in a ton of cash but if you miss it, you most likely won't have those items unless you are willing to spend a lot of time and some additional money on tracking them all down. At least they have been consistent though. I would be upset if I had bought in for exclusives and then suddenly they are selling them out of the shop... except you basically get them for free and the other people have to pay for them. Whatever... it obviously is working for them. I'm just hoping the model quality is improving over time. I have the Zombicide and Mall expansion and the heroes are really good casts while the zombies were on the poor side. Mostly my wife loves zombies, so it was a great success. With a year to complete my painting backlog, I should be able to be ready when these come in. If I'm lucky, I'll have picked up some Black Plague between now and then.
  19. I thought my wife would talk me down... she said, "Oh... so it's like Diablo?" She loves Diablo.
  20. OMG! I wish I could unsee this! I don't need to spend $120 this month... ok... $128... ugghhh... must... stay... str...
  21. "The Meta" is going to be very situational right now. As most players are now done with most of Tournament Season, you may see people pulling out odd lists right now to just play something different than what they have been playing. Poe really likes R5-P9, but that means you need a Transport. That doesn't mean BB-8 is bad, just won't have Poe lasting as long right now. That's ok. People are going to focus on whichever one they can get first. They'll hate Corran Horn, but if they get to tag Poe they will and he will go down much easier under concentrated fire. Here's the thing though... lists can be good, but can you be as good as the list? At first, that is likely to be no. Nathan is a phenomenal player, albeit with a lot talent for judging distance. You may have that... great for you! The second thing he does is play the game... a lot... at home, at local venues, at tournaments. Most of us are not as fortunate as that. The ability to fly the ships in the early days is far more critical than who the named pilot is or what abilities you can stack on top of it. Play both lists. Play them against as many people as you can find. Learn to lose with them. Learn to win with them. Soon enough you will have developed your flying skills and will have increased your collection and have even more options. Welcome to X-Wing! It's a great big world out there. Mostly just have fun flying as often as you can. Play with some of the other pilots in the box. Red Ace is fun, but isn't as tanky as you would think. Ello Asty will show you tricks you never even thought of trying in an X-Wing. So many others in what you have picked up. Meanwhile, as you have developed in flying these ships, you will start to see what other players are bringing to the store all the time. Then you will have an idea of your local meta. It probably won't be tournament meta for a while, but it will have its flavor. Then, when tournament season rolls around again, you will find that you know what you are good against and bad against. We'll see some more ships drop between now and then, so expect to see Defenders in the mix. Poe will be re-released but unless something changes he will still be struggling in the tournament meta, even with R5-P9. Even if the meta was all U-Boats and Triple Aces, you will still find times where you don't play a single one... even in a tournament. So... sure... learn what is being flown so you know what to expect and to prepare for, but in the end, learn what you like to fly and fly it a lot while having fun.
  22. Really good work, but I especially love the B-Wing... the way the blue works across the panels is incredible!
  23. I don't change how I fly, but one thing I do when playing people that don't know how to play is setup several generic lists. Usually with iconic ships. I'll have them pick which one they want to fly and which one they want me to fly. I have no preference, I've flown all factions and obviously all of the ships I own... because at this point, I'm assuming we are all using my ships. I will also avoid upgrade cards for that first game. This makes it a simple exercise in learning how to fly ships around asteroids and attacking an opponent. If someone brings their own list and wants to fly but haven't flown before, I'll still generally follow the same principle of flying generic pilots, but I may put a few standard upgrade cards in the mix. The goal is still the same. Keep it simple and help them focus on the fun of flying and shooting. Most of my games take place at my house as I do not have a game store that we can meet at and play and generally I field the ships, so I can always put together something pretty quickly. If nothing else, I can fly a Khiraxz or TIE Swarm or Triple X-Wings. Once they have played that kind of game, I'll keep adding things in so they can see more concepts, but only one at a time. No reason to throw Ion and a Stressbot at someone just to play with their minds... Mostly I'm trying to build a club so want as many as possible to come back as often as possible. Now if we could just find a good neutral location that I could put up advertising for... step by step...
  24. I use the Applied Perpective Premium Critical Damage Pack tokens because instead of it just being a critical, they have markers for the things you tend to forget (no shooting, -1 agility, PS 0, -1 attack dice) and the standard critical hit tokens for everything else.
  25. I use a deep plano box (without looking at it, I have no idea of the model... there are so many, but it is the one stocked by Hobby Lobby) for the Upgrade Cards. I am tempted to purchase the Broken Token Mini-American Case, but I am concerned that all my cards will fit with their sleeves on. I've tried the mini zip binder and found them a bit small for sleeved cards and was unhappy with that so am not pursuing a binder option. I tried binders in my Magic days and did not really like them either back then. In the large sections to the side of this box, I have my acrylic asteroids. For my pilots, I have the colored FFG boxes. Red for Rebels, Black for Empire and Green for Scum and Villainy. I cannot buy any more Empire pilots until I buy another box... and then it will be devoted strictly to TIE Fighter pilots... I have that many and they have soooo many pilots (which is good! don't misread me on that... I love it). For tokens, I just use another Plano box that is the medium size of the same kind as above... I think it is labeled Creative Solutions or something like that, but it is still made by Plano. They stack, as the outside width and length are the same, just different height. I use a third deep (large) Plano box for my pilot cardboard squares and maneuver dials. I only use the foam for my ships (and the one extra tray that still holds all of the pegs and bases... though that may change in the near future) when they are being packed up for traveling. Most of my ships now stay on bases on a top shelf (inset into the wall for additional protection from the wandering ravagers... my two almost 1-year old cats). In a couple of weeks I will go to my parents house where my nephews will be waiting to play again. I haven't packed everything out of the house in a while and I'm curious how much of my truck it is going to take to haul it all. I think it may be time to upgrade to a king cab truck... or an SUV. OH NO!!! I just realized I didn't account for the Raider in my packing / foam considerations... well... I guess it will go back in its original box for this trip... no time for upgrades in Foam. Edit: Forgot to add linking. Second Edit: Raider
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