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  1. ok thx DWRR, now i got it. Gunnery Team give me the the choice to resolve my two attacks from the same hullside (Gunnery), instead of two different hull sides (standard), But there are always two attacks. thx
  2. thanks smuggler, i think you are right. but ... the card say "You can attack from the same hull zone more than once per activation". - "more than once" means already an extra attack, isn´t it? and the card say also "That hull zone cannot target the same ship or squadron more than once during that activation" - but if it was possible to attack only one ship and the fighters, the text should sound like "That hull zone cannot target a ship or a squadron more than once during that activation". Why only two attacks from one hull sides (ship and fighters) ? What´s your opinion ? greetings
  3. So if there is a second ship and some fighters in the front arc, is it possible to attack both ships and the fighter with "Gunnery Team" ? The Card says "...more than once per activation..."
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