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  1. Veteran Turret Gunner is the closest comparison I think. The key difference is that there is no Lock requirement for the 2nd shot. (So far not as good) Turrets and Cannons are similar in that they both have either caps on their damage or limits on arc and range. The caveat is that Jamming Beam and Tractor Beam as an attack is helpful for future shots (Pretty similar in terms of effect unless on high initiative) Unless you bring another ship to provide action economy then your only modifiers come from Fire Control System or pilot abilities. (Worse than VTG) The extra linked action combos are good to have but don't make the ship any more powerful. This makes me think that it should be of a comparable cost to VTG for higher INI pilots and lower for the others
  2. Ezra in the Sheathipede. He can coordinate a Target Lock and she can then Focus into a red barrel roll. When she passes the stress that activates his ability
  3. Would the Dutch "lock" let you take one at range 1?
  4. High initiative, multiple actions, repositioning, guaranteed 3 dice attack with no range bonus (that can be reloaded)... still sounds pretty good against a lot of things
  5. Played against an Advanced Sensors and Proton Torp Redline on Saturday. It's still a really good ship. It was buddies with Soontir and a pumped up Major Vynder. All 3 ships were moving after me and it was a fun/nightmarish task to try and get any of them in arc
  6. I've got Jake, Dutch and Ten. Each of which works well on their own and as part of a formation. I'm thinking something that acey ships are scared of would be a good option
  7. I have a 58 point hole in my list and I'm currently tempted to fly Wulffwarro alongside 3 other INI4 ships. Each brings something different to the table in terms of dial and abilities. I don't really want to have to mix between base sizes or initiative values. Has anyone spent time flying the Auzituck in 2.0? Who should I be flying instead?
  8. The most exciting time in the game is when your faction is the "worst" Playing generics is actually fun
  9. I think we'll get a similar Rebel Aces pack with A and B wings. They'd be stupid not to sell a Battle of Scarif pack with K2 and Blue Squadron etc. The question is probably more of a when rather than of an if
  10. For one faction out of seven... I know it's maybe not the best of upgrades (if it was, you'd see it everywhere). Lots of players will never have seen it on the board and get punished hard when they miss out on their modifiers.
  11. I think you are massively underestimating the power of Death Troopers. How many ships have blue manoeuvres that can cover the range 1 bubble of a medium or large based ship? The easiest counter to them is to not stress, correct, but that has a huge impact on how you approach things in game. Depending on the initiative of the ships, you might struggle to ever turn around after the initial engagement
  12. It's where your ship ends after it activates (moves). Range 1 of a medium base is a big bubble of no stress removal
  13. I flew against Death Troopers for the first time the other week and they are SO good on a medium base. Really changes the way you have to fly. Great control piece
  14. Focus and Boost every turn and keep your 3 attack dice isn't a terrible ability. Add in an R4 astromech and you have Fangfighter manoeverability in the Rebel Faction
  15. You have to activate Biggs ability at the start of combat. P.s. love this contribution to the community. Merry Christmas!
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