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  1. Good point about Opportunist. However, after looking at the cards, they don't have the word 'you' in them. For example, Fealess says the following "If this skill test is successful, heal 1 horror." It never specifies who heals the horror. I'm inclined to agree that it applies to the character who played the card, but the wording on Deduction is "If this skill test is successful while investigating a location, discover 1 additional clue at that location." The use of the word 'additional' would seem to imply that it applies to the character performing the test.
  2. Most skill cards have an ability that triggers if you win the test. What happens if another investigator in your location uses a skill card to aid your test? Which player gets the benefit? Drawing a card seems ambiguous about who draws it. For Deduction, it would seem to imply that the player doing the test gets the extra clue. Opportunist, on the other hand, seems to imply that it goes back to the hand of the player who played the card. The only one that is explicit is Survival Instinct, where it specifies 'the evading player'.
  3. At what point do you spend the engineering dials/tokens? This question issue came up in my last game in relation to the Dominator title. If you have no shields, can you spend the engineering token prior to attack to spend them for the dominator extra dice? And, if you are at max shields, can you spend the shields for dominator and then recover them with engineering? I didn't see anything in the rules explaining when the command must be spent, only when it is revealed.
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