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  1. Seriously? I've found indexed pdf's far easier to look up than physical rulebooks. This is one of the reasons I favor pdfs even when both are available (admittedly this is very rare for me).
  2. The point is that a lot of people will genuinely lose out if FFG don't create PDFs.
  3. If there were pdfs of the star wars books I would have bought most of the range, there aren't and I haven't seen physical copies in any LGS and shipping is usually exorbitant (like as much again as the book) to to city where I live. I expect the same to hold with Genysys and L5R. Need is accurate in so far as can't reasonably buy without.
  4. One minor issue with the survey as I found it: in the GM section it's not clear whether you're asking about a duel between two PCs or a duel between one PC and one NPC. I'd expect to make many more decisions and dice rolls in the later case than the former.
  5. So the Mirumoto Bushi in the new preview has a TN reduction ability and states to a minimum of 1. This is much more likely to apply to other similar abilities than the gm approach section so that put this discussion to bed.
  6. I disagree with nearly all of this: The language of the sidebar implies that the characters aren't technically in a duel (Otherwise they'd just saying the characters are in a duel as opposed to explicitly listing the steps that happen in a clash and wouldn't bother with the word "effectively") Given that the Clash occurs "during a skirmish or mass battle" Way of the Lion could still trigger even if it was technically a duel The clash sidebar explicitly states "one round" and lists in step 4 that not having a winner is a possibility, there's no reason to suspect that the rules intention is for them to continue over multiple rounds. That said I do agree that it would make more sense if clashes didn't just last for one round. You can just say that The two characters continue clashing and skip over them in turn order then do another round of the clash (or if a character withdraws from the clash they forfeit their stake and get to act in that round).
  7. **** you people, now I'm thinking about the narrative process one would go through to "turn" a Kuni.
  8. Given that the sidebar on page 13 doesn't mention TN reduction. I'm inclined to believe that the minimum of zero referenced here applies across the board. As Aramis said above I think you'd still want to roll for bonus successes and opportunities.
  9. A number of abilities reduce the TN of a check, some by potentially large numbers. The book says that there are no TN 0 checks in the game but it's not clear if that is referring to all checks or just Base TN. So can a reduction in TN reduce the value to 0? What about less than 0? This is very relevant for schools like the Shinjo Outrider and the Isawa Elementalist.
  10. The advancement table for the Kuni Purifier Akodo commander includes rank 1-4 air invocations and rank 1-4 earth shuji at rank 5 respectively (as opposed to rank 5). It seems odd that these schools alone don't get experience counted for taking rank 5 techniques in their technique category. This could be intentional to specifically dissuade them from getting Wrath of Kaze-no-Kami and The Immovable Hand of Peace but it could equally be an oversight so I'm bringing it up here.
  11. Is Omeka meant to have a one-handed grip or not? For consistency if it doesn't it should surely be 10 deadliness and list no changes in the grip (and if it does it should obviously be listed).
  12. I don't think that comparison quite holds: an amputated leg can no longer take advantage of muscles in the same way while a tusk, if thrust into someone with the same force as a board could accomplish (which I feel should be a matter for dice pools) should do just as much damage regardless of being attached to the boar. Not that this is important: I just made that comment to illustrate how absurd the statline is.
  13. The thing is, even assuming that both are triggering, Way of the Lion is much more powerful than Stare into Shadow. Beyond reducing strife (which WotL is better at since it can remove excess strife or strife from exploded rolls) SiS can turn a ring die result from opportunity to success or get a free opportunity on a skill die, this is limited by your school rank, the number of strife you actually roll (not including explosions because you've lost the opportunity by that point) and the number of results you roll that are as good as what you can turn results into (so for instance the ability does nothing if on 3+2k3 you roll an explosion and a blank on the skill dice and 2 success and an opportunity+strife (this is an extreme example but at higher skill ranks there's every chance that you won't get leverage out of every rank)). WotL adds successes to an already successful roll and is limited by your school rank and how many strife you have after adding strife for this attack (so one of the upper bounds of usefulness of SiS is a lower bound of usefulness of WotL at high school ranks). Even the shortcomings of WotL, not being able to turn a failure into a success and not being able to add opportunity, are things that SiS will only occasionally be able to do itself.
  14. As I said earlier, the point was the nerf to striking as air and center so you couldn't get nigh unassailable TNs in the early game. The buff to air stance is to make up for that at high levels.
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