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  1. Let me put it this way, my Armada Force was around $700for up to wave 5 in both factions. My Current Warmachine army cost me ~$1200. That was with a 30% discount due to an agreement with my Local Store. I have 40k Armies that cost me ~$1500-$2000. Others cost even more... but they are less and army, and more an endlessly growing hoard. Runewars is FFG's attempt to enter the table top miniature niche. It is not meant to compete with Board Games. It is a different price point, for a different type of game. It is not normal for players to collect all factions, just pick one and play it and go in depth on it. It has similar model price points as other games, however it is set a smaller scale, making it one of the cheaper table top games on the market.
  2. I have field a very similar list as your opponent several times. My difference is I have added Mauler, and Admiral Chiraneau. There are two tricks to beating it. The first is to spread out. His tactic requires everything be clustered together. If you spread out, only a few of your squadrons will be engaged locked down. This will leave the rest of your squadrons free to engage on an as needed basis. The second trick to crack it is to look for holes in the advanced engagement bubbles. Once the advanced are engaged, there should be a couple of points that you can move into to engage fel, but NOT the advanceds. When trying to kill fel, it's important to realized, you can use an accuracy result to ignore his brace. This makes him die much more quickly. Also, once you start attacking fel, don't stop until he's dead. He can only scatter once a turn, unless he discards it. And if he does that he should be going down very soon. Combine that with a little anti squadron firepower from your ships and your in good shape. The fact that he is so clustered makes him especially vulnerable.
  3. The place I have fallen in love with the veteran captain is on the command 3 ships. The most useful part of him, is being able to generate a maneuver token at any point. Being able to change speed any time is huge. On my local meta, turn one, you Always take a maneuver token. The veteran captain, for 3 points, lets you get another one, late game, when you need it. It can be huge. Imagine a VSD that has been reduced to speed zero because of a crit, being able to move back to speed 1 next turn, rather than 3 turns later is game changing.
  4. The biggest advantage of Escort is NOT protecting bombers. It is breaking fights up. If one of the most important aspects of squadron fights is to focus your firepower. If you use your advanced to move in and engage a few squadrons on the edge of the swarm, you limit their ability to focus fire, instead making them attack the advanced that is engaging them. This allows you to slow the squadron battle down, and spread it out. This can then be combined with either bombers, or if you are trying to win the squadron fight Fel or Mauler.
  5. No he was not correct. In the attack resolution adding dice (Dominator, or a dial) takes place in the modifying dice step. This is then restarted for the attack on the next squadron. He would only receive 1 dice on subsequent attacks.
  6. In a nutshell, Yes. You can not attack with the same zone twice unless you are playing advanced gunnery (and even then it's only one ship) or you have the Gunnery Team as you mentioned. Not all video battle reports are right.
  7. This. If they are taking 4 nebulon B and jousting, no. If they are taking 5 CR-90;'s they need the space. If they are taking an Assault Frigate, they need the space. Even if the imperials are taking more than 1 gladiator, they need the space.
  8. This. A Core Set, a Gladiator, and an Assault frigate, and one of each squadron pack. It can't build the super competitive builds we're finding (Need more fighters, etc), but it will give you a great variety of ships, and lets you get the feel for each faction. I would recommend the fighter packs for each faction since they make squadrons really come into their own.
  9. ... since it is not possible, as Adar is resolved after the ship he's on has already finished it's squadron command phase. It absolutely is. Just not from the same ship.
  10. What I've seen happen is people activate a B-Wing with the Gallant Haven and attack a ship. Then Adar Tallon is used. Next the same B-wing is activated with the Yarvis, so It can attack twice. This allows the ship to move into position, then attack three times.
  11. Yes. With the Crit Icons Red dice have a total of 6 damage on them. This means an X-wing does, on average 6/8 = 0.75 damage against a capital ship. Without the crit iconcs Black Dice have a total of 6 damage on them. This means an A-wing does, on average 6/8 = 0.75 damage against a capital ship. The only advantage of an X wing has, is the ability to resolve critical effects.
  12. I genuinely appreciate the concern for my health but I’m fairly certain that lead poisoning via the skin is very hard to do without dealing in liquid organic leads and / or prolonged exposure. Given I’m not going to lick or barely touch the bases I think I’d be fine. Especially with a rubber adhesive something stuck to the bottom. This is a great idea and if I could adjust my gaming surface to fit, I think I would do but sadly I’m stuck with the large printed mat and various tables (wood). Lead still seems cheap enough and t has the benefit of being easily malleable & available in different thicknesses. For example I could easily cut a 3mm circle to match which would be twice the weight of any steel washer (Unless I was lucky enough to find a steel disc exactly the right width with no hole in it as steel and lead are close-isn in density). On Facebook I had a suggestion which is to use UK 2p coins which are almost exactly the right size, cheap and readily available so I’m going to try those instead of the faff of lead and cutting anything. I still need to find something to stick to that to create the most friction however, thinking of trying self adhesive rubber sheets…. Thanks all for the ideas and feedback! Lead would rub off on the tables. It is a very soft metal. Additionally, you may be playing in a gaming store. Gaming stores occasionally have kids in them. Kids put everything in their mouth. Just use steel.
  13. Statistically they do the exact same amount of damage. The only difference is Bomber. If you are attacking shields with an A wing, or an X Wing they do the same damage. On average 0.75 damage each attack.
  14. The most powerful use of Xwings I have seen is not purely as a solo escort, but rather the move into a combat, and engage only 1 or 2 of the squadrons. This is then repeated at the other edge of the combat. In the end, it allows the X-wing controler to focus all there attacks on a few ships, while forcing their opponent to split up their attacks, doing a couple damage, but not killing any Xwing.
  15. I have played the covert spam list a few times. I am still getting the hang of it, but it is pretty nice. The version I play with is 5 CR-90 A's, all with enhanced armament. Combine that with Dodana and you have an 290 points. The objectives I've been using are: Opening Salvo Fire Lanes Dangerous Territory The strategy is not to ram. There is no need for it. Rather you hang out at long range, or simply play the objective.
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