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  1. Thanks Oggdude. I GREATLY appreciate the help! Will let you know how it works.
  2. That is probably because I am doing a piss poor job of explaining it. Issue: The program will not import a data set if the first folder in the compressed file does not read "Dataset_(NAME)". If the first folder is not named "Dataset_(NAME)", then the program gives the following error: “This ZIP archive does not contain a valid Data Set” Occurrence: When compressing a data set by a program other than Data Editor, it is possible that the naming definition for the first folder in the compressed file will not read "Dataset_(NAME)". But instead will read “SWData*”. This will cause an error and the data set will not be able to be imported. Work Around: Manually rename the first folder in the compression file to "Dataset_(NAME)". Possible solution: Change the naming convention for the first folder in data set to match the naming convention for the compressed file, for example to “SWData*” Additional info: This naming requirement is not explained in the FAQ (Neither of them are). Making it difficult to figure out what the problem is and how to fix it.
  3. The dataset is at a hosted location, unzipped. Encountered the issue when downloading the dataset, compressed via ZIP and then attempting to import it. That is when we noticed file name format specifics. Unfortunately changing how the hosted location names the first folder inside the ZIP compression is challenging, at best. Is it possible to loosen or change those file name definitions? From "Dataset_<data set name>" to "Dataset*" Admittedly I am not a program; have no idea how plausible that maybe.
  4. Hey Oggdude, Was this below able to make it in to the patch? I did not see information relating to it in the notes. Would be helpful if it could. Thank you!
  5. I created an account over at Gitlab and have been maintaining a current data set (as current as one can be) over there. It has been up for about 3-4 months now, Link: https://gitlab.com/rikus01/SWDataSet-OggDudes Which would you rather do, the Google Groups that you have set up or this? I do not mind working with Gitlab project to keep it current.
  6. Hey Oggdude, This may be on of the more weird requests. Currently when importing a new data set, the compressed data set and the first folder inside the data set have to follow a specific naming convention. For example; the compressed file has to be named "SWDataSet-(*****)". While the first folder inside the data set also has to be named "Dataset_(*****)". The difference in the two naming conventions has caused some problems when sharing data sets between users. The naming convention for the compressed file is not an issue. However the naming convention for the first folder inside the data set is. Is it possible to either remove the naming convention restriction for the first folder inside the data set or make it so it matches the naming convention for the compressed data set. For example, both the file and folder have to be "SWDataSet-(*****)". Lastly, we have noticed we are unable to import data sets if that data set was compressed by Win10. However, if the data set was compressed with *.tar or *.rar, there are no issues. Not sure why that is.
  7. So is Sabine a sister looking for her brother, in search for her BFF or a love interest? Season 1 eluded to Ezra's attraction to Sabine, but in the final season it seemed more like a family/sister thing. However, in the epilogue she adopted his hair cut and was the only one out of the original crew who set off to find him (w/Ahsoka). Not that big of deal, but to me, it is interesting. Another thought, is it possible/feasible that Ahsoka is a live during Epi 7-9? She would be wicked old, but it *could* be possible.....
  8. That, and a hybrid twelick has no brain tails and human skin coloring?
  9. Higley doubtful. If Vader and Maul was able to instantly find a way off. Then so could have ahsoka.
  10. What I am curious to know is what Ahsoka did during the war. Since she was obviously around during it and was very much alive at the end of it. Curious to know if Yoda kept Ahsoka in the know about Luke or even trained her further.
  11. That is what I was implying. We know Thrawn is not around during the OT. We also know that the Defender was not deployed until after the OT. Leading us to have a pretty good idea that Thrawn is going to fail and get sent somewhere (or killed). If that is true, which would explain why he is completely non-existent during the OT (when the Empire could have really used him) then it is fair to presume that the same COULD happen to Ezra and Ahsoka.
  12. The universe is big. They could chasing Thrawn out in the Outer Rim. No hears from him during the OT.
  13. That is technically incorrect. The character and Disney (In a way) have said that they do not consider Ahsoka to be a Jedi. So the whole "No Jedi before OT!!" is still valid in regards to that character.
  14. Apologies, it is not my intention to slam or attack you @Absol197. Your work is far and above reproach. I think it is safe to say that we all feel your frustration and long for further transparency from FFG. In the end, we will have more luck asking water not to be wet.
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