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  1. Is there a way to calculate shipping on the site? I'm considering buying a full set when the Hoth expansion is out, but I'm fearing the shipping costs to the U.S. might make it cost prohibitive. Amazing work btw. You make me hate myself...
  2. And my paintbrush. Being new to painting (thanks, of course, to Sorastro) the amount of minis I have to catch up on is a little overwhelming. I'm not even done with the base set yet!
  3. Question for Sorastro (or anyone else, really). I got a $10 off $30 for my local Hobby Town, so I am probably going to use it to get some more paints. I currently have the following Citadel paints (along with a few from Reaper and Vallejo): Agrax Earthshade Ardcoat Biel-Tan Green Cadian Fleshtone Caledor Sky Carroburg Crimson Drakenhor Nightshade Gehenna's Gold Ironbreaker Jokaero Orange Kabalite Green Mechanicus Standard Grey Mephiston Red Necron Compound Nuln Oil Sycorax Bronze Troll Slayer Orange Tuskgor Fur Ulthuan Grey Looking at the colors used so far in Sorastro's tutorials I came up with the following 9 colors (8 would be just over $30) that seem to be used most (I have a black and white that are not Citadel): Celestra Grey Druchii Violet Eshin Grey Evil Sunz Scarlet Leadbelcher Mournfang Brown Reikland Fleshshade Screaming Skull Steel Legion Drab So, my question is, do you really think that the colors on that list are what I should be picking up? Is there something I'm missing that might be more important? I really prefer paint in dropper bottles (I'm looking at trying to transfer my Citadels to them), so I'm trying to be as efficient as possible about what I buy. Thanks for the help, and for the awesome videos (and the inspiration from everyone else posting their results here)!
  4. What place is that, and where in Waukesha? My parents live out there, so I might have to check it out.
  5. Looks like there's a lot of WI representing here. In West Allis myself, but work in Brookfield. I got mine from CoolStuff, though. Placed an order when Twin Shadows was on sale, and added all the Hoth stuff to get over $100 for free shipping.
  6. So, the only other thread that is pinned in this forum is the FAQ in the rules section. It has a little over 4,000 views. This thread has almost 30,000. Yeah, why would they want to pin this one...
  7. This right here. Removing the sub forum makes no sense whatsoever. If they're worried about some of the things that were being posted, as someone speculated above, wouldn't having all the painting posts in one place make it easier for them to track down the offending posts? I haven't started painting mine yet (being completely new to it, I'm practicing on my Reaper Bones until I get better, then I'll start on IA), and that was actually the main reason I came to the forums. Yeah, all the threads are still here, but it was so much nicer having all the painting threads in one place.
  8. I'm not sure how many people here use Reaper paints, but they currently have their latest Kickstarter going, and two of the add-ons (1 unlocked, 1 not yet) are paint sets. You get 12 paints for $20. And since they are add-ons, you can just pledge $1 and then add them. It might be a good way to stock up on some paints, especially for people just starting. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1513061270/reaper-miniatures-bones-3-the-search-for-mr-bones
  9. I was searching around as well, and it really seems like the only way is directly from the R & C website. If you got all of the brushes that Sorastro lists in his videos I think it comes out to somewhere between $40 - $45 depending on the shipping option you choose. If anybody can find them cheaper over here, I'd love to know it as well!
  10. Sorry for my ignorance, but what is HDF? Really nice work on these!
  11. However I have finished running tests and working out the main colors and techniques for the first two heroes, and done all of the prep and spraying for the whole lot to save time later (including the Wave 1 figures). I've also begun filming the first hero. So things are moving steadily but surely. I'll post another update once I'm into the editing phase of the first hero video. I've only just started watching your videos, so perhaps this is something you cover in different ones (I've only watched the Stormtrooper and Royal Guard where the colors are pretty well determined), but how do you run tests for your color schemes? This is actually one of the big mental blocks that has stalled my beginning to learn to paint. I realize there's always going to be some uncertainty with how the end product will look, but I'd like to figure out a color scheme and see how good it looks before I start the actual mini. Thanks for all the work you've done. Even though I haven't started trying yet, these videos have done a lot to push me in that direction!
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