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  1. Those FS have won just a week ago a 40-player Store (5 rounds plus top 8 ) . Emon FTW. On Euro tournaments... with the Open back here, I don't really need to go outside for them as that year at Bologne, although the Coronavirus may mess with it this year. I don't discard to go again to the European Champ if they move it more to the west in the future, right now is a bit too far for my taste. We shall see
  2. That's a way to see it. I don't know, at least I'll have some weeks to think about it due the lockdown here :P. I'll see what I do once all this madness pass.
  3. I know of a local store that should stil have some Gunboats. Last time I went by there were still at least three, as X-wing is just a marginal game for them and they still hoard a lot of 1.0 stuff. I've thought more than once to buy and resell them for a bit of profit, but then I always remember I don't like those practices XD
  4. Aaaand the 5x Autoblaster Rho list is dead Back to the Nu's! But I'll miss that extra Pilot Initiative point.
  5. After a good while not using anything else but Firesprays, Fangs and Quads, I took out the 5x Autoblaster Rho list for a 5-round tournament last week. Finished 3-2, with both defeats against Rebel beef in *very* close games (as close as I would have won them with 1 extra damage in one game, and 2 in the other). Such a blast to play. This weekend I'm thinking I may go the Gamma 1 is the Emperor's fool pigeon route for laughs, aka Maarek (or a Defender, gonna toy with the buidler now) + whatever gunboats fit it.
  6. If I remember correctly, ADG's was: -Corran with Crack Shot, FCS, R4 Astro and Spare Parts Canisters -Han with Trick Shot, R2-D2, Kanan, Inertial Dampeners and Engine Upgrade Miguel's was the same, but switching R4 for R2.
  7. Still missing a couple of lists: - 1° ADG - Han Corran - 2° Carlos - Rebel Beef - 3° Faan - 4k - 4° Alzu - Rebel beef - 5° Juan Pablo - Palob, seevor, teroch, torani - 6° Barnés - Vader Soontir Reaper - 7° Mario - 4k - 8° Benoist - Rebel Beef - 9° Ekaitz - Drea Lok - 10° Lorenzo - Rebel Beef - 11° Miguel - Drea Lok - 12° Espi - jendon, Vader, vynder - 13° Rubén - Hera Wedge Norra (no Leia) - 14° Ander - 4 Phantom - 15° Juanito - Whisper, Vader, Lambda - 16° Jorge - Vader, Soontir, Vynder - 17° Joaquín - Drea Ywing 2 scruggs - 18° Ion - 3 Jedis - 19° Paulo - - 20° Adrián - Rebel beef - 21° José Juan - - 22° Pablo - QD, Kylo, Scorch - 23° Carlos - - 24° David - Vader, Whisper, Soontir. - 25° Jonathan - 4 Phantom - 26° Eduardo - Rebel Beef - 27° Hidalgo: Double Rebel YT - 28° Aritz- Han Wedge - 29° Andy - Ketsu teroch Nym - 30° Pedro - Rebel Beef - 31° Miguel - Han Corran I landed a 4-2 with Boba (with Maul) and Emon, losing against a Handbrake Jake (second game on Firstearth's saturday stream, I messed it up big time with the bombs/mines) and a Handbrake Wedge (#28, which I lost somehow after having Wedge dead and Han down to 3-4 hull points ~25 minutes into the game). The only two games I lost during the weekend, actually. I'm quite happy I won't have to face that Han anymore
  8. Palob with Debris and title, Seevor, Teroch with Predator, and Torani with Crackshot and R5-TK. 200 points.
  9. We had a fine gentleman flying a Torani-Palob-Seevor-Teroch list for a 6-0 on the Spanish Open this last weekend.
  10. If I must take five GUNs, I still prefer 5 XG-1 with Ion Cannons and Advanced Slam over the Barrage version.
  11. Tell FFG to release the GUN on 2.0 and I'll buy the two extra I would need
  12. Bwahaha, we are all stupid. Noone around here realised this, not me, not my rivals, nor anyone watching us playing. Welp, I blame my brain still adjusting from 1.0. Although to be honest it would have been much better with that trickshot (that I had in and switched on the last minute). I think I used CS like only ¿three, maybe four times? or so between all five games, and at least one of those was a range one primary. Maybe I would had a lower MoV with a proper use due taking an extra round to kill certain things, but overall it would've been a similar result. Meanwhile, obstructed shots were everywhere
  13. After some weeks trying to do something with Kath and her minions, I've took out the Gunboats for a 5-round tournament today (34 players), with this list: Rho Squadron Pilot — Alpha-class Star Wing 37 Crack Shot 1 Fire-Control System 3 Adv. Proton Torpedoes 6 Advanced SLAM 3 Xg-1 Assault Configuration 0 Ion Cannon 5 Ship Total: 55 Rho Squadron Pilot — Alpha-class Star Wing 37 Crack Shot 1 Fire-Control System 3 Adv. Proton Torpedoes 6 Advanced SLAM 3 Xg-1 Assault Configuration 0 Ion Cannon5 Ship Total: 55 Rho Squadron Pilot — Alpha-class Star Wing 37 Crack Shot 1 Fire-Control System 3 Adv. Proton Torpedoes 6 Advanced SLAM 3 Xg-1 Assault Configuration 0 Ion Cannon 5 Ship Total: 55 Alpha Squadron Pilot — TIE Interceptor 34 Ship Total: 34 I'm used to fly a couple of these lads along Rexler, and while I like it I've always had the feeling that once a Gunboat is down, the other becomes much worse due no Ion-stacking and how hard is to turn around sometimes. With that, I've wanted to try to have three, along a really nice blocker with some punch. At the end, 4-1 for a 7th position due some terrible MoV (two of the games were *really* close, including a 65-62 win against a Scum Jank list). Loved it, tho. ^The last game was quite unexpected XD. Not a pleasant sight to have two IN5 (Hera+Swarm) VCX in front, with AP5 feeding them from behind. So much health.
  14. Kharnete

    Clone Wars!

    I was expecting something to adapt certain ships to these new factions on those "starting expansions" a la Most Wanted. AKA let me fly Jango from the start, FFG. Probably you *need* to spend a force token to use that action. The Sheev twins both add a purple coordinate (along their ability and Force token).
  15. This was the first thing I ever fully painted, and while I liked how it looked for such a simple and quick job, I've decided to repaint her once again due the change on the lists she's in on 2.0, moving from dual Firespray lists to fliying with her minions, so she: A) will get her true colours (#TeamMetalKath) and B) she will match the Binary pirates fleet I'm preparing. I've also added some battle damage. And I need to buy gloss varnish for the cockpit.
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