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  1. Thank you Jason. Having scanned through it appears as those on the site are already included in the library. Sadly the flavour texts are all written manually and not scanned across, so they cannot be included. Thanks again though.
  2. That is exactly how I am using them. They were more to give my players some flavour, a taste of Rokugan.
  3. It's every fiction available on the FFG website, compiled into one single PDF, along with all the individual PDFs there as well. If fiction from the card packs was placed onto the site, then yes, otherwise no.
  4. So I am preparing to run the three starter modules for my 3-man RP group for 5e L5R from 1st February onwards. However I was struggling to get the background feel for my players, so I sought out some guidance on the free fiction for the rework of the timeline. I downloaded each and every fiction, all 85 of them, and placed them into a single google folder, cateloged them using another website (source in the link below) and was going to share them. Alas a friend of my, Snoop Hogg, did me a solid and created the ultimate; fictions 1 - 85 in a single PDF. It is the last PDF in the folder, but you can find the link in the cateloging document. Sharing it here because it's too much to go through the L5R website and download them individually, especially if you are returning and don't know the timeline. I will do my best to keep it up to date, but if I am missing something, let me know. Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1tQjPPcjsMR0Cip4dOTIhsm8G_VOSEIBP?usp=sharing Note: Information was correct at time of compilation and uploading (23/01/20).
  5. On pages 302 & 304 of the core rulebook it talks about virtue advantages and fame advantages (Honor and Glory respectably); e.g. 80-99 honor = 2 virtue advantages & 65-79 glory = 1 fa,e advantage. What I am confused about is where these advantages/disadvantages are, or what exactly they are. In that section of the book it does not do a great job of explaining it and it has confused me a tad. Can anyone clear this up for me?
  6. I'm just curious because I am coming back into the game and I'd love for there to be more waves coming. Any ideas if there are?
  7. As someone who used to play 1/2/3rd Ed, achieving rank 4 was no easy feat, however you see rank as equal to status in the current game, and it isn't. Someone who is rank 4, in the beta, could be a standard samurai, just a very experienced and well respected one. Someone who is rank 2 could be a Taisa of a Legion with equal measure. Rank in the old game equated to where you stood in the rankings of the Clan/Imperial courts; it's respective to the system, not the lore. 1/2/3 edition, rank 5 was emperor or higher. 5 edition, rank 5 is level 5. Honor/Glory/Status manage where you stand in the empire.
  8. Simple question: Does anyone have a list of generic NPCs available for the 5E beta?
  9. It still doesn't make sense or work correctly, I think the assisting needs to be capped to assure that experience and ability out trump assisting. Someone at level 1 could better someone who was level 5+ with the correct number of assists. That doesn't make the game balanced, and basically means that you just need X number of players with the basic skills and then everyone else can assist bump the required player up. Cap assisting!!
  10. I've not done the math on that sadly, as TN3-4 would be ridiculous for someone of a skill that wasn't close to that. A GM should ensure that scaling occurs. The reason for me saying that is, someone at a starter level using the assist system CAN hit someone of TN3-4 without scaling. I think that is the point I am making, especially when for certain rolls the number of successes is important. I only noticed it because I was rolling 3 ring/4 skill keep 6 on the game I was playtesting the combat rules on, and the number of successes with opportunities was immense; too many in all honesty.
  11. Situation: Character 1 needs help in making sure the Oni stays down. Characters 2, 3, 4 & 5 all assist. He has MA Melee 2, Fire 2. "the character making the check rolls 1 additional Skill die per assisting character who has 1 or more ranks of the skill in use, and 1 additional Ring die per assisting character who has 0 ranks in the skill in use." First off, no limit to the number of assistees that can lend help. So you could have four people assisting a character, two with used skill and two without. This means they get 2x Ring dice and 2x Skill dice. "At the GM’s discretion, during Step 4: Apply Advantages and Disadvantages, up to one advantage from each assisting character can be applied to the check." Granted this states GM's discretion, but it would be pretty naff if you reduce the effectiveness of the party because the rules aren't balanced yet. "a character making a check with assistance may keep up to 1 additional die per assisting character." Third the character then gets to keep four dice (essentially all the extra dice rolled). So currently rolling (old style) 4k4. Finally "each assisting character may choose to suffer 1 strife to negate 1 strife result on the check." So including explosive successes, this is an easy, easy way to abuse the system and just defeat something, or overcome something. I feel that their either needs to be a cap on the amount of dice kept, not rolled, kept with the half of the number of samurai assisting. The ```'K' value in L5R has ALWAYS been the game breaking number, it should be kept lower than the rolled die, or at worse case equal to. Thoughts, opinioins?
  12. I love the dedication to this topic, however lets take the heat out of it. This is for a fantasy universe, lets remember that first and foremost. Star Destroyers ARE designed to be able to subdue a system, and I am sure on several occasions they have deployed troops and equipment to planets to reinforce their mantra.
  13. The Y-85 Titan Dropship is what you're looking for: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Y-85_Titan_dropship "While a Gozanti-class cruiser had a capacity of only two AT-ATs, a Titan dropship could accommodate not only four AT-ATs, but also four AT-STs in rotating racks." Beast!
  14. Maybe the following as factions: Yuuzhan Vong Mandalorian Fringe (Scum/Hutts)
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