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  1. Nicely done! gaarkhan is looking great and you really nailed the eyes. I find these forums are a great way of sharing and learning painting techniques just like @Bitterman did with painting eyes. The royal guards are looking very good too
  2. Great work, man! Pretty **** nice for your first five (!) minis ever. My first couple of minis were so bad they are now nothing more than ”test-minis” that get experimented on yours are far better. I really like Sorin, nice brushcontrol and his face looks great. The imperial officers are tricky to get as good since the sculpts just aren’t that great to begin with. I’m looking forward to more pics!
  3. First of all, thank you very much I personally don’t think my minis even come close to some of the work on these boards but the fact that you think so warms my heart a little 😁 @Sorastro’s tutorials are a fantastic way to start painting IA-minis and I would not have come far without them. So I very much think you made a good choice by checking them out. Yea, I have zero experience with basing and part of my decision to go with clear bases is that it’s an ”easy” way out I agree that good looking bases are a great addition to almost any painted miniature and I do want to get into that part of the hobby too. I’m looking forward to seeing your work soon
  4. Congrats on a job well done! I’m gonna give the app a try now :)
  5. Thank you for those kind words, combusticator It’s very encouraging to read stuff like that. I feel like they look ok but nowhere near as good as some of the minis people are posting here. But I’m still glad I posted my work because of comments like yours and perhaps most of all to get some tips and help from more experienced painters. It helps a lot! I think you should totaly post some pics of your work as well for those reasons and I would love to see it
  6. Thanks guys! 😊 The skin and faces are wetblended, I think it looks quite good too, so thank you I superglued the clear acrylic rods included in the box to some of the clear bases I use for all the other minis. I wasn’t sure it would work at first but wanted to try anyway and it did!
  7. Time for an update. I have now painted almost all of the Jabbas realm-minis. I tried painting these a bit faster than what I usually do. In part because I wanted to practise painting faster and not get stuck in the smallest details and in part because I just wanted to be done with painting the game and actually start playing it. Very excited to start the campaign soon! I'm mostly happy with how they turned out, even though I know there's much room for improvement :)
  8. Most impressive! Some of the best descent-minis I’ve seen.
  9. There we go. Had a difficult time photographing these, but it turned out ok in the end I think. I'm happy with most of them, but jedi Luke looks like crap. Especially up close on a photo.
  10. Some progress! Individual pics coming as soon as I can get the camera to cooperate
  11. Thank you very much, kind sir No I mostly mix the paints with just plain old water. Sometimes I dilute a wash or a glaze with some lahmian medium but that’s it. I agree. I like clear bases so I can see the beautiful artwork on the tiles better. Some of the minis are actually already differenciated by smaller or bigger variations. For example one Nexu has stripes and one doesn’t. The trandoshans have different clothes. The officers have different haircolors and chestmarkings. Also the elite officer ”wears” black gloves. At first I was hoping to avoid painting any marks or such on the bases themselves but after my first game I quickly changed my mind. It was too much of a hassle to keep track of which stormtrooper belonged to what group etc, so I painted small stripes on the edge of the bases for the minis that needed it. Red for elite obviously and blue for the second group of stormies and so on.
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