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  1. That's the same one we've used in my group several times, seems to work fine. Though there is a little problem with some of the fast and warlike Civs like Mongols being in center spot. Otherwise it doesn't have any obvious problems and is easier to set up.
  2. Middle really looks like someone in that pre-surgery pose with their hands up waiting for gloves and wearing a surgeon cap.
  3. Honestly, from what I understand, this is fixing the problem. It used to be that they'd just pick a release date that would cover any significant delays and if there were no delays the products would just sit around until the release date arrived. So previously they might say "out June 1st" and it could be spending April and May sitting in a warehouse. Or it couldn't show up until July because of some random problem in the production chain somewhere. Now they say "out second quarter" and if it's done in April they'll ship it out and announce it'll be in stores in a week, and if it's not ready until June, then it'll still be out as soon as it's ready.
  4. Fundamentally, the only difference between hero and alter-ego is being out in the field and being back at base. For Tony that whether he's wearing the armour or being CEO, for Stephen that's whether he's fighting Dormammu or in the Sanctum researching and recovering.
  5. So is Iron Man, every one knows he's Tony Stark. Now they might have to make a few unusual choices for characters like Dr. Strange who don't have a different name, so he might be Stephen Strange/The Sorcerer Supreme for alter-ego/hero card sides. You have a similar problem with Thor and they've already announced him as the next hero after Ms. Marvel. He might be listed as Odinson/Thor for his alter-ego/hero titles. I can't imagine they'll leave out major characters just because they don't have a secret identity or a separate codename.
  6. Could be Thor (hero)/Odinson (alter-ego) for a Midgard/Asgard split.
  7. Considering the mechanical effects of disadvantages, rerolling two successes on certain rolls related to a specific ring, I feel that the adversities are just mislabeled. It seems like blind is really just nearsighted, missing a leg is just having a limp, etc. For example, I’m playing a reluctant shugenja and decided that momoku worked mechanically for someone who isn’t completely comfortable opening themself up to the spirits around them. We just toned down the description of the adversity and kept the mechanical effect.
  8. What's weird to me is the disparity between the various disadvantages when they're all effectively mechanically identical. It really feels like they just need to be renamed/downgraded, like blind should be poor eyesight and missing leg should be limp. When you compare them to some of the less out there disadvantages like clumsy or bluntness, they sound extreme but they have the same mechanical penalties. It would also make the Earth assessment ability seem a little less absurd than if you're suddenly curing people's blindness and missing limbs.
  9. I've only seen the race sheets, so I'm not sure what other racial abilities people pick up through techs or unit upgrades. That being said, I'm just guessing from some of the other abilities and tech we've seen so far but one thing that seems to be changed in TI4 is that they wanted the races to be much faster/stronger than in TI3. I wouldn't be surprised if everyone has some fairly absurd abilities that they can gain relative early access to, such as the Naalu's advanced fighters or the Xxcha canceling people's tactical actions when they're attacked.
  10. Personally, I've found hit and run tactics to be very useful for the Rebels. It forces the Imperial player to either defend his fleet but lock it down, or chose to take the hits and hope it's not too much damage. Assuming the Interdictors prevent retreating, they can be useful for protecting smaller fleets.
  11. I don't think it covers all of them, but Performer, Politico, and Scholar from Colonist cover a lot, plus two of those have the talent that lets you select two more class skills of your choice. I mixed those to make a very effective deep cover ISB defector in one game. Just need to pick up Medic and I think the only non class skills will be combat skills.
  12. I could see using the boost from the armor for more cybernetics, but only if you were making a Vader-like character where the armor is part of the cybernetics. But I really think it would only make sense in that kind of case.
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