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  1. Ah, got it. Will bring that up with him.
  2. Wrong post? Not sure how tranq darts apply to a grapple hook gun.
  3. One of the players in my AoR campaign has a Merr-Sonn Ascension Pistol (Desparate Allies) and has made great use of it in both mechanical and RP senses. We've come up to Contribution Rank 3 and he has asked if he could get an upgrade to it. Cost/Rarity aren't too big of a deal for what I wrote below as I think a single range band increase would still be within Rarity 6 (using personal propulsion gear as a comparison), if a little light on cost for a choice of that Contribution Rank. I'd like your thoughts for balance and alternate mod options. Base Mod: Innate Talent (Sniper Shot) for use with the Ascension Pistol, increase item's Encumbrance by 1. Added Mod Options: Accurate +1 for use with the Ascension Pistol, Add Boost to Athletics skill with the Ascension Pistol.
  4. One thing to note is that the core Armored Clothing takes an Average check to find but takes a thorough pat-down/search of the person. This attachment just has the Average (moddable to Hard) check without the extra qualifiers, which I'm going to interpret as being detectable without a formal search. Given this mod is cheaper and less rare than listed Armored Clothing, it needs something as a trade-off.
  5. It can store multiple retinal patterns (a Perception check and a few minutes to "store" one), and then can project one to attempt to fool a retinal scanner (different difficulties depending on the quality of the scanner, or opposed if the operator has reason to be suspicious).
  6. The Motivations all have the theme of Secrets. In some cases this is protecting secrets, for others uncovering them.
  7. Brawl, but it doesn't deal (direct) damage, instead it inflicts suffocation. The target can make opposed checks to escape. Extensively might be too strong a word. Chapter 3 covers a lot of the usual last chapter items except for things like Crafting. It has:
  8. I added some more description in the post.
  9. And here is the rest of Chapter 2:
  10. The gear chapter is pretty long, clocking in at 28 pages total. Chapter 2, Weapons/Armor and part 1 of gear
  11. I was surprised at the low number too. There are about a half-dozen vehicle attachments (one is a Hush Drive).
  12. Something came up last night, but here's a little more info before I head to work. Rest of the Species details and a list of Droids and Vehicles:
  13. I'll post some of that later today. Here is what I can recall off the top of my head; largely things from chapter 1 (a lot of the species information is mentioned in the articles from last year). I was also looking through the Mystic book last night for the first time and hope I didn't get mental wires crossed on anything. Spoiler contents: Some info on Species abilities, one-liner descriptions of the Signature Abilities, and a reference to GM skill templates.
  14. They had it at the FFG booth during GenCon. I haven't had a chance to look through my copy yet.
  15. ZeiramMR

    Another Character Generator

    Wondering if I have found an error or just missed something? The Under-Barrel Grenade Launcher weapon attachment is applying 2 extra Cumbersome to the base weapon. The Edge and Age sourcebooks only list +1 and I don't see a change in errata.