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    Glucose98 reacted to Jukey in Clone Wars Units Shipping?   
    Hey there Runewars friend!
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    Glucose98 got a reaction from GhengisharnIV in Core Set Glue - Will I be okay?   
    I don't believe that's the glue you want.  That's a plastic glue for a specific type of plastic -- the original core set is a different 'soft plastic' that won't work with this.  You want a normal super glue for the original core set.  If you were gluing together the droid army you'd be set though! Legion is slowly switching over to the hard plastic this is used for.
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    Glucose98 reacted to Asvaldir in The Only Time We See Resistance Troopers   
    What about the whole battle on Crait? Seemed there were a fair number of ground forces out in the trenches for resistance. 
    I disagree a bit on the making the factions feel different part. Yes, you can be creative and make up new rules mechanics and army functions for them, but I put the blame squarely on the creators of the new movies for making cookie cutter rebels and cookie cutter empire. They didn't want to make a real new set of factions, so they didn't.  
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    Glucose98 reacted to Dave Grant in Vader, Meta (and other ramblings)   
    I have read a lot of posts, heard a lot of podcasts and seen a lot of videos about Legion that talk about what is / isn't competitive or "meta". I thought I might share some of my thoughts.
    Most people will have no idea who I am (rightly so), so I present my credentials as to why you may wish to hear what I have to say:
    I have been playing "competitive" war-games for 24 years, and generally do quite well. 
    I am from the UK originally but I have travelled a lot with work (currently live in Hong Kong) and played games in many places
    My work keeps me very busy, and not much of a gaming scene in Hong Kong so my only games of Legion have been in the past 5 months in the US (Adepticon) and UK (4 smaller events, including an RPQ). Total 17 games.
    I have only ever taken Vader (because he's awesome), and only ever have 8 activations when playing legion and in my 17 competitive games I have won 16! The only loss was against Luke Cook (current World Champion) at Adepticon. Now many of those games could have gone either way, but I never felt I didn't have a chance when I saw my opponents force - even when they were "top tier meta lists"
    So that brings me to the point of the post: Many content makers seem to have decided what is "good" when it comes to Legion... what forces you should take if you want to win. Many people read this content and so the 'myth' propagates (currently trooper spam + snipers if you want to win). Whilst I don't disagree generally with their points I have found that there are many more competitive options if you have a plan, and can execute it well.
    In the events mentioned I have played 2 main variations (some minor changes between events) of Vader lists: Vader + Boba and Vader + Tank. Full approximate lists (for anyone interested) are below:
    Vader / Boba (3 events in March, 9-1 record)
    Vader: Force Push, Sabre Throw, Force Reflexes
    Boba Fett: Hunter, Stimms, Recon Intel
    Snowtroopers: Flamer, Frag granades, Officer, Recon Intel
    Stormtroopers: Frag granades, Medical Droid
    Stormtroopers: Recon Intel, Frag Granades
    Royal Guard: Electrostaff, Tenacity, Environmental Gear
    Strike Team: Sniper
    Strike Team: Sniper
    Vader / Tank (2 events in July, 7-0 record)
    Vader: Force Push, Force Choke, Anger
    Snowtroopers: Flamer, Frag
    Snowtroopers: Frag, Astromech
    Stormtroopers: Medical Droid
    Death Troopers: DLT, Hunter, Config
    Strike Team: Sniper
    Strike Team: Saboteur, Recon Intel
    Tank: Rifle Pintle
    I believe both lists are strong, can deal OK with any list and I would suggest are very "non-meta". So take what you enjoy, have a plan, make it work :-).
    Don't get me wrong if you enjoy taking a load of troops and snipers then do it, this is for the other guys who want something different, but worry it won't be "competitive" - just 'do you' and make it work :-).
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    Glucose98 reacted to NEBELWERFER in *UPDATE* - Hasbro AT-AT next to Legion Models - Some Scale Photos   
    Final build pic. Cheek guns are on, and got it on a base (Custom ordered 1/4" white Cutting Board that I heat-treated and painted black).
    When I get around to painting it, I will start a thread in the proper forum.

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    Glucose98 reacted to Tirion in Rebel Troopers vs Fleet Troopers and Pathfinders   
    There is a common narrative that fleet troopers and pathfinders are inefficient for their points. When you break it down that not only isn't the case but in general is the opposite. Now i'm not about to go on a rant claiming that these units are better than RT, that min/maxing isn't the best way to win a tournament or that these units don't have flaws. Just simply showing that these units deserve another look and that maybe they have been judged to harshly or in some cases incorrectly.
    First lets break down the math of the dice in average damage per:
    White - .250
    White/Surge - .375
    Black - .500
    Black/Surge - .625
    Red - .750
    Red/Surge - .875
    Rebel trooper - 40 points 4 black - 2 damage - .05 damage per point - range 3
    Rebel trooper Z6 - 62 points 4 black 6 white - 3.5 damage - .057 DPP - range 3
    Fleet troopers - 44 points - 3 damage - .068 DPP - range 2
    Fleet troopers shotgun - 67 points - 4.75 damage (w/pierce) - .071 DPP - range 2
    Pathfinders - 68 points - 3 damage - 3 damage - .044 DPP- range 3
    Now everything will be measured against the RT since it is regarded as the most efficient unit specifically the z6. I also understand that terrain build plays a heavy roll in this discussion but there is no way to really quantify that. 
    Rebel Troopers vs Fleet Troopers
    We see that while at range 2 the FT for a mere 4 points more at the base squads, do 50% more damage than rebel troopers thanks to their surge. That is a massive increase in average damage. Even looking at the costs it is a 36% increase in DPP, again massive. 
    When we compare their most common heavy weapon options (Z6 and shotgun) it isn't as big of a gap but still an increase of 36 percent average damage, though the DPP difference is margin at 4%. The big difference there is the presence of pierce 1 on the FT. 
    Why is a 50% increase in damage naked and a 36% increase in damage with a heavy weapon overlooked? Another way to look at is the Z6 vs the naked FT. The Z6 only does 17%, or 0.5 average damage more than a naked FT. The Z6 actually has a 19% worse DPP. 
    A common argument against FT is that they get wrecked by snipers. Yeah, so do RT. The difference of having a range 2 weapon vs a range 3 weapon is not worth mentioning. Their defensive capabilities against a sniper are identical. I think this all really comes down the perceived ineffectiveness of range 2. 
    Rebel Troopers vs Pathfinders
    The Pathfinders are not as crazy in the discrepancies as the FT,  and it is true that they have the lowest DPP of the three units, so if by having the lowest DPP makes you points inefficient than okay. However I think once it is broken down you see it isn't a matter of point inefficiency as points being spent in other areas. At its base the pathfinders do 14% less damage next to a Z6 while costing 6 points more and a 12% drop in DPP. At the end of the day though we are talking about 6 points, which when looking at Danger Sense 3, Dauntless, Infiltrate, Courage 2, and additional upgrade slots, all of a sudden 6 points isn't a big ask at all. 
    While they defensively will still get wrecked by snipers just like everyone else not named Sabin, they are significantly better than both RT and FT against other attacks. Danger Sense 3 maxed out, which isn't hard, on average adds another block.

    None of this is to say that these units are better than RT or that they do not inherently have flaws. The FT have range 2, which can suck at times (though the grenade launcher is range 3 but I'll save that thread for a different day). The pathfinders can be very dicey and the usefulness of infiltrate can vary wildly by game. When you look at point efficiency though, I don't think you can say FT or pathfinders come up short. Ineffective? sure (though I will defend FT to the end), but the numbers don't defend the inefficient narrative especially on the FT. 
    May the dissenting begin. 
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    Glucose98 reacted to Church14 in New Heavy Support article about the Clone Wars expansions   
    I’m not a player, I was waiting on CIS to decide. 
    Question in damage assignment:
    1)Shields cancel hits, then you roll defense after?
    2) There’s a rule about having to assign damage to a wounded model in your unit if able, right? So do you have to assign damage to a unit that has facedown shields tokens? They aren’t damaged in the normal sense. 
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    Glucose98 reacted to werdnaegni in New Heavy Support article about the Clone Wars expansions   
    Tabletop Admiral updated
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    Glucose98 got a reaction from Irokenics in MOTF - Batrep 15 Vader vs Wonder Twins (10 activations each!)   
    I never realized how sexy force pull is (especially into the standby troopers).  That was equally gross and amazing.
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    Glucose98 reacted to punkUser in I tested my dice...   
    Check out the results:

    2019-09-10: Updates in the document and comments here: 
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    Glucose98 reacted to TauntaunScout in Is the T-47 a better choice than speeder bikes? We discuss.   
    Well I'm convinced. My rebels are taking speeder bikes instead of a snowspeeder from now on.
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    Glucose98 reacted to Djaskim609 in Rebel Playstyle VS. Imperial Playstyle - Differences?   
    If you play as Imperial, you're the good guys. If you play as rebels, you're traitorous rebel scum. 
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    Glucose98 reacted to azeronbloodmoone in they forgot somthing in rules 1.4 and will clarify later   
    Hi Steven,
    Yeah, looks like we missed that. For the record, Immune: Pierce replaces Impervious if a unit has both keywords. We’ll make sure that gets into the next RR update, and we’ll post to the official rules clarifications thread on our community forums ASAP. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!
    Alex Davy
    Game Designer
    Fantasy Flight Games
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    Glucose98 got a reaction from Tirion in 1.4 rules are out   
    Do you?

    Then, give that mini a number of wound tokens equal to one less than the wound threshold indicated on its unit card.   

    Doesn't that mean you're restoring the wookie with 1 health still?
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    Glucose98 got a reaction from edmund_pevensie in 1.4 rules are out   
    Do you?

    Then, give that mini a number of wound tokens equal to one less than the wound threshold indicated on its unit card.   

    Doesn't that mean you're restoring the wookie with 1 health still?
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    Glucose98 reacted to hothorbust in A walk through of building my new list   
    The infamous 12-Activation list is dead. Long live Death Troopers! I am going over my list change in this latest post!   https://thefifthtrooper.com/death-troopers-come-knocking-star-wars-legion/
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    Glucose98 reacted to Red Castle in Table showcase.   
    Some pictures of mine during a game:

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    Glucose98 reacted to Docgimmethenews in Completed Rebel Army/ Near complete Imperials   
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    Glucose98 reacted to Sharkbelly in Balance   
    I heard a prophecy that there will one day come a model, born of no father, which will finally bring balance to the game. 
    Sorry, I couldn't resist.
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    Glucose98 reacted to werdnaegni in Tabletop Admiral Update Log   
    I'm not actually going to keep this log anymore. I have a "News" section at tabletopadmiral.com now that I'll update as I do notable things, and I'll post in news article/release threads when I've added the new stuff.
    But feel free to post in this thread to suggest things, tell me about bugs, tell me you're naming your children after me, etc.
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    Glucose98 reacted to R3dReVenge in should FFG introduce more dice   
    No need due to 6-sided dice.
    Red gives you 50% (3/6) without surge and 66.6% (4/6) with surge.
    White gives you 16% (1/6) without surge and 33.3% (2/6) with surge.
    The only fraction not counted for is 5/6, which creates miserable gameplay (from my 40k experience). 
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    Glucose98 reacted to tombesis in Battle on a Desert Planet far, far away.   
    Imperial Forces: Dart Vader, Gen. Veers, 1 x 74Z Speeder Bike, 3 x Snowtroopers Squads (7 men included 2 special weapons), 3 x Stormtroopers Squads (7 men included 2 special weapons).
    Rebel Forces: Luke Skywaler, Leia Organa, R2-D2, 1 x AT-RT (laser cannon), 3 x Rebel Troopers Squads (7 men included 2 special weapons + grenades and snipers), 3 x Fleet Troopers Squads (7 men included 2 special weapons).
    The Impieral Force has an advantage of 30 points.
    The Empire discovered a rebel base concealed inside a village on a desert planet. The rebel are researching secret improvements for their X-Wings figthers, these studies are saved into an Astromech's memory.
    The Emperor ordered a blitz attack against this base. The aim of the attack is the capture of the Astromech unit.
    Dart Vader took command of the attack. He has 45 minutes to complete his mission. He divided his forces in two sections. Gen. Veers, with the Stormtroopers and the Bikes will execute a feint against the village's walls, to draw the enemy forces. Meanwhile at the head of the Snowtroopers now equipped with sand uniforms, he will launch a major attack disembarking from transport units inside the village.
    Initial Setup:
    The Rebel Force deploys on the field a single AT-RT inside the village's walls concealing the remaining forces in the buildings placing tokens to record their placement. Luke takes command of the AT-RT and the Rebel Troopers concealing his forces South of the green line, while Leia with the Fleet Troopers conceal herself North of the green line. R2-D2 is concealed inside one building.
    The Imperial Forces do not deploy on the field. Gen. Veers will enter from the Southern border of the map, while Dart Vader will disembark from the sky.
    Special Rules:
    1. The Empire rolls 2D8 at the begin of each turn. This is the number of (virtual) minutes the turn will last. Minutes are represented by little red cubes. They may use those cubes to do the following things: 4 cubes to destroy a section of the wall, 1 cube to scan a building to find R2-D2 or enemy concealed forces, 3 cubes to scan one of the larger building, 10 cubes to start the landing procedure, 1 cube to put a new single squad or leader in play (the cube is paid a single time for each squad or leader, once in play it must not be paid again). The Empire may accumulate cubes for future use, it is not forced to expend it every single cube.
    2. Gen. Veers may enter from the Souther border of the map. Dart Vader must decide which Landing Zone use to disembark (LZA or LZB), once fixed it cannot be changed and all his units must disembark there. Dart Vader places a marker inside the LZ and deploys his units on that marker. A unit deployed may execute its two actions from there normally.
    3. The Rebels may activate any unit they want when its token is drawn from the cup, but once activated it loses its concealement status and must exit from the building from a door or deploy inside the building or on its roof.
    4. It is possible for the Empire to scan a building using a cube (minute) or execute a search action with a squad, reducing the squad's actions to one for that turn.
    5. When the roll of the 2D8 exhaust the minutes available (cubes) the game ends at the end of that turn.
    6. All the units' token are placed in the cup. The Rebels can decide to not activate a unit loosing that activation and keeping it concealed. The Empire can decide to not deploy the unit loosing that activation.
    7. R2-D2 is moved attached to a squad (not leader) and does not fire or execute any other action.
    Victory Conditions:
    The Empire wins if it is able to (1) find R2-D2 and bring it up to the marker placed inside the LZ selected by Dart Vader and (2) bring at least one squad belonging to Gen. Veers' command within one distance lenght (use the fire ruler) from the marker on the LZ selected by Dart Vader (i.e. it is able to establish a connection with Vader's forces).
    The Rebels wins if the Empire is not able to fulfill both its conditions.
    2 players for the Empire (Dart Vader and Gen. Veers) and 2 players for the Rebels (Luke and Leia). It is recommended to use two sets of chits for the activations for each team with different colors, but it is not obligatory.
    The game started with Gen. Veers destroying a section of the wall on the left side of his front. He bring into field all is squads through that hole, while the bikes executed a feint on the right flying over the walls.
    Luke reacted destroying the isolated bikes with the AT-RT and then created a line of defense with the rest of his squads, running into the field from the buildings along the walls.
    Meanwhile Vader scanned the area from the sky with the Fleet's instruments.
    During turn three Vader decided to land his forces at LZA and Luke reacted attacking Dart Vader himself, while Leia revealed his forces in the Northern section of the village.
    At turn 6 the Empire was able to find R2-D2 inside a building in the Southern area of the village. A Stormtrooper Squad was able to capture it and to run toward the LZA, covered by the Snowtrooper's fire.
    The game concluded at turn 7 (the very last turn because the 45 minutes have just ended), when the Stormtrooper were able to bring R2-D2 to the marker inside the LZA, determining the Empire's vitory fulfilling both the victory conditions.

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    Glucose98 reacted to DewbackScout in Top 10 reasons why Dewback Riders are superior to Tauntaun Riders   
    10. THREE WEAPON CHOICES! BBQ, long range rifle, burst rifle. And always claws and pokey sharp stick.
    9. Claws + Pokey sharp stick (Critical 2, suppressive) > Horns & Head Claws (Ram 1). Dewback wins all jousts.
    8. ARMOR!
    7. Legitimate government creature (domesticated) vs wild terrorist torture beast.
    5. Deliberate movement vs dashing wildly about.
    4. RED DEFENSE DICE vs T-shirt saves.
    3. Care & feeding. Dewbacks get a spray down and air dry. Tauntauns take brushing.
    2. STAR WARS!! vs a sequel.
    ... and ...
    1. Tactics. Dewbacks take cover behind terrain:

    ... while Tauntauns freeze before they reach the first marker

    Though I will admit ... you can use a tauntaun as a sleeping bag:

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    Glucose98 got a reaction from Jukey in Tales from the Madlands: KariThorn   
    Yeah the Death Knight dial is so much better than the Oathsworn one.  At least Forged in Battle can really even that out, as the 3x2 forged is a hard hitter.  I managed to insta-gib Marcas's LordV at worlds with it.  Of course, then he stole my artifacts in turn 8 and humiliated me
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    Glucose98 reacted to Church14 in Tales from the Madlands: KariThorn   
    Our local Daqan guy isn’t so hot on the Oathsworn at all. He just seems to get boned by the dial. Wind Rune looks like it would help, but even then it is stuck to being tacked on after a march. No method to attack and wind rune.
    on the other hand, he’s having fun with the damage oathsworn can do when Forged in battle starts to kick in. 
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