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  1. Glucose98

    Larger upgrade cards

    I wonder if they switched printers completely, and didn't have easy access to the smaller card production -- or wanted to shift away from it completely. Smaller box, different plastic, bigger cards -- this would all explain a big delay
  2. Glucose98

    Release day!

    Probably cheaper to manufacture since its a standard size (easier to find people who can do it) Just having more space for text is useful too. So they must have switched printers on us during this 7 month delay -- new boxes, new sized cards -- different plastic?
  3. Glucose98

    Release day!

    It seems odd to increase the card size now. We’re going to have a mix?
  4. Glucose98

    Sweet sweet recognition!

    RW is amazing. It's ok. I think the mechanics are deeply interesting. It's just been so under-exposed to the gaming community. We have to keep this tiny group going and hopefully pull in new people.
  5. Glucose98

    Release day!

    Was the last release day the Uthuk core set? On November 24th? So nearly 7 months? Finally!
  6. Glucose98

    Sweet sweet recognition!

    It's going to be very hard for RW to win a popularity contest against 8th edition 40k. But still very cool to see it get nominated.
  7. Glucose98

    Wraiths with Ardus...

    Wow, they are going to be masters of the wheel. It's cool to see Ardus *significantly* boost a unit. 3x1 is such an efficient use of trays (Love the 3x1 Daqan crossbowmen). At least they won't have Precise!
  8. Glucose98

    Sweet sweet recognition!

    Such an underrated game. Really.
  9. Glucose98

    Vassal or TTS

    @tgall was working on getting this into Vassal. I'm not sure how far along it got?
  10. Glucose98

    New (old) pilot spoilers (Rexler looks good)

    Null Pointer Exception, they're the worst. Ugh.
  11. Glucose98

    X Wing preview

    Thane seems really useful for direct hits. If you know your opponent has a direct hit, you can repeatedly expose the same card again right? Since it flips face down after applying yet another damage? Always pushing at least 1 damage through if you have some paint on your die results?
  12. Glucose98

    Fast Enough - Lando's Falcon 2nd Ed

    Funny how I have the exact opposite reaction. I *really* like the contrast between the packaging and the ship on display. It really pops out.
  13. Glucose98

    Fast Enough - Lando's Falcon 2nd Ed

    You sure Boba gets a gunner?