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  1. This would be the perfect image to tweet at Asmodee with. Just call it "The future of Asmodee's replacement policy"
  2. So you catch people abusing the system and your response is to punish the paying customers? This feels a bit like Electronic Arts and their DRM fiascoes of the past. Here's to hoping that the sprue system will greatly reduce their missing parts issues. Legion was the first FFG game I purchased that had missing parts (a core set). My guess is it had to deal with their cutting and bagging of parts which is going to have a much shorter mean to time to failure.
  3. Yes -- So imagine Rex + 3 clone troopers all with standby tokens and you move into range of Rex and he fires 6 times.
  4. You can -- the hard part is GAINING multiple standby tokens however. A unit cannot perform a standby action if it has performed an attack during its activation So you can't attack then take the standby action (which is gain a token) in the same turn.
  5. No - they're going to be support 4 factions instead of 2. So they'll keep the original core set around for people who want to buy the original armies
  6. Rules Question: Can a single clone trooper unit spend more than 1 standby on the same action trigger? (i.e. can I have a group of 3 clones all with standby, and the enemy moves in range and I use the *strongest* unit to spend 3 standbys and shoot 3 times on the single move?)
  7. Are you and Church getting into this one soon?
  8. I don't believe that's the glue you want. That's a plastic glue for a specific type of plastic -- the original core set is a different 'soft plastic' that won't work with this. You want a normal super glue for the original core set. If you were gluing together the droid army you'd be set though! Legion is slowly switching over to the hard plastic this is used for.
  9. Do you play so you can force push someone into the pit?
  10. Church, I've had a ton of fun painting these minis. Do eht.
  11. I never realized how sexy force pull is (especially into the standby troopers). That was equally gross and amazing.
  12. I would think some really good terrain on the tables would be a good draw. That’s the most unique part of this game, each table can play very differently. Not everyone has a great setup at home.
  13. Do you? Then, give that mini a number of wound tokens equal to one less than the wound threshold indicated on its unit card. Doesn't that mean you're restoring the wookie with 1 health still?
  14. Can someone explain to a noob why you would need sprues to have alternate poses? Couldn't they have just included multiple pieces in the baggy?
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