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  1. Daquan Troop comfigurations/combos

    That has been my list for awhile now, Karithorne. I've been constantly tweaking and shifting things around. It *is* a good list.
  2. Daquan Troop comfigurations/combos

    I've been using single tray Rune Golems recently and they work well. I especially like reforming them at a bit of an angle once they're out there to turn the incoming units on their charge (makes them easy to counter-charge then). I am having some other thoughts about going 2x1 however. Like maybe it's worth doing a 2x1 RG with Visored Helms to be a pretty effective roadblock (Brooks did this in the FFG store championship this weekend). You could also Wind Rune them to ensure they move early enough as well with their 6 armor up. You could even stack them 1x2 them with Hawthorne to get them the rerolls they need for their 2-3 threat and have less of a footprint blocking LOS for the xbows.
  3. New Units release dates

    I've heard through the grapevine that Runewars is simply being delayed at this point. Legion took the printing power, and it's doing a wide release in March with core + 8 expansion packs. I assume this means that RW will continue afterward. It's a bummer that they're going this route, especially so early in RW's release. Legion looks good, but I don't think it will have the better game design. I really like the command dial system in RW and what it affords the players. It's a mind game, and it can make some of the simplest 'situations' interesting. So for now, we're stuck with our really small community. I hope they make another push on it to draw in some more people, but that's out of our hands at this point. Fleshing out the elves, uthuk and putting out new units WILL help that cause though.
  4. It's crazy that Brooks did that well with a pretty non standard list. Two 2x1 Rune Golems with Visored helms?
  5. I really like the bronze / silver metallic combo on the Reanimates
  6. Daquan Troop comfigurations/combos

    The 4x1 Cavalry with Wind Rune, Raven Tabards and Rank Discipline is a really solid unit. Wind rune can really help you get that alpha strike it so desperately needs. Personally, I really like Rune Golems, but I only ever run them 1x1. They're great blockers, and they can do a ton of damage. I actually luckily rolled 15 damage on a flank last game with one of them (3 red dice, threat-3 with 2 blue runes) Another thing worth trying out that @TallTonyB showed me, is running Kari with Heartseeker. You place her behind a big block of terrain and have her pick people off. If someone enters that terrain, you engage and start throwing knives.
  7. New Units release dates

    Descent had a really long run though. This game is still what.. 10 months old?
  8. I played the Daqan on this one -- I posted my list below, it's another variation of Karithorne. I've been working on tweaking my list a bit. I like to run with Rune Golems to do some blocking / intercepting. I recently equipped Kari with Heartseeker after @TallTonyB smacked me with his Kari doing the same thing. She's good to park behind some terrain and put the pressure on units. I still really like Wind Rune on the Oathsworn Cavalry 4x1. It allows you to get some effective turning (I could barely fit around that terrain on the left side in this video, and it allowed me to turn enough after moving straight to threaten a real charge in the subsequent rounds). I slow played that so I didn't run into the death trap Waiqar had set up with his heavy hitting Maro I think one of my most useful (and totally accidental) plays was early on when my first Rune Golem moved out in front of the archers to catch the 2x2 group of Flesh Rippers. I turned him 45 degrees at the end with a reform and unbeknownst to me at the time, screwed his approach as they have no turning movement when they can't equip Dead Sprint. So after being turned 45 degrees his Flesh Rippers had to go the 'long way' to catch my archers. Here was my list: Oathsworn Cavalry [34] 2x2Wind Rune [6]Raven Tabards [2]Rank Discipline [4]Total Unit Cost: 46Lord Hawthorne [34] 1x1Might of Daqan [4]Total Unit Cost: 38Kari Wraithstalker [32] 1x1Heartseeker [10]Total Unit Cost: 42Rune Golems [17] 1x1Total Unit Cost: 17Rune Golems [17] 1x1Total Unit Cost: 17Deepwood Archers [30] 2x2Dispatch Runner [7]Tempered Steel [3]Total Unit Cost: 40 I didn't use Dispatch Runner at all this match, I may drop it for some other useful upgrades. Though part of that was just me forgetting to use it, as I had just added it to my list.
  9. Yellow Command

    Yellow is just the 'next color' it appears. They tend to put most moves in blue, rally/shift/reform in green, attacks in red, and then yellow is the next color for whatever
  10. Yellow Command

    Helping out --
  11. New Units release dates

    I don't get why they're spamming LEGION when its two months away still. Do they have data on their audience having a memory that lasts that long?
  12. New Units release dates

    I'm not having any issues coming up with new lists I want to try. I guess I don't play enough, but there's a lot of design space already in the units we have (at least for Daqan). I'm continually updating and tweaking my Karithorne list (for example)
  13. Entry advice

    If you collect two armies (Daqan and Waiqar) at least getting *most* of the good neutral upgrade cards will be pretty easy.
  14. New Units release dates

    I feel like they've already burned through most of the relevant Legion articles? They're releasing 8 expansions with the core, which I imagine is the dice pack, the movement tools, and the 6 expansion boxes (imp troopers, reb troopers, at-rt, speeder bikes, t47 airspeeder, at-st). I think they've already gone through all of that? So what news will they release in the next 2 months? Anyway, I hope they get Runewars back into the articles. Uthuk and Latari could use the catching up to put them on a level playing field.
  15. New Units release dates

    Think we'll see any NEWS either before March 22? They are pushing this one strong.