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  1. Saw that the FFG event center confirmed that date. So definitely legit (for elves)
  2. One question that comes up often is why archers can't shoot over other units by default? Why do you guys think this design decision was made? I have to imagine they were able to at first (seems the natural way of things), and then the playtesters / designers found them to be too powerful? Having terrain and units block LOS does make the maneuvering more interesting as well. Thoughts?
  3. Looks blue and black to me
  4. And then there's Lord Hawthorne. You call that trim? Hold my beer.
  5. If you're willing to take Kari, you can get the dispatch runner on some Deepwood Archers for cheaper.
  6. I fully expect this to be 4-factions only for awhile. I just don't see FFG adding more complexity to the builds then what they already have? I would think most people could be happy with one of the four they have available? Best way to hook people is to get them in pairs, and make them realize they can each buy a core set for $80-100, swap Daqan and Waiqar and basically be able to field a 200pt army already. Cheap entry point! Also it may be worth introducing it to Armada / X-wing players. Show them the command dials, the movement templates, the rank and file threat / reroll rules etc . It's not that hard to pick up when you've played other FFG games.
  7. Right now I'm going with Blight. It's very effective at reducing incoming damage and allowing Waiqar to tank. It's always valuable and can be easy to apply. Stun and immobilize can cause a lot of grief, but a blight always needs to be dealt with?
  8. The game has a huge amount of announced content at the printers and on the boat. I think it's doing pretty well given that, since new releases drum up interest. The 3rd race is about to be 'fully' available shortly when all the Elf expansions get to shipping, which will pull in more people too. I don't think this game will ever have as big of a following as the Star Wars IP, but it does have a really good ruleset that has very little issues (so far). The pace of this game is great. All the downtime is done simultaneously with your opponent when you set the dials. Then you resolve the turns, making smaller decisions. It really plays at a really quick tempo. Also, the command dials are amazing. There is an insane amount of design space with the dual-dials, ALONG with the variable initiative numbers. Every unit is slightly different. I'm just a fan of what this game offers.
  9. I wonder if they're covering all the units that will be shipping soon, starting to get through them before they're available?
  10. Yes this. Saving 15 pts to get siege upgrade and the skill upgrade (lingering dead) on a 3x2 block of reanimates is pretty valuable. Also, you can turn him into a mortal strike spammer pretty easily, useful against the high armor targets.
  11. Happy accident
  12. They can catch up the Uthuk and the Latari pretty quick. They'll probably double-down on the wave w/ Wraiths and Scouts for each faction, so they all hit 7 simultaneously? The fact that these are unpainted minis makes the printing process faster I believe? (certainly cheaper)
  13. X-wing certainly did not follow this path however. I think the mechanics of this game make it quite a bit different though. Initial positioning and successful charging seem to be the dominant factor. I'm hoping it that it promotes diversity in lists, we shall see. There will be some meta-breaking stuff eventually, its nearly inevitable.
  14. What do you envision the lists will look like in the future? I feel like they will be pretty diverse within the 200 points. It makes sense to have some blobs of infantry, to have a hero, to have some fast cavalry and some ranged units. Mortal strikes will be useful against the armored targets, but they really reduce the damage you do against infantry. Won't the list building itself balance this out a bit? You'll need a bit of everything? If all Daqan does is spam cavalry, I can see a lot of mortal strike lists developing to counter it. Which will make them start adding some differentiation to their lists to compete. Hopefully ending up with lists that are not one-trick ponies.
  15. Her ability has no range limit on it either. And most likely, that is going to be the ability that comes with the infantry figure upgrade too.