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  1. Do you play so you can force push someone into the pit?
  2. Church, I've had a ton of fun painting these minis. Do eht.
  3. I never realized how sexy force pull is (especially into the standby troopers). That was equally gross and amazing.
  4. I would think some really good terrain on the tables would be a good draw. That’s the most unique part of this game, each table can play very differently. Not everyone has a great setup at home.
  5. Do you? Then, give that mini a number of wound tokens equal to one less than the wound threshold indicated on its unit card. Doesn't that mean you're restoring the wookie with 1 health still?
  6. Can someone explain to a noob why you would need sprues to have alternate poses? Couldn't they have just included multiple pieces in the baggy?
  7. Shade is really easy. Step 1) cover the whole **** thing in shade Step 2) dry up all the pools and large areas with the brush and clean it up 3) let it dry. Army painter actually has ink shades (in bottles) vs the dip. The bottle works really well -- the dipping stuff leaves a shiny coat? Meh.
  8. Yeah the Death Knight dial is so much better than the Oathsworn one. At least Forged in Battle can really even that out, as the 3x2 forged is a hard hitter. I managed to insta-gib Marcas's LordV at worlds with it. Of course, then he stole my artifacts in turn 8 and humiliated me
  9. Late to reply to this: But I liked that KariThorn list. I would, however, drop Metered March on the Deepwoods -2 and Tempered on the Oathsworn -3 to give them Wind Rune (+6) and run it at 200 points. Wind Rune for Oathsworn is a must. Then you don't have to worry about the 45-degree deployment as much. You can move forward, shift sideways and 90-degree turn, bam!
  10. I’m excited to test some of these changes. I noticed a lot of people complained about Kari. Did you feel she was balanced enough? I feel like she’s ok from my point of view but my opponents usually complain
  11. They will send you a replacement really fast if you contact them.
  12. Skill - File leader might be too strong. Ardus can do some nasty damage, especially with Dimodian Blades, plus he'll be armor 4 for that charge. The other issue is, if he is in range of CI reanimate archers, he's going to trivially lock down the charging unit. They will charge him and he will use Ardus Fury + Dimodian Precise rerolls to blight their attack, and then he'll be attacking at init 3 on subsequent rounds with 2 surges minimum to keep reapplying the blight. Seems pretty strong.
  13. I would imagine this plus the cost of the 2x1 going up would do it.
  14. I think the Skill: Protected 2 is a good one to try. I usually vaporize him on a charge that he has little response for. Commonly he can be in range of CI Archers -- so if he survives the charge, he's blighting and locking down the unit with his counter attack -- which seems good. It also improves his existing dial, without changing the actual dial.
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