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  1. Agreed. Scions win with focus fire, for certain.
  2. Are the golem's getting their +1/+2 threat?
  3. I was about to say, I've only heard good things about their customer service. Good to know it's still going.
  4. Compared to a Carrion Lancer, I agree -- since they both have 5 attack (but this only works 50% of the rounds they're engaged). Against other targets though, initative-5 for armoring up is a bit late. I still agree with you that they're good single-tray units.
  5. Back to my MSU point -- they *do* put two dials in every golem expansion box. Hint hint!
  6. I've been liking running multiple single tray Golems. I feel like they are more efficient in that setup. Threat 2/3 on a single tray getting a flank is pretty strong (that's 4.5 - 6.75 expected damage depending on runes, and with super luck -- it has a maximum hit of 18 damage). They can always move and reform, so even though they lack the turns, they can generally line up a flanking charge without too much trouble. Give it a try sometime - have 2 or 3 single tray ones out there running amuck, it's good!
  7. I actually really like this game as 3 player -- put 2 on the Empire and 1 on the Rebels. Now you really project the feelings of being overwhelmed to the Rebellion player. In tandem, the Imperial players talking to each other about their plans gives the Rebels something to work off as well. Also when I played, I just ignored the separation of powers for the most part. Mostly played it as 2-group-think players vs 1.
  8. Please reference the above images.
  9. That's much better.
  10. I knew someone could deliver this. Saw his request on FB yesterday, but didn't know who could pull it off. Nice work
  11. I guess since it's on Facebook, it's probably not a secret. The credible source is the FFG Event Center.
  12. Saw it on Facebook from a credible source! It's coming! I can't wait to murder all of it.
  13. Super cool idea. I'm interested in seeing the final painted result for sure!