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  1. Anyone know of any places hosting the event in the general region?
  2. I can confirm this is the case as well. It was $5 at my local Meijer.
  3. i'm thinking that since the tie was in tournament points and not the actual MoV that makes you the technical winner. But I'm not any more sure than you are.
  4. TrikkStar defeats Lyraeus in tiebreaker after a very close match(151-161). TrikkStar was the second player with Contested Outpost as the objective; and, if I am understanding correctly, in cases of a 5-5 tie the second player is considered the "winner". Full vlog can be found here.
  5. Nice write-up Corellian Corvette. I'd be curious to see how the different fleet archetypes fair against one another with another hundred or so games worth of data to crunch.
  6. VLOG can be found here. Only thing not covered in the vlog is one of his guppies movement and an X-Wing finishing off my Vic II with a structural damage crit. Good game with very hot dice.
  7. Are you using version 1.99? I found the earlier manover tool to be tedious as well. The updated version is basically just the same as the physical one.
  8. I'm pretty sure this had already been spoiled, but now we know the name of the guy with the hilted lightsaber is "Kylo Ren".
  9. Not sure if it's just a problem on my end, but I can't seem to make the dice roller work. I click on them but they don't seem to respond or do anything at all. I believe that it worked before, and even tried running the 1.0 module but it wasn't working for me there either. Edit: Figured out my problem, I was trying to interact with the dice as an observer. Though interacting with everything else seemed to work normally as an observer.
  10. Been wanting to get some games in but have been having trouble finding finding local players. Count me in. My Fleet: Hammer & Anvil Victory II-class Star Destroyer (132): Admiral Motti - Expanded Hangar Bay - Overload Pulse - Enhanced Armament Gladiator I-class Star Destroyer (88): Wulff Yularen - Engine Techs - Assault Concussion Missiles - Demolisher Darth Vader (21) TIE Advanced (12) TIE Advanced (12) Major Rhymer (16) TIE Bomber (9) TIE Bomber (9) Total cost: 299 Edit: I'm in U.S. EST (GMT -5:00)
  11. Wow that's uh... that's not very well written. Disappointing. My thoughts exactly.
  12. Well from the now "Legends" stories (havent read any of the new stuff yet) after the battle of Endor a decent chunk of the Imperial fleet was either destroyed (a lot of high ranking officers died on the executor) or captured (the rebels captured a few of the ISDs after the battle. But this was only a small portion of the Imperial fleet. They still had ships spread throughout the entire galaxy, from the core worlds (such as Coruscant, which at the time was still called Imperial Center, there would have been a large concentration of ships as this is the capital of the galaxy) to the Outer Rim. They still had a large force, but it was just spread out. Also after the battle of Endor, yes this was the biggest victory for the Rebellion, they were still just a movement, they had no permanent bases, they still had relatively few ships (compared to the Empire). The Empire still had all of their capital, they still had their numerous shipyards. They still had leaders (moffs, admirals, etc) that could still command. Granted after Endor the Empire started to fragment, Moffs and admirals took the title of Warlords (or other titles with horrible names lol), and massed their own fleets. Going by this, they can easily expand on their current technology. Also Episode VII is taking place 25 years after Episode VI, so we have no clue (yet) what happened during those 25 years. Maybe after Endor the Rebellion started gaining more momentum against the Empire, but perhaps they are now in a stalemate and both sides are pretty close in terms of military power. That's a preconception born out of the EU. Sure we can take the remastered scenes showing celebrations across the galaxy (notably on Courscuant) but this doesn't necessarily mean the Empire is gone completely... or even that the First Order is the Empire. The First order might be a successful warlord coup of what's left of the Empire for instance. Abrams might even ignore the remastered scenes and say Coruscant is still under Imperial control. There are plenty of reasons how the First order could be superior to the Galactic Empire. One might be that the Emperor wasn't around to spend resources on frivolous projects- like Death Stars. The scene at the end of the special edition of Episode VI with Coruscant and the celebration was brought up in the now "legends" story (and as others have said in the "Aftermath" which I have not had the chance to read yet) was given some more info. It was talked about in one of the x-wing books, unfortunately I cannot remember exactly which one, one of the pilots of rogue squadron (either Wes Janson or Tycho Celchu, again I cannot quiet remember ) was told to have been there during the celebration. It started out peacefully, but escalated, eventually some people got hooks and ropes and pulled the statue of Palpatine down. Shortly after, Imperial troops surrounded the square and started killing those present. Coruscant was still controlled by the Empire and they were not going to let the death of the Emperor prevent them from keeping control and power. It is nice to know that this is still part of the canon of star wars. After reading the spoiled prelude to Aftermath, this is exactly what happens. Also seeing how no one else has posted it you can find said preview here.
  13. This is the single biggest complaint I have with the show. Overall I find it okayish, it seems more childish/kid focused than Clone Wars was. But the first time I saw the star destroyers I was aghast with how wrong they looked. The only other thing about the show that came close to bothering me this much was when Tarkin and cohorts were discussing the Rebels actions and how there were "no casualties" as a result. This bothered me do to the fact that we see numerous storm troopers and TIEs get gunned down by the heroes.
  14. I would be interested as well. It's been difficult to get games in IRL and I have been wanting to play via vassal.
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