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  1. Huh. I'd have sworn it didn't work when I checked. I may have brain farted and added a non-career when I meant to add a career spec though. Thanks for the quick response at least!
  2. If I use GM Grants to give the PCs a free Specialization at chargen, it still counts the freebie against the total for xp costs when they buy another later. Is there any way to get the program to ignore that free Specialization when counting xp costs?
  3. Sorry if this has been addressed before, but has anyone else had issues with some worn armors not having their encumbrance reduced correctly? Specifically the laminate and heavy battle armors are getting no reduction at all.
  4. Apologies if this has been asked in the approximately eleven billion previous posts, but is there any way to add the bonuses granted by the Rigger tree to a vehicle?
  5. Excellent! Thank you! I don't have Jewel of Yavin and I guess that the attachment's restrictions prevented it from showing up in the generator's list for the Nova Courier. Now my next step is to adjust that attachment in the character generator.
  6. My players want to be able to eventually upgrade their ship (a YKL-37R Nova Courier) to rival the Falcon, but I can't find any official attachments to increase a vehicle's Handling. I don't have the entire line of books, but I also didn't see one in OggDude's character generator. And if there's not an official one, what would folks suggest for upgrade mods beyond the initial +1 to Handling? Additional +1s to Handling? Anything else? Thanks!
  7. I totally agree with this. The investigation for the traitor can be fun (some of the false NPC suspects are great) but the transition from Act 2 to Act 3 is a bit abrupt.
  8. Thanks for all the responses folks! Definitely going to have to make better use of setback dice, but the suggestions of upping the Adversary dice, switching Minions for Rivals (or Minion groups of Rivals) and increasing the number in the Minion groups should go a long way to getting back to that sweet spot between TPK and the PCs steamrolling.
  9. My group is currently in the middle/end of ACT II of Onslaught at Arda I*. They're roughly Knight Level in a campaign intended for starting characters they're simply destroying the opposition. I've tried adding more enemies to the encounters, but "more dudes to shoot" is kinda boring as a solution. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Oh, and the party consists of an Explorer/Scout focused on ranged combat, an Ace/Pilot, a Sentinel/Artisan+Shadow, and a Consular/Niman Disciple heavily focused on lightsaber combat. *Which is a ton of fun and I highly recommend it.
  10. I like the Nova Courier. Respectable stats and well armed too. 4R3 Assault Transport and the Skywatcher are both nice too, but it makes me wish that there was an upgrade for handling. Or I've at least not found one. As for the cost of various upgrades, this is an AoR campaign, so the PCs won't have to pay for the upgrades so much as earn the right to receive them from the Alliance.
  11. First off, thanks for the replies. I did check that thread out, but the OP was looking for MUCH larger ships than what my group needs. As for what the group wants the ship to do, that's pretty much covered in the specifications I listed in the first post. They're primarily a spec ops team, so they need a relatively small ( silhouette 4, 5 at the most) ship for insertions and extractions, that can carry them (max 5 PCs) and any cargo or extra mission personnel, and can survive if/when they're engaged in a fire fight. They're still fairly new to the system, so that's all they really want out of it. Get them to/from and not blow up if they get shot. I know the Engineer character is looking at the Rigger Specialization from Stay on Target, I'm looking for something with a decent amount of customization that he can play with. I know the YT-2400 (or any of the YTs really) fits this just about perfectly. I'm just looking to see if there are other ships that do as well. Something the players haven't seen over and over. The HWK's are a pretty good choice, and I can even forgive them for being associated with Kyle Katarn, but I think they'd need a better pilot to survive in them. I like the Krayt Gunship a lot, but it has almost no cargo and would be a bit crowded when the fifth player makes it. I dig the Citadel light freighter, and it hits every point I listed. Looking at it though, I do wonder how it lands. Can't find a picture of it that doesn't have it docked at a boarding platform. Does anyone have any other suggestions?
  12. I'm currently running an AoR campaign with 4 PCs and an occasional fifth. They opted for a ship instead of a base and started with the stock Lambda shuttle from the core book. Five or six sessions in, and a few space battles, have proved that the shuttle is not a good fit for the group. We're just about to start the Onslaught at Arda I campaign and I thought that the end of Act I would make for an organic way to switch out their ship. Doubly so since going back to the main hanger, and firefight, seems kinda foolish. My problem is that there are roughly eleventy five billion ships in the game, many of which are nearly identical except minor stat changes. My fallback is the trusty YT-2400, but I was hoping that I could lean on your collective knowledge to come up with a something more exciting than that. The group acts mostly as a covert ops group, so they don't need much cargo space. Between crew and passenger space, it needs to be able to transport roughly 10 people, just in case they have extra help on a mission. Space combat is super fun and one of the PCs is a pilot, so it needs to be able to at least do okay in a fire fight. Another player is eyeing Rigger for his second Specialization, so a decent number of hardpoints for him to play with would be nice too. Thanks is advance!
  13. Yeah, I picked up one or two Skills when I added a second Specialization. So how do I get the xp to calculate correctly now? Award negative xp to the character? I had never updated the program before, so I was being extra cautious. Doubly so since I have no physical record of this character that has 300+ xp. Thanks for your hard work, btw. Excellent program and has made playing and running the game so much easier.
  14. How do you handle PCs requisitioning supplies from the Rebel Alliance? I don't mean when their Contribution rank goes up, but smaller, more day to day items, like stimpaks, grenades and such. In EotE, the PCs would just buy them out right, but PCs don't really have a revenue stream in AoR. Apologies if this is covered in the book somewhere, but I looked and looked and couldn't find anything.
  15. Sorry if this has been covered before (and in 200+ pages I'm guessing it has), but I'm having a problem with xp not adding correctly. I have two versions of the program (version and because I was afraid updating would wipe out my characters. The characters' xp totals are the same in both versions, and both have the same talents and skills ranks, but the newer version reads as having 30 unused xp and the older only 5. Is the problem coming from having two versions going or is there an error in the newer version somewhere?
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