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  1. +1 Or who's to say your character doesn't "pop out for a breath of fresh air" every now and then.
  2. As far as I'm concerned this is how it should be played. The Fallout games have always been about the story and exploring the wasteland. The victory system feels like it's tacked on just for those who need an ending trigger. I know people that aren't happy unless there's a defined "End of Game" trigger.
  3. Yes that’s all true but that binder doesn’t fit inside the box. I have my deck in 2 card boxes that fit inside the game box. However I’m still considering the binder.
  4. I've been thinking of putting the cards in a binder but if you include the New California expansion thats going to be quite a binder.
  5. And by doing so doesn’t move the Faction token down the track until all agenda cards are drawn and reshuffled.
  6. But the New Californian expansion does attempt to have a couple of jokes in it.
  7. And don't forget about the new perks such as Nerd Rage and Ricochet. Ricochet will be very handy, just kill a level 1 and then kill the Mirelurk Queen with the ricochet 😀😀😀
  8. Vetnor

    New California

    Picked up my copy of New California and I’m loving it ? How could we have Fallout with out Nuke a Cola? I feel like the game is more complete now as it should be.
  9. Vetnor


    I’ve played Fallout quite a few times and enjoyed it nearly every time. I get the feeling that the victory system was tacked on to satisfy the players that have to win. I play to explore the Wasteland and have fun. We focus on finishing sub-quests and side stories. Don’t really care if the factions win or not and if you win by the end of the game it’s just a bonus. So yes I’ll be getting the expansion ?
  10. Vetnor

    Companion App?

    I definitely hope so. It's what I've been waiting for.
  11. Yes this is true but since I don’t play this game to win but to explore the wasteland and have fun doing it the agenda/victory conditions don’t bother me. Also if you don’t pull agenda cards the game lasts longer because it takes longer to cycle through the deck.
  12. It’s OK I found the prototype ?
  13. I’m trying to complete this also. Iis this an error?
  14. Because you have to decide if you’re spending the dial and token after you reveal the dial not later during the attack.
  15. Add Sloan in and then watch your opponent cry as you strip his defence tokens ?
  16. Yes that's what I thought even though I don't agree with it either. (edit) I find it interesting that the FaQ specifically names Advanced Projectors and isn't a general statement/ruling. Makes me think that the FaQ only applies to AP.
  17. If I'm running Foresight and get hit by X17's can I redirect one point to two different adjacent hull zones? The FaQ mentions Advanced Projectors but doesn't say anything about Foresight. The X17 card does say "it cannot suffer more than 1 damage on hull zones other than the defending hull zone" so I would say yes I could. e.g. An ISD with X17s hits my Foresights front hull with 5 damage. I can redirect 1 point to both right and left hull zones and take 3 on the front hull zone Or is Foresight treated the same as Advanced Projectors?
  18. Yes it is legal. When I play solo I rely on getting 2-3 of those cards to gain the 11 I need to win.
  19. OK thanks. So if I roll a hit and a crit my opponent could spend a brace to reduce it to one damage then decide to spend a redirect. I then cancel the attack and he draws a face up damage meaning he just wasted his defence tokens?
  20. If I'm flying Dodanna's Pride and I roll a blue crit do I cancel the attack before or after defence tokens?
  21. Just been inform FFG have received a cease and desist. Apparently the name New California has already been used by a mod company.
  22. I would like there to be more than one starting point so players don't "get in each others way". Yes an app like the one for This War of Mine would be great for solo and help speed up the game. I would like more starting encounters because I've played every one and its getting a tad repetitive.
  23. OK thanks guys. I’m playing in a tornament tomorrow and thinking of using Sato. I’m just working out some of the tricks you can do with him. ?
  24. Thanks that's what I thought. So then I could roll the blue dice and if I roll a blue crit I could use Dodanna's Pride to do a face up damage card?
  25. Hi If I have Sato as my commander and my CR90A fires at long range at an enemy ship at range 1 of my A-Wing, can I replace my two red dice with two blue and still roll my attack?
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