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  1. I don’t think this is a core-rework, just a few house rules. ? And they all seem fine, for what you want to accomplish. The only one I’m considering is the school rank punch card system. I hate that characters can just spam one entry to get their exp in a school. Forcing them to take multiple advances across their curriculum feels like you will end up with more rounded characters.
  2. Was there ever a resolution to the end of 'Specters of War'? Or does Toturi just pop up back at Otosan Uchi in 'Tiger Stalks His Prey'?
  3. Although I appreciate not everyone feels this way. ?
  4. I literally have zero interest in the AEG story at this point. For me it all went off the rails in Gold Edition and anything after the Second Day of Thunder is just about okay.
  5. At this point, is it not easier to lay the AEG story to rest, but add FFg cards to their fiction? If you use a publishing program like InDesign dropping images into text is no easy.
  6. Is anyone or has anyone got a complete timeline (as well as can be figured) for the current storyline? Not just a list of fictions, but a list of events? If not Anyone want to help create one? Not an easy task as there is very little to determine actual days/weeks. Some good Anchor points to start building the timeline... X - Doji Satsume Murdered by the Kolat X - The Topaz Championship X - Doji Hotaru travels to Otosan Uchi and is attacked by Ronin
  7. We used Kyo in our game and I made it work by having Sugai acting "on his own initiative" so Kyo was almost there as 'Internal affairs'.
  8. I have 2 favourite events if I may... both involved me generally doing okay but nothing special. Both of these events are the epitome of the reason I played L5R, it was the friends in attendance. The first event was GenCon UK, it must have been 2003ish... The last event that was held at Olympia in London. There were story prizes for top of clan and I was playing unicorn. Unicorn in Gold edition... where Moto Chagatai and Moto Feng were essentially our best personalities. No one was expecting a wall of 8/9 gold cost mid range purple dudes to do well, but I felt it had some merits. Sadly the strategy for the deck was to stock up on kolat Assassins and Masters then take advantage of Cavalry / Rallying Cry early game then build up until you could hit the final Provence with Sneak Attack/deadly ground. Not exactly super interactive. The top 8 game was against Matt Green, one of the UK's best Unicorn players. Our decks did the same thing. The final battle at Matt's last province had 80-90 force of Unicorn Samurai crashing into each other a full charge... it was a glorious sight to behold! It went like this... Sneak Attack > Deadly Ground > Superior Tactics > Deadly Ground > Superior Tactics > Deadly Ground... Matt didn't have a third Superior Tactics and that was game. That was how it went back then though, with such strong classic L5R staples still in the card pool. However the image of the two mass armies plowing into each other had such a visceral feel to it. Needless to say I was booted out in the Top 4 by a chap from Holland playing Kolat Phoenix Dueling. Ain't no winning when your first personality out is Kolat Mastered and used to take a province... The second event was the Test of the Ruby Champion in Luxembourg. I really loved this event, it was always so relaxed, a great weekend of gaming! I have such fond memories of the road trips across France. My first and enduring love in L5R was always the Shadowlands, and so when I heard whispering a of crazy deck that was run out of Phoenix and used Jama Suru, Yajinden and a hoast of goblin wizards and tiny Phoenix Shugenja to set up a wonderful Blood Speaker Chi death deck I had to start tinkering. If the deck set up it could Chi Death two personalities a turn along with more from Touch of Death, Ambush etc. If you could hold off an attacker for 3-4 turns (easily done with all the other control the deck packed) you could generally win out from there. Clear the board of their personalities every turn and there was very little they could do. It was just such a fun (although admittedly tough not as funs for an opponent if they got locked out) deck to play, janky as hell but no one really saw it coming. I made it to the top 32 I think... but crashed out to a Crane Honour Dueling deck. I'm not a good card player by any means and at this point in the event I was well beyond my depth and it showed, I made key play mistakes at the end game and allowed my opponents to defend his last Provence and go over 40 honour. I think it involved accepting a Duel I should have refused... One of the last games in the Swiss rounds was against Alexander Jones, for some reason whenever his Lion decks faced this Blood Speaker deck they just couldn't win. And this was no different, I got some juicy province flips that just made it even worse. I've felt bad about this game every day since. ? Anyway... lots of text... I can't wait to get my hands on what FFG do with L5R.
  9. I'm aiming to paint up a new imperial fleet that invokes the look and feel of the SD in the new Rogue One trailer...
  10. Morning fellow shipwrights, Starting to get the itch again, so I'm re-opening the shipyards. However to start things off a trip into the archives...
  11. Another rebel squadron commission complete. More pictures on the blog.
  12. Another rag tag squadron commission complete. More pictures on the blog.
  13. However when fully crewed agh the battle of Endor (gunners, pilot, co-pilots) it was a gunship!
  14. And It makes me sad... It really should have been the DE-Clonisher...
  15. Which means ships can't measure range from them. . . Hmmmm you may be on to something Ultimately this whole discussion stemmed from the false assumption that arc lines are part of hull zones. Which (it turns out) they are not.
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