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  1. Mara is effectively gone, and is likely to never return. Mara Jade was written as the primary love interest for Luke Skywalker (oops, more spoilers for a 30 year old book) clear back in Heir to the Empire. Disney wouldn't lock them into an EU character, in fact I'm 90% sure she and the Solo kids were the reason they canned the whole thing. How do you square that with the fact that Kylo Ren is so similar to Jacen Solo? I'd be surprised if JJ/Kathleen even knew who Mara Jade was. Certainly Lucas wasn't her biggest fan, but his opinion doesn't matter much these days. Anyway, if you check out the very positive reaction to Thrawn coming back on social media, plus the fact that pretty much every internet story about the new Rebels Season Three trailer leads with Thrawn's return as the highlight, I think this was a great move by Disney. They made a lot of people who invested a lot of time, energy, and money into the old stories that seemed so casually thrown away very happy. My hats off to Dave Filoni for his judicious inclusion of the better elements of the EU into Clone Wars and Rebels. This is really no different from what Marvel does when they reuse old plot lines (Civil War)/popular characters (Quicksilver) from the comics. The casual fans who never read a comic book enjoy them just as much as the hard core fans who are delighted to see their favorite characters make the big screen.
  2. Norell, I think a lot of the criticisms you made are correct and I am agree with them. One you didn't mention is that the story arcs for the Big Three don't build off of the characters' development in the original trilogy. Han goes back to being his ANH self, as does Leia, and Luke is turned into a combination of Obi Wan/Yoda. I understand that Han's rogueish side is what made him so appealing at first, but undoing his character development and not doing anything new with the character was unsatisfying for me. His arc in TFA is basically the same as it was in Episodes IV-VI. I liked how in Heir to the Empire, Han becoming respectable in ROTJ caused trouble for him later on when he tried to reconnect with the Star Wars underworld. The way that Zahn built on the characters' development instead of reverting them to the beginning of the OT was one of my favorite parts of that series. The decision to turn Luke into a hermit is also problematic because he had basically succeeded where Yoda and Obi Wan failed so to turn him into an exile like them seems a cruel fate. Apparently JJ defended this by saying Luke would have stolen every scene he was in and they needed to build up the new characters, but why include Han then who essentially stole every scene he was in but the new characters still had room to grow? I think the easiest answer is JJ liked Han's character better and so left Luke hanging for the next director to deal with. But, in the end, I think it's important that people are happier with Star Wars again than they were after the prequels. That should mitigate, I think, some of our displeasure with the way TFA copied ANH with some ESB/ROTJ highlights thrown in. As for my final opinion of TFA, it really depends on what they do with Episodes 8 and 9, but there's definitely room for some more original story telling going forward. Now that they are sprinkling the best bits of the EU back in in new ways, I think their doing their best to try to keep everyone happy.
  3. Grand Admiral Thrawn! As soon as I saw this game was released, I hoped they would include him. Now if they do make an expansion he seems like a no brainer: the Star Wars galaxy's greatest strategist for the greatest Star Wars strategy game of all time, right?
  4. I'm kind of surprised they didn't have Thrawn as part of the Intedictor expansion. Making Star Wars called this a long time ago, and I figured they'd wait to reveal the last commander card until after Thrawn was official again. Regardless, this is a really great gesture for EU fans. The canon reset threw out the good with the bad, I'm glad they are fixing that and recognizing the novel fans who kept things going in between the movies. Thrawn is a natural for this game but also for Star Wars Rebellion too, I think.
  5. Because Screed was part of Droids cartoon, and that is more canon than most parts of the Extended Universe at this time. Actually, those cartoons like the rest of the EU novels were thrown out all at once. You'll remember that the canon reset only kept the Clone Wars and the movies. The rest, Rebels, new Marvel comics, new novels, has been added on since that time. Now I suspect, if MSW is right like they usually are, that Thrawn will be back in the canon soon so maybe they are waiting for that to happen to unveil the new version of the character. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Speaking as a fan of the old EU, who was glad to see Droids, the Vong, and other such bad ideas go, I'm hopeful they at least save or reimagine some of the better parts of those old stories, just like they brought the Interdictor back in the new novels and Rebels and just like they adopted a significant portion of the old Star Wars atlas into the Ep 7 visual guide.
  6. Pretty underwhelmed by this I must say. My first reaction was Disney must not be letting them use anymore Legends material as these are just about all that's left of canon ships. Note one of the cards is Agent Kallus, a Rebels character. If Screed is in this game why not Thrawn? Oh well. Glad that some are still happy though.
  7. There are some really cool epic campaign rules being thrown around on the Armada boards. If nothing else you could use the map as a basis for a campaign that would be decided by Armada battles over the course of a tournament, a few nights of gaming, etc. But we really need is a MMORPG war game with fighters and capital ships. That would be pretty neat. One can only hope that Disney/Lucasarts at least creates a new Xwing/Tie Fighter game.
  8. I think for the OP and other EU fans it's just a matter of "don't fix it if it ain't broken" more than anything else. Lots of time (and money) were invested in the old universe. It's the least Lucasfilm can do to leave alone basic things like names of planets. Now with that being said, the name was altered in the Clone Wars cartoons. Compared to all of the other now canon material that has come out, Dave Filoni, the Clone Wars and to a lesser extent Rebels have shown a lot more respect for the old EU than Marvel/Del Rey/JJ. That's kind of ironic considering how many EU fans were mad at Filoni for messing with the Mandalorian stories by Karen Traviss.
  9. I really hope they include Thrawn. Fel is a Legends character, so they've already crossed that bridge. Thrawn makes even more sense than an elite fighter pilot to include in this kind of grand strategy game. I suppose they might include Imperial Admiral Rae Sloane, who is a reoccurring character in a number of the recent canon novels. I don't think she's nearly as interesting as Thrawn, but if FFG wants to start moving toward the new canon she's a very logical choice. EDIT: One bad sign for Thrawn fans is the fact that he was going to be featured on the box art for the Star Wars LCG expansion, "Imperial Entanglements," but got pulled off in favor of Lando. This was discussed on the Armada forum but unfortunately I lost track of the thread so can't link it.
  10. Can't wait to learn more about Grand Admiral Ackbar's flagship! I hope they save the Mc-80 preview for a bit though, because it will be hard for the Raider and Mc-30 to hold up.
  11. Blame the canon reset. Nobody, maybe not even FFG, knows how long most of the ships are anymore or which fighter type/capital ship class appeared before the other. Too bad "if ain't broke don't fix it" isn't part of the new Story Group's MO.
  12. The Interdictor has already shown up in several of the new novels, including Heir to the Jedi and Tarkin. So it is canon. But your larger point about EU material is well-taken. Still, I hope such back and forth between LFL and FFG doesn't cause too many delays in creating and releasing new Armada content. Given that there are EU ships already in the game, Xwing just announced more EU ships, and the CCG just released a pack featuring Thrawn on its cover, hopefully they'll put players desire for more ships ahead of LFL's uncertainty about what they do or do not want to remain canon. This game's suffered enough delays as it is, and if FFG has an all-EU Wave III ready to go then I say "Make it so!"
  13. Agreed. After getting force-choked by some other user for suggesting that the Vong were probably the most likely fleet for a 3rd faction, even after making it clear that I didn't want that to actually happen, I think Hapes would be much more interesting than the Zann group. Or maybe even something new based on the Corporate Sector.
  14. That is a very good question. It seems it would have been simpler to have equipped the Rebels with older ships such as Z-95s or Y-Wings (both of which appeared in The Clone Wars), thus avoiding the problem of why aren't A-wings/B-wings in ANH or ESB if they are in Rebels. But I suppose, that is hope, Filoni has a good reason for this change. Maybe it's to establish that the X-wing is really the newest of all of the rebel ships, thus explaining why the characters are still flying them 30 years later in The Force Awakens? AFAIK there is no proof that the A-Wings, B-Wings, or even the Y-Wings aren't going to appear in the ST however. Sure, but so far all we've seen are newer versions of the old X-Wings and Tie Fighters we first got in ANH. But there's no sign, so far, of the "newer" ships of the OT, namely the ones that didn't show up until ROTJ: A-wings, B-wings, and Tie Interceptors. My guess is we won't see them because J.J. is seemingly doing everything he can to link the new movie back to the most recognizable parts of the OT.
  15. That is a very good question. It seems it would have been simpler to have equipped the Rebels with older ships such as Z-95s or Y-Wings (both of which appeared in The Clone Wars), thus avoiding the problem of why aren't A-wings/B-wings in ANH or ESB if they are in Rebels. But I suppose, that is hope, Filoni has a good reason for this change. Maybe it's to establish that the X-wing is really the newest of all of the rebel ships, thus explaining why the characters are still flying them 30 years later in The Force Awakens? By the way, the new databank entry claims the A-wings in ROTJ are newer, modified versions of the earlier version seen in Rebels. I assume the B-wing entry will say something similar once they appear in Rebels Season 2 too.
  16. Well originally the A-Wing and B-Wing were pre-Alliance craft with both appearing in the Droids cartoon which was set 15 BBY. But when WEG got the RPG license they decided that both craft were first created by the Alliance so eventually the EU added older lookalike designs to explain the inconsistencies by making the Droids ships older designs that just looked like A-Wings and B-Wings and having the A-Wing lookalike be nicknamed A-Wing by rebel pilots who flew it. The thing I have problems with is the idea some people have that the Empire never angered any starship designers or starship manufacturing companies enough for them to work for the Alliance. That and that idea that a fighter story or shipyard would be impossible to hide from the Empire. Edit: Also the new databank is weird. For some reason there is no entry for the Nebulon-B despite them appearing in both the OT and the new canon novels and I believe the comics. I searched for it under everything from its class name to general terms like escort frigate, medical frigate, and even just frigate but nothing came up about it. Amazing how much influence WEG had on so much background information. As for the Droids cartoons, I always attributed the Awing/Bwing being in it to the generally low quality/lack of concern for continuity seen in the 1980s Star Wars spinoff Ewok movies & Ewoks/Droids cartoons. I also assumed that even before the "reset" the Droid cartoons were made not canon because they conflict with what we see in the prequels about the droids. Never fear, the Neb-B is in the new Ultimate Star Wars guide by DK! This guide conforms to the new continuity/canon. Interestingly, this guide chose to remain silent about the issue of whether A&B wings came before or after Xwings. The databank entry I linked above was only recently changed to conform to the new continuity. Before the latest Rebels episode came out, the databank too was silent on the issue.
  17. Apparently, the A-wing we know and love from ROTJ is a redesigned version of the ship in this episode. At least according to the updated databank at sw.com: http://www.starwars.com/databank/a-wing-fighter I guess making the A-wing and B-wing older than the X-wing is one way to justify having the latter still flying so many years after ROTJ instead of what used to be thought of as the newer ships (i.e. the A and B) before the canon reset.
  18. I hate to say it, but the most obvious choice for a third faction in my mind would be the Yuuzhan Vong. They had ships of every size, analogous to the roles played by light, medium, and heavy cruisers/ships in both the Imperial and Rebel fleets. They would also be quite different than either existing fleet, probably able to conduct unheard of maneuvers and utilitze their bioweapons to strip shields and deal out critical damage quite effectively. With that being said: I hope this never happens. Thank God the Clone Wars were cancelled when they were so Filoni didn't have enough time to put the Vong into the now official canon.
  19. I dont want to defend anything, I just tell you what I read (I didnt even saw Rebels) There is the RZ-1 A-Wing that was developed after Yavin http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/RZ-1_A-wing_interceptor and then there is the R-22 Spearhead http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/R-22_Spearhead which was a test-fighter in Service before Yavin. It saw very limited numbers and was used by Dodonna as a base for the RZ-1. The R-22 was also called A-Wing and looked pretty similiar, but the RZ-1 seems to be the main (and better) modell of "A-Wing". Despite the existence of the R-22 in the Droids cartoon (a piece of the EU that is best forgotten), I have to say I'm pretty puzzled as to why Filoni would put both the A-Wing and B-Wing in Rebels. Hopefully, he explains them both as early prototypes, but I don't think that you can expect that kind of subtelty from a kid's show. It seems like they should have left this alone. The A and B wings were always described in source material as coming later than the Xwing/Ywing for a good reason: the A and B didn't show up until ROTJ while the X and Y were in ANH and TESB. Possibly, by changing the "fighter development timeline," the new Star Wars story group is trying to make it more plausible that the Rebellion is still flying modified Xwings thirty years after ROTJ as opposed to a newer ship like, to give an old EU example, the Ewing. If the Xwing, in this new timeline, was the most recently developed ship, then, sure, using a new model of it in Ep VII isn't too strange. I have to admit I wish JJ and his design crew had been a bit more adventurous and designed completely new fighters for the good and bad guys, but I guess their guiding mantra seems to be "make it look and feel like the OT whenever possible." Sorry for the off topic rant. I was curious if anybody else thought this way. Give Dave Filoni credit for one thing: there's nothing in the old EU that he isn't afraid to mess with!
  20. The idea of the campaign would be to have a 'battle generator', whereby the fleets are not necessarily matched in points and scenarios are mixed in. Added advantage is that the result of battles would have implications further on in the campaign. This would also have repercussions in how you are playing Yeah, the idea of the Rebels showing up to a fight with the Imperials with equvilanet fleet (in terms of points, in the metric used in this game) strikes me as a bit odd. The movies wouldn't have been as interesting if the odds of a Rebel victory weren't as long as they were. Those long odds, regardless of whether Han wanted to hear them or not, made the triumphs at Yavin and Endor all that much more impressive/important. It seems that Imperial Assault, from what I know of it, does a better job of capturing the "overpowering" nature of the Empire vis-a-vis the "insignicant Rebellion." But, hey, I like playing with the imperial ships, so I'm a bit biased. I think Ties should be even cheaper so that they can be flown at a much closer to 2:1 ratio to the number of fighters fielded by the Rebels in a game. I know you'd have to rework the current Tie stats a bit to make it "fair" for Rebel players, but it sure seemed like there were at least twice as many ties as rebel fighters at Endor. Anyway... I understand why people like the current setup more than a campaign/string of scenario style of play like you're suggesting, but I sure do hope someone comes up with a campaign mode, official or not.
  21. Such a scenario sounds like a great way to get Corran Horn, Thrawn, and interdictors (to name a few beloved people/ships from the EU) into the game. Count me in! Although I never played the game, it sounds like the OP wants to play Empire at War with Armada miniatures. It sounds like fun, but that kind of campaign scenario seems to work better in computer games because of all of the moving parts involved. Then again, a campaign or two for Armada mirroring the way Imperial Assault work seems like it could work...
  22. I wish the Assaul Frigate I saw at an LGS in Richmond looked that good. The one they had colors that looked really washed out and that were nothing like the promo. Instead of staying "in the lines" the paint was all over the model and splotchy. Maybe that store just got a bad batch, but I passed on buying anything there because the corvettes and neb-b's weren't much better either. I know that some people say a little bit of paint will fix the issue or we're lucky that they're painted at all, but I for one am glad that others noticed this issue. The only way to fix the problem is for FFG customers to tell them they need to do a better job. Given what I have of their LCG game and Xwing, they clearly can do better and will probably be grateful for feedback that will help them improve up to their usual excellent standards.
  23. Really wish they had left Thrawn on the cover of the SWLCG expanion. I'm tempted to get that expansion, not because I can get anyone to play the card game around town, but because of the Thrawn/other EU cards inside. All of your art is excellent. Thanks for sharing!
  24. I could see FFG releasing transports at the same time as an interdictor cruiser. Maybe they both could be part of special convey scenarios/objectives devised just for those ships. The rebel has to take out the interdictor in order to jump to hyperspace, while the Imperial tries to protect their interdictor so they can take out as many transports as possible. Such a specialized scenario might get old after a while, but I could see a convoy/interdiction objectives being used to make up part of a "campaign" or "epic play" feature in Armada that some posters in other threads are hoping for.
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