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  1. Maturin

    Old Starwars Rebellion Ship Classes

    Nice overview of a sentimental favourite!
  2. Maturin

    Vassal World Cup Results

    @rasproteus and I are getting our game in now!
  3. Maturin

    Vassal World Cup Results

    Yeah, for whatever reason it seems our schedules are very non-compatible. We’ll keep trying!
  4. Pod 8 report: still trying to get our schedules aligned enough to get a game played. Mandalorian Moose and themightyhedghog might have a game tomorrow morning, and the mightyhedghog and I might get a game in over the weekend...but nothing confirmed yet. No word from Rasproteus yet...
  5. Maturin

    Double Dodonna 75's

    I love XX-9’s with Dodonna, pulling double crits always makes me chortle with glee. And the 75’s have enough damage generation to pull double crits quite often. Plus, makes regular contain tokens useless (as long as DCO isn’t around).
  6. Mine just came in at my FLGS today.
  7. Maturin

    Katana Fleet Expansion

    Forget about one ship for both sides. Dreadnaught for imps, AF Mk1 for rebels!
  8. Maturin

    [Portland, OR] Red Castle Games 2018 Regional Report

    Man, I wish all Regionals reports were like this! Fantastic breakdowns of the lists and how they did each game....and cool photos to boot. Yowzas!!!
  9. I’m in. Pacific time zone please!
  10. Maturin

    [Portland, OR] Red Castle Games 2018 Regional Report

    Congrats, Karneck! Can't wait to hear more about your games.
  11. Maturin

    [Portland, OR] Red Castle Games 2018 Regional Report

    Love all the pics!
  12. It’s not quite guaranteed, as a canny squadron heavy opponent will clog up your distance 1 launch zone with squadrons, preventing you from getting close enough to activate Sato. I’d prefer a couple of cheap a-wings held back on obstacles - a much more flexible option.
  13. Your MC80 can hunt flotillas pretty well, which will reduce your opponent’s activation advantage. But it will be challenging to do that while also timing the impact on the rest of their fleet. Ideally you can draw out their flotillas and kill them first but an opponent could also use the flotillas as bait to draw in your flagship for an easy kill. Honestly I think your MC80 is too expensive for what it does (I know, I tried it too!). Sato’s ability gives you 5 blue dice on the front arc, which should statistically get you the acc you need. Sw7’s and H9’s guarantee the damage output you want - but then what is Sato doing for you? Not much at all I’d ditch the H9 and Xi-7. You can use the points to get an A-wing, which your list dearly wants for an extra deployment, and for tactical flexibility. A speed 5 Awing hopping from obstacle to obstacle is surprisingly durable - it’s like a mini-Tycho and will keep Sato shenanigans going for a key turn or two. If you want more insurance on those blue dice, swap out Gunnery Teams for Caitken and Shollan.
  14. Nice lists! I don't have a lot of time today to answer in detail - I'll try to offer some more thoughts in the near future. But I did want to offer a couple quick observations: 1) Sato takes practice to fly well - you have to know when to use your squadrons and time their use well. Hint: keeping a squad token on key ships (those you want activating first) can really help get squadrons into the correct position. 2) VCX play with Sato is tricky too - you're double tasking them in some games with both objective play and Sato spotting. That's great, that's what they're there for, just be aware that your spotting force in some missions is just Tycho + HWKs. 3) Sensor net Strategic shenanigans are best aided by FCT's in the fleet - at least 1, better with 2. you can do it without, but it'll be tougher. More thoughts later....