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  1. I despair that they skipped over Vancouver. The event was in a great location and we'll run, and drew an international crowd. Not sure why the event was denied. A great way to dampen enthusiasm for the game in the region, that's for sure.
  2. No, not yet. On my to do list for the next day or so...
  3. Alas! So sorry to hear that...hope things get better!
  4. Have you checked the Olympia Star Wars Armada facebook group? I see 31 members listed there...
  5. My apologies - I had to take a break from the forums for a bit. My work (hospital) moved into a new building a week and a half ago and things have been a little interesting since then. Some planned chaos, much expected chaos, and some surprises. Visovics and I have scheduled our game for this coming Sunday, 5am Pacific/1pm Somewhereeastofmepossiblytheukormaybemauritaniaorburkinafaso.
  6. Signed up and in. There are two of us from Vantooine coming (James (me) and Alex). Any recommendations for accommodation in the vicinity?
  7. I haven't had time to slog through this fascinating off topic discussion entirely, but in an attempt to drive it further off topic here is an intensely amusing video dramatizing actual legal proceedings. About the definition of a single word, and its use colloquially and technically. Watch till the end for maximum enjoyment.
  8. I brought one slicer in my attempt on GK's bounty....while effective two would have been much much better. Plus I don't fly that well. ;P
  9. Possibly. I will recheck tonight.
  10. Half of Australia works in Whistler every winter. There's some Aussie pie shops up there, though I can't vouch for their authenticity. They are pretty yummy to this uncultured northern hemispherian though!
  11. Great game @Undeadguy! It just goes to show - 1) Never underestimate a Gladiator...even if it's not Demolisher. 2) Never give up, never surrender! Undeadguy kept working every angle and striving for every advantage even when his chips were down. And it worked out for him - such an inspiring display of tenacity! All while being a cool chill cat. 😎
  12. Couple things from last night : rapid spawn Ketsu Onyo (I know, I know) results in an aggressor. and Raddus missing from Rebel admirals (both are available from the Pieces menu).
  13. Super fun, @Doppelganger! Thanks for agreeing to the early start! Anyone who hasn't read the write up should head over, if you crave a good yarn. Doppelgänger's crafted a work of art!
  14. Oh - what a marvellous report! I found myself reading, holding my breath and wondering what happens next?!? Then I remembered that the ISD escapes with four hull left. Darn those fickle dice! Thanks Doppelganger for a very fun game. Well played, and a great opponent. I love these quick games.
  15. It seems Vancouver BC will not be hosting a Regionals for Armada. The folks who ran it last year just informed me they only got X-Wing and unless a different organizer is doing Armada (and I haven't heard of anyone stepping up?) I'm afraid we will be headed to Calgary or the other Vancouver.