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  1. PodRacer wasn't kidding when he mentioned good luck in my alpha strikes. Out of the first four triple blue rolls, the RNG gave me three damage three times. Two on the other. It almost felt unfair, and we may have invoked Green Knight's name in vain a few times. As PodRacer mentioned, it was a close and entertaining game....well done sir. Those Glads really dished out the ack ack - I'd say they were responsible for at least half the damage on my squads. I thought I had managed to deploy well enough to neutralize the VSD....which was true until that very last shot. I nearly died seeing those double doubles. I felt I made better use of Leia this game than the last, with Yavaris getting lots of triple double taps, a few instances of speed 2 --> 0 ---> 2, which allowed for my ships to coordinate the final attack run on Chiraneau's glad. Jaina's light stood a decent chance at finishing off that Glad using Leia's power to cf and fish for an acc, but it was not to be. Log file to be posted when I get home later. Thanks PodRacer for a great game and being flexible with scheduling. EDIT: At long last, here is the log file: First 5 turns only (sorry!).
  2. Sure it does...GR-75 combat retrofit had a single blue you can shoot at long range for 3 points. Best deal ever! (Not)
  3. Well, there's the Combat retrofit...
  4. @ManInTheBox - a great game that I really enjoyed as well. I believe it was the first time flying the fleets for both of us....a learning experience indeed. I do think your build takes better advantage of Leia, as the command 1 really lets you react well to tactical conditions. I have to do a little more planning, which with command 2's isn't horrible, but it's one more thing to keep track of in messy combat situations. I have to give props to your jamming field - it really countered my sniping E-wings, and you flew your transport well, keeping those aces covered for much of the game. The score really makes it seem a tighter game than it was - I think ManIntheBox really had the upper hand most of the game.
  5. I'm just going to leave this here: GO ACKBAR!!!!!
  6. Only way to overcome it is to watch all the battle reports you can, listen to podcasts, theorize obsessively, start playing, take your lumps, and eventually get back in the swing of things. Happens to me a couple times a year.
  7. I played Ard this past week, against his Worlds list. He had slicer tools on two flotillas, one of which was Quantum Storm. I think the third was naked. I'm not sure if he kept the slicers as he wasn't quite satisfied with their performance... I'm rooting for Roquax, my team tourney partner last year. Go Carlo!!!!
  8. I'm in the high bid 2nd player to use objectives camp...which probably means a good dose of strategic.
  9. Absolutely, I think you can shut this down if you are equipped and have a plan. (I'm favouring Intel sweep myself, as it's easier to pull off but with less reward). As Ginkapo implies though, most folks won't be familiar with this (for now)...and until Strategic shenanigans become more widespread I think it's got a decent chance of working...or of scaring your opponent away from this objective.
  10. My life has never been the same since I gave up that cursed, glorious knee scooter. Not better, not worse...just more mundane. I might rent one again for my next trip to Worlds, for old time's sake. But without the broken ankle, methinks. someone sleeping in the murder bed tonight?!?!?
  11. Ginkapo (whom I credit with coming up with this idea), schmitty, and I have all racked up 200++ points in multiple games with this objective. A properly set up fleet is a points machine with this objective - and it's difficult for an opponent to quickly interfere mess with it, as all the points collecting is going on in your own Deployment zone. So don't discount those scores as just "bad play". Be aware of the hidden potential for this mission (45-60 points a turn)!
  12. I'll just be stuck here at work, rooting for you all and being slightly jealous. Please give us as many updates as you can - how the new format is, what fleets are doing well, and most importantly how breakfast went! I need to live vicariously....
  13. No rush. I mean, there's only two of us.... AND YOU MATCHED US UP AGAINST EACH OTHER. I think we'll remember who our admiral is.
  14. I'm planning on using Leia turn one. Absolutely. If nothing else, I start at speed 2 and make my opponent wonder if I'm going to speed 0, or to speed 4, on my activation. That's pure psychological gold, and I'm going to capitalize on it with my deployment (I hope). Garm can do the same thing...but you're not taking Garm on anything that can go speed 4. (Just wish I had more cr90's in my list to capitalize on this!) I do take your point about the opportunity cost for using Leia...but since I forget to use the tokens I have half the time, I figure I might as well not bother with any, and still get the benefit! Win win for me. for better players, maybe not as much.
  15. I'm using Leia in the tourney too. Let's see how she does, though I suppose there may be a bit of a learning curve. I don't understand this Lyr - Leia's commands always work - so as long as you get the command you want, you'll get her benefit if you want. 100% of the time. How often do you use 100% of an Admiral's power? Garm - so many tokens have gone unused when I take him...and if the ship's dead by turn 5 you don't get his benefit. Mothma - if your ships stay at long range the first half of the game you've wasted half of the game not benefitting from her. Rieekan - I hope you never need all your ships to benefit from his ability. I'm jesting a bit, of course. But I think she may be a good admiral for not-overly-complex thinkers like me, who can't handle thinking about multiple commands/tokens in advance. With Leia, it's one order at a time. Simple!