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  1. Gladiators and early wave ships

    I have been having decent success with a Sato AF/Paragon/Ord Experts/QBT build. This was back in November, but it reliably punched above its weight as long as I was able to double arc. Which really isn't that hard to do if you have Nav commands queued up...
  2. Dear FFG - please please yes give me weapons teams on my Nebulons. Especially Salvation. Now where did my ordnance experts go...? - Commander Sato
  3. I Just Bought Armada

    Ah, then I just missed meeting you when I had to bail on the tourney at the last minute. Have you joined the local FB group? I recommend sticking around here - the forum regulars are a good bunch. I’ve been a bit scarce recently has life has been busy but the FAQ has made me set aside some time!
  4. Ryan Kingston's Updated Website

    To me Warlords still has a purpose as I can post links to lists. With Ryan’s I have to copy and paste (I think). So I use and love both...
  5. can we please call the mc30 a squid

    Let’s talk function here - mantis shrimp are well known for their punch. Either you mash them first with your fist, or they split your fingers wide open into a bloody mess. Not unlike what happens to ISDs, etc. Squids kill whales by latching on and drowning them over a long period of time. MC30’s are not known for their durability..... #TeamShrimp
  6. World Cup Battle Reports

    @thecactusman17 is too kind. He had me playing the game he wanted from the plan was to focus one ship down at a time (as usual), and of course I immediately got distracted and lost focus. Ooooh, look, an annoying slicer gozanti! Let's send Salvation after it! Oh, Demo lurking in the back? Admo, off you go! Meanwhile, the AF says "ummm, guys, I could use a little help against Avenger here..." Just about my only sensible move was preserving my objective ship, Toryn's transport. Which is not to take anything away from thecactusman17's victory - he flew flawlessly, executed his plan well, and won a very deserved victory. Congrats!
  7. FB page, Vancouver BC Armada is probably the best place. I’ll do my best to promote the tourney up until June...then I’ll be travelling. So sorry to miss the tourney!
  8. World Cup Battle Reports

    @Captain Weather vs Maturin has finished! Winner: Captain Weather Mov: 112-106 Mission: Superior Positions First Player: Maturin The good Captain juuuuuust eked out a victory. My sweltering Aussie opponent won the roll off and gave me first player. I chose his Superior Positions and deployed defensively in my right corner, at low speed. He placed his forces with squadrons & flotillas in the middle, while his MC75 and Jaina's Light started wide, clearly intending to flank and rack up SP tokens. In the end I managed to kill all of his squadrons except Gold, while he killed a single Z-95. However he managed to rack up 7 Superior Positions tokens, which combined with the Z-95 gave him the victory. It was an extremely close game - I had the possibility of scoring a few tokens of my own but whiffed, while Captain Weather got 4 of my squadrons down to 1 health each. Both our blue dice went amusingly cold mid-game....we rolled something like 8 or 10 consecutive non-hits in a row. Nevertheless it was a tense and exciting game with a very gracious and fun opponent. Thank you! (did I get the maths right?) Log file:
  9. A disturbance in the force

    Thanks for the detailed replies Blail. I have a few observations: Well, the assumption isn't quite fair - you just stated the assumption is that the non-max squadron list is not killing enough to "override the 60 points lost to squadrons and about 100 points won on objective points". If this is your starting assumption, then it is no wonder that this follows: If I may paraphrase, you've just stated that Mass Squadron lists are only consistently beatable by other mass squadron lists. Of course, that is the logical conclusion if you start from the assumption that a sub-mass squadron list cannot make its points back by killing ships. But is that true? The questions you ask are exactly what is needed to determine this. But as you point out, it's difficult data to collect and analyse. So we must make do with anecdotes and personal experiences. Are you basing your experiences and assumptions on playing against 1 list archetype? I can see how that would be frustrating...but it's hardly a good place to start from when making general statements about squadrons in today's environment. As others have said, their experiences differ from yours. Perhaps it's a result of the meta shifting? Difficult to say, of course. So...why not look at your assumption that 320-400 points worth of ships cannot approach and kill 266 points worth of ships quickly enough to weather the bombing. Are there ships that can move quickly enough, or weather enough damage (given the right upgrades) to be effective? You mentioned MC30's.....what about other ships? There's another assumption I hear - that the fighters are scoring 100+ points on objectives. Is first player always taken in your area? Making them play YOUR objectives can easily gain you the extra 50-100 points on missions, for the low low price of going second. I don't play enough Armada regularly to have a magic solution for you. But I hope there's some food for thought here.
  10. A disturbance in the force

    I'm curious what your definition of "being effective" is? What's your end goal? Do you expect a smaller force to win vs a larger one? At what points ratio would you expect that to happen? How do you prevent the mechanism for smaller points squads from being abused in larger points value units? Do you expect a smaller force to die, but kill at least its own points value on the opposing side? 2/3 its points value? 1/2? Do you expect a smaller force to die but enable the (relatively greater points value of) ships in the fleet to win more? What ratio would you expect that to be a reasonable outcome? 30 vs 130? 50 vs 100? 60 vs 75? To me it's clear that in the discussion people have very different definitions of what's "effective", so understanding the definitions of what's being discussed should help the conversation. Apologies if you've explained your definitions in another thread.
  11. 3rd Annual Armada Vassal World Cup

    I think @Captain Weather and I have a game tonight. 9pm Pacific Standard maybe.
  12. World Cup Battle Reports

    We played my Fire Lanes, and @Admiral Theia chose to be first player. A tension filled game - she took out all my squadrons by the end, but enough survived mid-game to allow the motley rebel ships to take down Avenger. Surprisingly, the Quasar killed the Assault Frigate through a combination of rams and great front arc rolling, and perhaps questionable defense token management on my part. A great game, with a fun opponent. thanks! Logfile here:
  13. 3rd Annual Armada Vassal World Cup

    I think we have to post it in the Report thread. I'll copy and paste to there....
  14. 3rd Annual Armada Vassal World Cup

    Pushed back to 10pm.
  15. 3rd Annual Armada Vassal World Cup

    Sunday at 9pm Pacific is the new time!