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  1. Well, you can do all that true - for one turn. Then you've blown your tokens and you're stuck just adding those two dice. Which you may not want to add if you can double arc instead. Leia offers sustained game-long flexibility, as long as you have the right command dialed in each turn (a pretty big if admittedly). And if you decide you need a burst of tokens one turn instead, you have that option. Leia may restrict a ship's options each turn, but offers a well designed fleet increased flexibility overall, over the course of the game.
  2. I'm in too.. .I just don't know which time zone group will be the least bad...
  3. Never mind, got it.
  4. Yes, point taken. I was thinking in relation to other late-war fighters (Two thirds the max speed of a P-51D for example). As always, the comparisons across time periods always include several unspoken assumptions.
  5. She's not easy to use, and you definitely have to build your fleet around her (unlike, say, Dodonna). I continue to believe in her potential - but she will need practice and the use of specific build archetypes. Probably a bit overcosted, but not useless by any means.
  6. On phone, on vacation...can't do justice to this conversation yet. But I love it. We've discussed this in the past and others have laid out most relevant points. The only thing I'll add is that I think the best WWII equivalents for black dice Glads and Torpedo MC30's are Oi and Kitakami, IJN light cruisers armed with 40 torpedo tubes. Forty tubes on a speedy platform with not much hull weight...while they were not operational successes, the theory definitely fits what we see out of Demo and MC30's on the tabletop. Also, just skimmed @GiledPallaeon's post so far but I absolutely agree that TIE's are Zeros and Y-wings are SBD's. Further edit: Lancer: Mosquito I thought that the Lancer might be equivalent to some Frankenstein's monster-ish mashup of all the various versions of the Mosquito. Hits ground targets hard, decently armed as a night fighter, and mostly relies on speed for survival (representing Grit). YV-666: P-61 Black Widow Big, lots of hull, relatively slow, but packs a big wallop when it hits. Night fighters generally only got one chance to engage a target before losing it at night so the YV-666 being heavy seems to fit well. YT-1300: maybe the YB-40 Flying Fortress escort version? A sturdy airframe, low speed, and the ability to shoot back at whoever is attacking you...not the most perfect description but close enough for me...
  7. For me the big difference between them is the Pelta's lack of a weapons team slot. The inability to take Gunnery Teams (for Command) or OE (for Assault) really makes them not as viable offensively. But as you say, you get what you pay for.
  8. Engineering Leia: I thought about building around Peltas with this in mind. It's the cheapest engineering 4 ship engineering 6/7/8 each turn depending on supporting upgrades (Engineering Team, Redemption). The biggest weakness is that Peltas can still be taken down fairly quickly (one or two-shot and even engineering 7 won't stop Demolisher from wrecking you)...that and speed 2.
  9. All true things sir - but then why take Leia? Fundamentally she opposes the token based play the Liberty needs for maximum flexibility... (I'm still eager to try and find a successful use for Liberty...) but i I agree with the others that Leia's niche is buffing low squadron and engineering value ships....have been having a decent time using squadron 1 ships to push squadrons (CR90's, HH's, Assault Pelta) when needed.
  10. I thought this as well, initially. Squadron 4 every turn, great! But if there's any ship that needs to spam nav commands, its the Liberty...and Leia makes you choose between squadrons and nav. So unless you're super confident driving the Liberty with just its base nav chart, Liberty is probably better off with another admiral. Over time my view on Liberty is that its best use is to use the token to command two squadrons at a time, not 4. This leaves your dial free to nav, CF, or repair. And for that, someone like Garm (or anyone else) is probably better.
  11. Was thinking along similar lines tonight, but went with scout corvettes instead. Will one black die at long range or side arcs be enough to trigger ACM, even with two rerolls? I suppose if you CF that'll double your chances... I'd worry your speed 3 squadrons will get locked down and destroyed before they get to trigger Sato (though Tycho will help)....but Ywings are pretty tough too. Keep that Intel alive! Let us know how it does!
  12. Nice art. Is that an MC80 or Rebel Transport going down in flames?
  13. Interesting...I like to run strategic squadrons, and my problem is that there isn't a great red objective. but to the original point - I thought Solar Corona was the default blue these days due to the Deployment advantage? Should that work even for non MSU lists?
  14. Locally it seemed 8-10 point bids would allow you to go first here in Vancouver. Then the Seattle guys came up for regionals with 8-15 point bids to go second. They love their objective play down there!
  15. Game paused at the top of turn 5, with the continuation scheduled for 8AM Eastern, Sunday July 1st. Things are tense but RStan has the advantage...