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  1. Maturin


    Congrats on the win, Truthiness! Well done.
  2. Maturin

    Sato's Salvation

    No, there is not. I highly recommend keeping a CF token on hand, just in case!
  3. ^^^ What Dscipio said! I never read the Thrawn series, so my fascination with it comes entirely from the SW: Rebellion game and the RPG. And its evolution into the AF Mk1 is definitely part of it - FFG should release them as a paired release.
  4. Maturin

    Happy Fri... Gen Con News!

    No no no, the Rebel command will be: ”Concentrate all firepower on dish Super Star Destroyer!”
  5. Maturin

    Initiative bid and Objectives

    If you face an opponent with 2+ Strategic squadrons, you may want to consider taking second yourself. It is possible that they have an objective trio along the lines of: Most Wanted, Fire Lanes, and Sensor Net. Each of these is capable of generating something like 150-250 points for the second player, off the objectives alone. Which is why some of us like going second.
  6. Maturin

    helpful Armada sites (for wiki)

    Here’s a couple more resources: Armada Jim’s podcast page: http://www.firewhenreadypodcast.com/ Sir Willibald’s MicroHangars and other Fine Accessories: http://sirwillibald.com/games/star-wars-armada/
  7. Maturin

    Medical Frigate

    Can I get you a 10 French instead? Those are nice when you need VOLUME. Hey, you do what I do! Just different venues. 😂 While we’re at this, can we drop the cost for Redemption by about 12 points?
  8. Maturin

    Sato's Salvation

    Sato lists are indeed tricky to optimize, and benefit from a laser focus on maximizing the benefits of his ability. But that’s not necessarily the same as just swapping reds for blacks, and getting as many 2-dice pairs as possible. You can also maximize damage output by utilizing ordnance slots and maximizing rerolls to use those crits. And using large ships can increase fleet durability while maintaining damage output. And the Sato’s fleet philosophy is always: kill your opponent as quickly as possible. He does best with a hyper-aggressive play style. Make your attack run, delete a bunch of ships, profit. Taking Cracken, while superficially offering other/better benefits to a small ship based list, completely upends the way a list plays. You don’t always need a lot of squads either. You just want them positioned in the right place at the right time. That might mean just Tycho and a single squadron token. You don’t have to win the squadron game. Your squads just have to be functional long enough for you to destroy their ships. Here’s a few Sato articles to get your thoughts going. There are others in the forum if you search back long enough. http://www.steelstrategy.com/2018/06/battle-of-jank.html http://www.steelstrategy.com/2018/07/the-world-is-officially-ending-sato-is.html (note the last is pre mc-75)
  9. Maturin

    Medical Frigate

    I have a buddy who was a Navy MD in Desert Storm 2, assigned to the Marines. The docs really wanted to carry their pistols around when they got close to the front line. The sarge said ok, but only if they turned in all their ammunition. Wise man, that sergeant. Most naval ships have medical capabilities of some kind - the only reason I’ve heard of designating something a medical ship is the unarmed hospital ships. But I suspect the Empire wouldn’t play by any such rules...so there’s no reason for Redemption to be unarmed. However, I would support a Medical Frigate title that decreased the ship cost while subtracting armament (by one die each arc maybe?), and maybe adding in another support slot. And don’t worry everyone, the catheters they’re talking about go in your veins, not in the more sensitive spot you’re thinking of. ;D
  10. Maturin

    Hello Boys! I'm Back!!!

    Welcome back! I’m taking a bit of a break myself as I travel this summer but it’s good to have you return safe and sound!
  11. Maturin

    Nebs are great!

    They’re the cheapest source of double flak blue dice for Rebels...useful in the right list, but also very situational. Nevertheless i have found an escort Salvation to be very useful in my Sato lists.
  12. Maturin

    Sato Aces

    I’m not sure about the YT-1300’s in this list. If you add in HIE’s then you’re going to want to get your fighters way out front quickly, in order to Sato at long range. Which is going to leave your 1300’s out of the fight until possibly too late. I’d switch them out for something faster, X-wings or A-wings. HWKs always pair well with Sato!
  13. Maturin

    Solo Discussion Thread [SPOILERS!]

    While I agree with everything else you said, I must take issue with Mr. Bettany's portrayal of Stephen Maturin in Master and Commander. He does a rather poor job of playing a short, dark, ugly, peevish curmudgeon of Irish/Catalan descent. Now, it really wasn't his fault - he was miscast, and the script criminally underutilized the role....but there you go. ;) I too saw the movie last night, and like most went in with low expectations but was pleasantly surprised. I accepted the plot holes in return for its fleshing out vignettes of life in the Empire - the trench warfare, the seedy underworld...all quite nice and resonant for me. I was hoping for more spaceships, but I guess you can't have everything!
  14. Maturin

    Assault Frigate Mark II

    This has all been said before, but one of the reasons I don’t like the design aesthetics is that single puny engine bell. You expect me to believe that will push that ship to speed 3? I think not. So I added a few thrusters. I can at least believe speed 3 is attainable now. But I still prefer using Mel’s AF Mk 1 model in casual games... https://imgur.com/gallery/zMCyHmE
  15. Maturin

    Assault Frigate Mark II

    I took almost this exact build, but with an “a” version, and got 5th at Portland regionals. Missed out on 4th by a few MoV... But with Sato it provides solid, reliable double arc firepower, a good number of shields and hull, at a decent cost. Fill the rest of the fleet with other threats, and you’ve got a viable list that will handle almost anything it meets - with skill and practice, of course.