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  1. Ooooh....hmmm......arrrgh. So tempted! But I also have two family birthdays that weekend (wife and daughter would both give me the silent treatment)...but is it worth it? Maybe! 😜
  2. Not really. There are enough ships on each side that you can assemble whatever play style you’d like. Though if you want to generalize the Imperial fleets tend to have access to more large ships and anti-fighter squadrons, while Rebels have a few more small ships and slower bomber/multi role squadrons. One comment on depth of play: you have to plan ahead in Armada more than X-wing, due to the command dial mechanic (if you have larger ships). You might regret setting a particular command 2 turns ago, or you might relish your foresight as you reveal exactly what you need!
  3. Us late night North American West Coasters could help with rounds 6 & 7 as well...that should be 8pm and 11pm, perfect for my night owl habits. Is this posted on the Aussie and NZ Online Armada FB page? Might round up a few players that way...
  4. Most excellent idea. I’ll try to arrange my work schedule so I can make this!
  5. Another vote here for getting local folks onto VASSAL or Tabletop simulator for Armada games. One of the local crew wanted to play a RitR campaign, called for interest on the local FB group, and quickly assembled 6 players for a campaign via VASSAL, facilitated by Discord for chatting and Flagship for admin. Trash talking online is always better when you know the opponent in person!
  6. When did they say that? I thought they said at the last worlds they hadn’t ruled anything out...
  7. What an amazing post! I applaud @Admiral Calkins for his dedication and effort, and second everything he says. The one thing I'll add is that once the scene is up and running, it's important to start cultivating other players to take up leadership responsibilities and share the load. The last thing you want is a local scene to collapse because the organizer for the area got burnt out or encountered life demands. Having members willing and able to step in to keep things up is important to the long term health of a community.
  8. I think it's safe to assume that if you see absolutely no chatting in a game, they players are voice chatting via a different program (Skype, Discord, etc). Not sure on the etiquette around dropping in to listen - I suspect most people won't mind, though it's easier to do when they're on Discord than Skype.
  9. 😂 oh no confidence here. Cut is not till day 3! That said, maybe I can just sit out on a game...
  10. Darn it. Work came up for me Saturday morning. 😢 gonna have to pass!
  11. Would it be better to sticker the sleeves? That way you're not altering the original cards....
  12. Don't lose hope - I've just updated my old mac mini with the latest VASSAL module and can confirm that at some point in the past I deactivated enough keyboard shortcuts that ctrl-L/R arrow does indeed work. It might be that I'm using a windows keyboard, but i don't think so (I remember using an apple keyboard last year...). However, I did it so long ago that I can't remember exactly what i did! Sorry....I'll keep trying to remember!
  13. The point is to make a list as fully capable against all comers as possible. All ship lists are very much a thing - and you’ll be facing 400 points of ships with 300 of yours. Do you want the remaining quarter of your fleet to have flaky anti-ship capabilities, or reliable ones? BCC will turn these bombers go from “desperate backup plan” to “integral and powerful part of your battle plan”.
  14. RS....with A-wings?!?!?! You're crazy, man. CRAZY! Though I like the point about RBD's. Will have to give that a try.
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