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  1. Guess I gotta go balls to the wall!
  2. I'm eager to hear how the day went! Any batreps from the Toronto crowd?
  3. Since you're issuing squadron commands in multiples of 2, it may make sense to downgrade one YT-2400 to a non-rogue, and use the points saved for...titles perhaps? JL and something for the HH's?
  4. I would drop a squad (your choice) so you have an even number, and use the points saved to get a Bomber Command Center. Your Y-wings and X-wings will thank you!
  5. Nope, my bad. I clearly wasn't following the thread-within-the-thread. Sorry sorry!
  6. Many thanks! We will play on Sunday Oct. 1, at 5am Pacific/8am Eastern.
  7. Ah, but then in two of the missions you're over-tasking the VCX's. Do they stay near the other squadrons to provide Relay and mix it up in the squad battle? Or do they do their primary task of using Strategic on those vital points-grabbing tokens? I would say the tokens get priority, which leads to no Relay for the squads, which leads to Yavaris up close, which leads to a dead Yavaris. It's not one die. It's the potential of four black dice at long range, with Opening Salvo and a CF. From a transport. In my list, from three transports. Really, it's 9 points to try and get people to choose Fire Lanes or Sensor Net instead.
  8. @jp82729 and myself would like to ask for a short extension on the deadline if possible? We're unable to schedule our game until the evening of the 30th or morning of the 1st. If not, then we'll put ourselves down as "unable to schedule".....sorry about that!
  9. Ack! Somehow I missed that the third round postings were up! I've messaged jp to try and get a game set up this week.
  10. Just to get it out there, Tokra won the German nationals flying a Gozanti + squadrons swarm. He knows what he's talking about. Let us know how it works out KrisWall!
  11. Fantastic write up Ginkapo. What a stellar explanation of Sato theory. And your implementation of said theory was great to follow - that's where I usually fall down. I believe you have made Sato a pariah no longer!
  12. *swoon* I LOVE this thread, and all its contents....SO MUCH!
  13. I've heard an Engine Tech'd Command Pelta loaded with Bwings can be pretty fun.
  14. Red missions are definitely the Achilles' Heel to a Strategic list, at the current point. But it's not insurmountable - as others have said, it's entirely possible to build a list so that the red mission is just as unpalatable as the other two. More importantly, the Red mission should give you a better chance at winning. If that means Ackbar Advanced Gunnery, so be it. Personally I'm trying out Sato Opening Salvo as well (not going so well but I'm keeping at it!). But yes, your build needs to be able to handle the Red mission adroitly. So to try to haul the discussion back a bit toward the original post, let's talk ideal squadron composition for Strategic for a second. 2 vs 3 Relay Blail had mentioned. In my ideal world, it'd be 3 VCX for maximum Fire Lanes/Sensor net shenanigans, with a HWK or two (or three - Gink's point here) for Intel, and some escorts. We're now talking 80-ish points here, and that's probably a good minimum. Properly supported with flak, it can take on many big squadron balls on equal terms. Kitted out further it can be quite potent itself..... (ran out of time, I'll continue later if possible)
  15. Neither works super well vs a heavy bomber build, which is why I prefer 2-4 squadrons to engage while the flak does its work. Ideally you lure the squadrons in, engage them, and fire with as many flak dice as possible. A kill box is ideal but difficult to set up. The main plan against squadron heavy builds is to run away! The Fire Lanes and Sensor Net missions allow a fleet with multiple strategic squads to run away with the points, especially if equipped with FCT's for free movement and token shenanigans. I've wondered about using up to 4 Strategic squads to really emphasize those mission points - really only viable with VCX's I feel as Lambdas are too fragile. Now the Imperial counter that I expect to eventually see more often as a reaction is Squall + 2 Lambdas, which can steal away two clustered Fire Lane tokens as first player. I think a mission where Strategic squadrons have to "scan" a ship at range 1 to gain its objective token (each ship starts with one) would be fun, representing crucial Intel of some sort. Destroyed ships and squadrons lose their objective tokens. Each token in your possession at end of game is worth X points. Could see some interesting maneuvering as a result.