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  1. itzSteve vs Maturin has finished,133-221 MoV to me. Thanks to itzSteve for a very tense game! He chose first, and selected Fighter Ambush. I deployed my fighters to screen against a turn 1 faceful of Mon Karren. His reinforcements jumped in on turn 2, and rapidly killed off my Pelta, my BCC flotilla, and a HH. Things were looking dire for me as my remaining ships were all hurting, and my X-wing squadron whiffed against a 1 hull, redirect-less Mon Karren, ensuring it'd live through the game. I only managed the 7-4 as his Jaina's Light (with Raddus aboard) re-engaged my Assault Frigate on turn 6, allowing Norra and 2 Y-wing buddies to roll some very lucky hit/crits, burning the redirect and allowing the AF to finish Jaina's Light off. Whew! We calculated that if he hadn't re-engaged I would have scraped by with a measly 6 MoV, all thanks to tokens. ItzSteve is a very cordial opponent - Thanks for a great game sir. Log File: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_NWQYcQwhJd4Ger0gULuzipHjUu11Y4g
  2. The MC80 Command Cruiser (Home 1) also puts out a surprising amount of punch even without Ackbar, if you can get the double arc shot in. Equip it with HIE and QBT and you’ll be happy. Currently it’s the tankiest ship the Rebellion has, with the most native shields and hull.
  3. Alas, we never got started. Clon couldn’t make the time or our attempt to reschedule yesterday, and thanks to my hectic life they were the only two days I’m available. We’ll have to write this one off - apologies to all!
  4. Quick question: can Strategic squadrons move objective tokens off of ships? Many of the new objectives from RitR involve objective tokens. I’m guessing they can’t, but thought I’d ask. I don’t recall there being that many new missions involving relevant objective tokens just on terrain...
  5. That would probably be one of the first combos I’d try. Or maybe Landomonition with a brace. Or maybe Walex + Admonition + brace? That’s effectively two more hull points for Admo, at least!
  6. Well, perhaps I should have specified other than Salvo, since we don’t know the full story with that token yet...
  7. Kyrsta Agate lets you add a defense token to her ship. What token would YOU add to each Rebel ship? Is the optimal configuration double redirect/double brace? Three redirects on an MC80H1? Brace on any ship that doesn't have one? Evade to power up TRC on large ships?
  8. Maybe he was created to bring QLT’s back to the table. ;D
  9. I’ll post the log tomorrow. TK flew his ships well and the lack of ECM vs all those accuracies....man o man. I got close to taking down the ISD but chose the wrong crit in the end. Nicely done sir! EDIT: Now with log file! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1YuTjwt42sanfATYlY-Xh9nflLfOJiDFo
  10. I think that’s true for the Rebel Transport, but I think the Gozanti is better described by a true fighting ship. Maybe a corvette, but since it can scatter I think a fast attack craft of some sort is closest. E-boats, MGB’s, PT boats, etc. The Goz lacks the black dice that would signify torpedo equivalent firepower, so British MGB’s would be the closest parallel. Armed Merchant Cruisers could be another possibility, since they were lightly armed (and lacked gun directors for the most part)...and if caught in a real fight didn’t last long.
  11. I believe that's the intent of Relay - extend a ship's command range via a forward controller. I can't really think of a mechanism by which a squadron would itself have a squadron command value.....though i suppose it could be included as a special rule. I've seen mention that the trench run scene is modeled after the scenes from the Dam Busters when the Lancasters were making their bombing runs? Anyways, to get back to GP's original post, I think Armada has room for more Cruisers. As the most flexible type of ship we should be seeing them more often! They could play MSU-leader, or Support for a Battleship/Dreadnought....it would be nice to have more ships in the ~70-80 point range to choose from. Right now the VSD and AF seem squadron-focused in their roles; how about a beefier ship with a 0 or 1 squadron value?
  12. And the USN in the 1950's-1970's called their large guided missile destroyers "frigates" (Bainbridge, California, and Virigina classes), which of course only adds to the confusion, since those ships would fall into Giled Pallaeon's Destroyer/Light cruiser category. This is probably the reason the Rebel Assault Frigate is named as such. As GP said, this is a messy subject depending on time period and nation involved. Still, always an entertaining & informative read, and makes for good food for thought. It's great GP has taken the time to explain all this, and in the process give us some common terminology from which to work. Now I'll add one more twist - the concept of carriers in Armada really doesn't match up with our traditional concept of aircraft carriers, since by the time our game starts the squadrons are largely already launched and ready to tango (with the exception of Rapid Launch Bay ships). Really what ship actually carries and launches the squadrons is quite irrelevant in our game. What IS relevant, however, is fighter direction - which is the concept that most closely parallels our squadron command value. In modern navies, fighter direction is also handled by the carriers they launched from, but this wasn't always the case. In WWII the British (pioneers in the concept of fighter direction) often used heavy cruisers as their fighter direction ships, especially when coordinating with land-based fighters to provide air cover. The loss of heavy cruisers Cairo and Nigeria to submarine attack during the Pedestal Convoy to Malta left the convoy with uncoordinated fighter cover, and vulnerable to Italian & German air attacks. So in Armada, we could definitely imagine ships that don't carry many (or any) fighters in hangars, but yet still having high squadron values through a fighter coordination center. Maybe the Command Pelta fits this description?
  13. You are correct sir! Ok, link corrected. Thanks much. ps I believe the first part started after setup. Sorry about that!
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