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  1. Awesome!!! Thank you!!!
  2. Can’t wait for the tutorial!!! Awesome job!!!
  3. What colors did you you use?? They look awesome!!
  4. Ranger421

    So uncivilized

    Really like the Duro skin!!
  5. Ranger421

    So uncivilized

    Really like the during!!
  6. There was a card in Star Wars the card game with snow troops on it called storm trooper vanguard
  7. Ok dude, a55 burgers sound painful!! I’ll help you out!!!
  8. They include led the blank pegs w the atst for the guys w extreme ocd. The problem w the rebels is I don’t want to have 9 atrt s, so I can have any configuration I think I need. Hopefully, it won’t every come to that, (if I ever play in an official tournament, ever!!).
  9. If you’re willing to pay that much for a base, why not go ahead and buy a trooper pack and when the base comes in you can mount the last trooper from the troop pack
  10. Great job!! And keep doing your videos. Your terrain tutorials keep get better and better!!
  11. Wow!! Great tutorial. You structured your videos so very well and are very detailed on explaining the game!!
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