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  1. >FFG "panders" to Rebels ...FFG actually gives all the broken/OP stuff to Scum and Imperials. Rebels haven't had a proper dogfight-y ship in a long time; almost every single release now has been "slow and tanky" over and over and over again. I won't lie - I love my Triple-ARC build, but...X-Wing fix? B-Wing fix? E-Wing fix? (And I don't wanna hear "b-but Corran!". He costs half the fracking list if you equip him to do anything, and only has two hull and three shields.)
  2. Actually, hitting enemies (except bosses) and wingmates are FAR less likely to damage your wings then hitting terrain. Just saying.
  3. Expert Mode is neat, just...it seems like losing the card AND taking damage for overlapping seems...I dunno, unnecessary. Like...why would you ever take it? I will say I like the fix for G-Diffuser; much more elegant wording, and it actually looks worthwhile to take. The addition of the reverse maneuvers really does help cover the fact the Arwing can angle left or right into the loop!
  4. Hey man, your yucky photo f***-it account links are broken. And it's been some time; are you still working on this project? I do plan to try and get the models 3D printed someday, and you said you were working on a Star Wolf set, too...
  5. That's a pretty good question, actually.
  6. ...have you tried, y'know, shooting them? As far as I know the Scurrg doesn't really have much in the way of regen gimmicks, and the K-Wing isn't particularly maneuverable...
  7. Alright, thanks! We're doing a game using only Wave 1, 2, and 3 ships with access to all uparade cards - so I'll have to think about it! The TL could make the Prockets truly devastating, as well as the option to get an extra evade.
  8. I had a thought while looking through a squadron builder program while building a list for a game I hope to get in tomorrow, and something dawned on me regarding the new "intensity" card. Couldn't it stack with Jake's pilot ability? Jake uses Focus Focus triggers his pilot ability, free boost/barrel roll Intensity triggers, get a focus token free Free focus token triggers Jake's pilot ability again, use the alternate action that wasn't used Flip Intensity over Bonus: use PTL for a target lock or evade Is this sequence correct? If so, Jake just turned into a little monster...
  9. Malus, overpriced is...well, bad. Even in "just for fun" games. And it's not just the Generic that's overpriced - they could all use at least a small reduction, imo.
  10. Honestly, Malus' Arwings are better, IMO - even if they are all overcosted. XP I may try submitting my Miyu card, though. Got a link? Also, after thinking about Captain Lackwit's comments, I may change her card to affect only Boost actions - but perhaps even allowing turns on top of straights and banks, inspired by how I felt it handle in my Star Fox 2 stream. Would that be too much?
  11. Heh. Well the leader is, lore-wise, my Bothan-turned-Jedi Drovus Fen'dor. M'aar might work, though!
  12. Need a good Bothan name for this one's pilot...
  13. As Forbidden said. I'd drop them all 3-4 points, personally. Plus it means if you go light on upgrades, you can use all four!
  14. I REALLY like that! An ability that encourages you to fly together? Yes please! Also helps the Arwing deal with pesky blank dixe.
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