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  1. Like an awful frat prank gone bad: shave em, it's the only way to get it to fit; and don't forget the front bit, too. The dorsel mount can be a bit finicky so I ended up sanding them down as it just ended up looking more neat and tidy. Really, I just saved myself some time and used a dremmel to cut and sand, but careful blade work will be fine. The trench guns work perfectly well as is, much like the engine baffles (though I shaved them down to be flush as well but it was unnecessary).
  2. Heyas mate, Original grey on the ISD. I never really had to match the FFG paint, but I think the old GW Codex grey is close if I recall. The grey that I have been using is Minitaire's Badger Fur grey and Concrete Grey, which go on nice and smooth but add a faint cool blue hue. Then they're washed back with a bit of P3 ink mixed with gloss medium and flow aid, before being sealed. As for the original white-ish: minitaire concrete grey, and top it up with vallejo cold white mixed with some flow aid to run it through the brush, then same inky bit.
  3. They say all art is accomplished through pain, and modeling means the pain of all the literal blood, sweat, and tears getting those 13 frigging turrets on proper! You might hate me, but so do those ISD's! One of them went and fouled a knife bad enough to let the blade slip loose and gash one of my fingers pretty good. See, the Empire strikes back at those who play Rebels -laughs- in all seriousness, thanks @gounour, mate. Those things take a fair bit of work but man are they worth it. And thanks again Mel, they are superb! Though won't someone pleaaaaaase think of the ISD-II bridges so Kallusly tossed aside in the making of those ISD's!
  4. There's two, lets say that the others fall somewhere in between
  5. The freezer is a myth, eh? Say all you want, after 5 ISD-1 kits and bridge removals, I think I've gotten the hang of what works for me. Here's a hint, it involves a freezer.
  6. To be fair, Disney cut the four eyed gorilla-corps out by killing the EU.... ... so far.
  7. Immersion is like personality, it's can be deep or it can be shallow depending on the person involved. If I'm already suspending disbelief enough to mentally allow 25m tall camel-class combat walkers to be called 'intimidating', I'm fine with the 35m tall simian-style variant. Aw lawdy you lot are a jaded cynical bunch, I do declah'
  8. -shrugs- it doesn't remotely bother me, it's a familiar shape on a frame that makes a degree of sense. Big ship, big bridge, big guns: WW1 destroyer vs. WW2 battleship, basically every flat top carrier, De Havlin Mosquito vs. C130, etc. They all have similar designs that scale. And it still doesn't feel as egregious as the old carrack "Winnebago" class light cruiser.
  9. Well, I think it's pretty damned cool. I'm liking the look of big, heavily armoured, extra-articulated walkers that aren't quite as stiff legged or prone to the treacherous battlefield conditions known as 'the gentle incline'.
  10. 'Tis a good time to be back, and I never did stop playing. Just, y'know, lots to paint and 3 campaigns to play in simultaneously. Ship porn, Iiiii'll put the only notable thing I can think of over in the painting bit, you know, so I'm not a diva here. And thanks Drassy -laughs- aaaaah, good times.
  11. 'Twas a scarily quick painted fleet too, but still amazed and glad it got some recognition! Good on ya for doin' it proud, mate! Reeep-resentin', yeah! Ship stuff... well I'd actually have posted a lot more but a lot of it is very similar so I got in a bit of a slump (5 ISD that look very similar do tend to just look like ISD's) but there's a few interesting points of note. Most notably some E-wings channeling the powers of Herby, and a rather familiar corvette. other than that, I've been working with some of the old evil corporation's seditious offerings
  12. OoOoo, neat. I always wanted to see one of these things show up. I have been ludicrously busy, (paintbrush kill-count is no less than 60 astartes, 42 squadrons, and 6 big ships in the past 2 weeks, so I should be able to get something done up in a week) but leeets see what I can think up.
  13. I've found that loading Assault Frigates with a few metric tons of upgrades hasn't done me too many favours when all I want is for the bloody thing to shoot straight. Too many fandangled bells and newfangled whistles weighs down and I'm usually stuck with a niche ship that has to be used just-so in a specific order. Sure it's great when it works, but I don't like choosing admirals based around the whims of one or two ships or having a vestigial corvette's worth of upgrades stapled to its moribund frame. After all, they still tend to blow up, and I'd like it to cost less than my battleships when it does. So, I've been working with a lean frigate that's simply meant to shoot at one important target and throw in fighters when required regardless of the admiral or the list. It's not meant to absorb too much shock and it doesn't have to be all tricksy, it's just there to be dependable. In that vein: RAF Mk.II B -Veteran Gunners, Dual Turbolaser Turrets, Weapon Liaison =85 points Yaw in hard, keep the speed up, fire at long range, and make sure there's more tempting targets around (in my case, a Liberty, MC30, or pack of SW90's). The liaison game is an easy one by simplifying your command logistics. Yeah I know, it's seen as 'noob insurance', but I'm fine giving my opponents the benefit of the doubt and realizing they may have some uncouth trick up their sleeves. I may suffer from hubris, but it's typically not when it comes to gaming. It can get in close and patronizingly patting evade-centric ships with Mothma, sling black dice with Sato, liaise with Iblis, roll with Ackbar, dance with Madine, run with Cracken, die with Rieekan, or be one of the usual suspects with Dodonna. It's not super flashy, but it's a fairly reliable gunship that costs less than my usual strike groups.
  14. 1,250 can be squishy at times in 6X3 but it's still totally doable (It's not that much effort, about 4 hours and it was done). I'm looking forward to some more CC matches though for the big-awe factor. Seeing how a 4 player or 3 player 750 pt list will expand the look of what's on the table. We've got an all-out assault going on next week that I'm really looking forward too. And, while we're not going to be fielding 37 ISD (seriously... 2, there are 2 ISD in 3 fleets. I own more ISD than that!), there are some 4 VSD, 2 ISD, 1 interdictor, 3 Gozanti, 2 Raiders, and 2 GSD and 19 fighters for the Imps so far, and we're getting ready for another 120 points to be thrown into the mix somehow. But the Rebel fleet is starting to at least approach movie-esque if I do say so myself: 1 MC80 command ship, 1 MC80 assault ship, 1 Liberty, 2 Peltas, 1 Rebel Assault frigate Mk.I, 1 Rebel Assault frigate Mk.II, 1 MC30, 5 Cr90, 6 GR-75, and 34 squadrons (a third of which are X-wings, with the Falcon in the lead and Hera with Phoenix squadron A wings as reinforcements).
  15. FFG has clearly already bumped some modes of play up to 500, the campaign mode. But I don't think for a moment that premier tournament play will be anything but 400 points (but I do think that eventually we may see ~250 point 'blitz' group tournaments, and maybe 1,000 point epic tournaments at a casual level). The SSD/Epic ship thing feels all but inevitable, so that we might very well see a 1,000 point Epic scale, epic ships, and maybe even 9'X3' playspaces. Basically, yeah: but I don't think you'll see a regional championship at 600-ish points, it'll still be 400 for that even if 600 point games may still catch on with the player base.
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