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  1. Glaring oversights = shining opportunities In my opinion, a well designed adventure doesn't make the GM feel railroaded and the Perlemmian Haul was, for me, perfect in that regard. The Perlemmian Haul is the only printed adventure that I have run and my first group loved it. I had M226 carry weapons and equipment for a battalion (see this link) of Imperial Army Troopers. For a group of players that had no real stealth capability they managed to quietly capture the ship and the captain of M226. I had a vague idea what consequences of failure for given Skill Checks but they never failed a roll. I think the Wookie Marauder rolled two Triumphs and a Success on YYGRPP Brawl check with two Threat to fight some techs. The resulting reward(a fairly large bank account on a far flung neutral world) would have required another adventure but we never got to it as the group disbanded.
  2. They are all moles!! Email each player privately and swear them to secrecy. When the group receives a mission they get sealed orders separately, allowing you to choose one PC each session for his mole mission. However, the trick will to have that player convince the rest that his/her part is necessary no matter how off it may seem.
  3. Give a Rival the Overwhelming Fire ability. As a maneuver the Rival can direct a minion group within medium (i think) to make a free combat check. This may not be correct but I rule that to mean the minion groups can make a free attack out of order and then make their normal attack when it is their turn. First time I used this on my players they kinda freaked and hunkered down for a round or two. I've also begun to apply ranks of Adversary to the minion groups I pit my players against. The eventual Despairs make for some interesting effects and story telling.
  4. The Pistol Grip attachment from Dangerous Covenants implies that rifles, carbines, etc need two hands to operate.
  5. ^^I love how he tactically turns on and off the second blade of the double. I didn't catch that until the third or fourth time I watched it but it blew me away.
  6. After the first session which was so railroaded they saw the tracks before I laid them down, I let them take the reins. Problem was only one of my five players had any sort of knowledge on Star Wars, regarding anything beyond the films, and they kind of seemed lost at what to do. I told them repeatedly that I would fill the gaps in their knowledge as we went but it took them some time before they felt comfortable making their own choices.
  7. True but the Morality system affects Force Users and the benefits are thematically appropriate. Changing the benefits to affect Social skills I feel is thematically appropriate for Imperial PCs of a non-Force using variety. You're right that upgrading a check is pretty powerful but in my experience Social skills are overlooked and underused. Perhaps limiting the benefit to be active only while the PC is in uniform or the PC is known to be an Imperial would help balance it.
  8. You could modify the Morality system. Instead of Light or Dark, you'd have have Ruthless? (at 20)/Cruel? (at 10) and Civilized? (at 80)/Cultured? (at 90). Instead of the Wound and Strain Threshold bonuses, you'd have an upgrade to Coercion and Deception checks if you were Ruthless or an upgrade to Charm and Negotiation checks if you were Civilized. Maybe an upgrade might be too much, perhaps a Boost die at 20/80 and an upgrade at 10/90... *Disclaimer - these are just suggestions but shows my train of thought on this.
  9. It sounds like a fair amount of work and bookkeeping involved but your premise seems promising.
  10. Whenever I see a house rule on a Talent that requires spending Advantage/Threat/Triumph/Depair I try to determine the cost without using the Talent and it's associated cost. If the cost of the Talent is less the cost than without, then yeah it's probably a worthy fix. But if if the cost is the same, then why bother with the Talent?
  11. Umm.. isn't attacking an Action? In regards to the OP, I don't think any fix is needed. The Talents are plenty powerful enough when you have two or more ranks in it and to use some of the suggested fixes would require a change from ranked talent to non-ranked talent. That presents problems since there are several specs across all three lines that have multiple instances and thus negate the expenditure of the appropriate XP. I'm sorry but this is very power-gamey to me.
  12. That's the active character though, not the target. And I think there are far more useful things you could use threats and despairs on. I think I would adjust the Talent should read 3 Advantage to knockdown the Target. It won't step on the toes of Brawl characters and weapons that already have Knockdown and makes the Talent more worthwhile for melee characters.
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