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  1. Verdatsf you make an important distinction. Honestly I am not sure how the designers envisioned the world. I think it would make sense that Haas Bioroids come in "standard forms" with minor cosmetic differences. But you should almost always be able to tell one functional model from another....such as a corp bioroid, a mechanic bioroid. I think it would be a deliberate attempt and design choice by Haas for the general public consumption. Up in higher echelons of society, they might have more limited models like the Rolls Royce of Bioroids. But even then they will be recognisable to high society because it all about bragging rights for the owners. I think your suggestion of stun weapons and strain damage an plausible approach. Bioroids would also be easily identifiable by perhaps metallic facial tattoos to denote that these are bioroids with limited ability to cause temporary damage in the pursuit of their primary purpose. I think it should also be understood that for such abilities to be "acceptable" to society, there are clear rules that these bioroids adhere too. Such as, not shooting at unarmed persons not breaking the law (for law enforcement bioroids). The cessation of hostility towards the bioroid or it's primary charge (such as for a bodyguard bioroid) should prevent the bioroid from take hostile actions such as firing a shot at a surrendering attacker....though he can keep the gun pointed at the perp. This is my take on what I think would work in a "serious" cohesive science fiction world.
  2. I think the main issue that Bioroid violence highlights is that Android's world setting is a little too idyllic. I think Cyberpunk 2077 (yes...the computer game) is a better hotbed for traditional rpg fare. I've got to read some NetRunner novel to get an idea. With all the sec. cams....and wireless tech in an ever present network. Without an external menace (like monsters in traditional rpg) for sanctioned acts of violence. Seems like it is a difficult place to have a shootout and not have it hound you forever. In Shadowrun .... you start off on the wrong side of the law...and your playground are extra-territorial corporate grounds where any acts of violence is actually contained, even preferred (as the runs are sponsored by other mega corps in the first place). Also the world is a little dystopian...so low level crime and hence violence is actually a norm. You would really have to restrict the use of guns and violence to the "undercity" or slums in Android's setting. Actual civil society starting at upper-lower class is just to "monitored". For goodness sake. Crime is only acted upon after criminals are identified and located using technology. Cops don't even have to really do much thinking? Would appreciate everyone's input on the setting. It's really different from Shadowrun's sanctioned criminal setting and Star Wars open Wild West in space setting.
  3. I agree with Happy Daze. The average normal person would definitely freak out. Reporters would definitely be on it as it's headline news. Haas Corp will be sending retrieval teams. I think one plausible reality is that all Bioroids like Clones....actually sort of resemble each other. As long as no corporate, pleasure, or work Bioroids attacks humans all is well. Citizen would probably be able to accept Killer Soldier Bioroids dressed in full battle gear rather than a standard common Bioroids line hurting a human. They will decry Haas for building such killer bots...Politicians will react...and so forth. It's one thing seeing a military vehicle with a mounted machine gun...it's another to see a Toyota Camry with one mounted on the roof. Still....to what extent is it acceptable. What about shadier parts of town. I think this part is of the world is really not well thought out. Perhaps, there is a class of Bioroids that have limiters off. Like a security line. That would make a lot of sense. Police, army, would definitely have harnessed such potential....it's the same with legality of firearms. Maybe security series of Bioroids will have obvious barcodes on their temples or forehead. So every citizen knows that this "machine" is different.....and is licensed, tracked. And citizens will not freak out, because every such Bioroid is "owned" and accounted for. They would be treated differently and with more caution than other classes of Bioroids. It's just messy.....the absolute nature of the "cannot harm" human safeguard. And Bioroids being a PC or even antagonist.
  4. Since Bioroids are distinguishable from humans....and are programmed not to hurt humans. How do we reconcile Bioroids characters using combat skills and hurting humans. Perhaps they can use combat skill against other Bioroids? But seeing a Bioroids shoot a gun would freak out anymore. Since this is NOT supposed to happen (Haas's combat Bioroids under the adversary list being "illegal") the public reaction must be quite severe. Triggering all sorts of reactions from different authorities. Even in the undercity...surely the fact the a Bioroid hurt a human would have many repercussions. Everyone's take?
  5. Hi all, Just wondering. I have been searching the rulebooks and it seems that apart from not tearing a ship apart, ION cannons don't seem to have any advantage. Do they (Ion Cannons) ignore shields? It says their range is longer in the description...but it does not seem so, unless I made a mistake reading the stats. Thanks for any inputs/corrections/comments.
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