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  1. VictoryLeo

    Scarif Theme

    It’s been awhile since I’ve painted minis but I wanted to go with a Scarif theme since I love shoretroopers. Here’s the start with my AT-ST.
  2. Absolutely LOVE this idea.
  3. I want to do this just to have Shriv from Battlefront 2 as my leader! Nice work!
  4. Sequels. Love the First Order. Battlefront 2 showed me how I have no interested playing droids.
  5. "That Han Solo sculpt looks like he had an allergic reaction to shellfish."
  6. While Krennic could be released at the same time as Scouts, wouldn't make much sense. We never saw him directly with them, especially when the Deathtroopers were his personal troops. FFG so far has kept the additional releases with some sort of theme (Veers & snowies, Leia & fleet, Endor Han and & commandos). Blaise makes the most sense for a scout team, albeit slightly boring for a commander. It all depends on how mirrored they want to release the sets. If Rebels get snipers, do the Imperials have to get them or can they get a different utility with their special forces? I'd personally like to see some difference between the factions so they feel like two different armies. This is going to be the hard part of filling out armies for FFG. Imperials have great units, lack of solid commanders. Rebels have great commanders but a serious lack of units.
  7. I was thinking him too but what a let down compared to Rebels. You got Luke/Leia/Han and then Vader/Veers and some random dude made up for Imperial Assault? Very anticlimatic. My money would be on Emperor/Royal Guards or Krennic/Deathtroopers.
  8. Shoretrooper all day long. One day I'd like to see an alternative core box of First Order Vs Resistance.
  9. One thing I want to try is taking a light blue and make the water refractions on the ground. Make it look like this:
  10. Maybe do a sealant over the base first and then do the water FX?
  11. I really want to do something similar to your Scarif board but I was thinking of using Water Effects by Woodland Scenics. Going to try (hopefully successfully) to base my stormtroopers with a sandy base and then water effects on top to make it look like they're walking in water. Might look goofy on other boards but whatever.
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