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  1. I also expect them to have black battery armament and be 8 or 9 points. In X-wing the Z's have the same primary attack as TIE fighters and A-wings, with the same missile upgrade options as an A-wing. By contrast X-wings have a greater primary attack and have torpedo upgrade options. I assume this translates into armada as: missiles = black battery non-bomber torps = bombers with various dice colors Then things like counter are added to represent highly maneuverable dogfighters (A's, Interceptors, Aggressors) or turrets (YT1300, Decimator). Its not a perfect fit, but its close.
  2. Does anyone know how to make the pictures bigger? I have them hosted on photo bucket. Usually I have to put "~original" on the end of the link to get the full size picture, but when I tried that here the forum told me it wasn't allowed. Diablo - yes some armada on the beach would also be great (just don't drip salt water on the bases lol)......so long as the wind was good. The caravan was a good wind break for us. Dras - yes it's south east of port headland, not sure how far, would probably be over 500km, but less than 1000km.
  3. You don't have to run a load of raiders: GSD1 - ordinance experts, advanced proton torps, Screed GSD1 - ordinance experts, advanced proton torps, Demolisher GSD1 - ordinance experts, advanced proton torps GSD1 - ordinance experts, advanced proton torps GSD1 - ordinance experts, advanced proton torps Total - 361 Its an extreme example but you get the idea. Personally when running a list like this I run three GSD1's and two Raider 1's with a modest number of squadrons. All the eggs just in Demo doesn't sit well with me. Having some backup glads is nice, as is having the option for some big squadron hits with the raiders. It can also be done with larger ships but usually compromises entirely on squadrons e.g. the 2x ISD, 3x Raider list that was mentioned above. You can also run 1x ISD, 2x GSD, 2x Raider with a decent number of upgrades. It does get pretty hard to build a decent list with five activations that isn't just raiders and gladiators and still have some squadrons, but the fleet definitely doesn't have to be one giant basket of eggs + raiders. I find VSD's quite hard to fit in since they really do like pushing squadrons around and its hard to have enough points for five capital ships and enough left over to make the squadrons the VSD(s) will push meaningful.
  4. Thanks. Its a fairly non-descript area a little south of the Hamersley Ranges in Western Australia.......kind of near Karijini national park. The landscape is usually a lot more exciting, but starts flattening out pretty quickly once you head south of the main Ranges.
  5. I originally posted these up on the Australian Armada facebook page. People seem to be liking them so I thought I would share with you people as well. Not so long ago in a place about 1500km from the nearest city:....... Rory contemplating his initial command dials. Armada by moonlight (its surprisingly easy to see the dice results). On a couple of nights it got a bit cold, so we had to build a fire to stop condensation from forming on the ships bases. The mission control centre. The home away from home where we spend more time than home..... Assault frigates getting caught and eaten by the VSD1's and Rhymerball.
  6. Legend. Thanks Matt.......but where are the logs of your tournament games?
  7. When running Ackbar, and MC80, an AF2, and 1+ CR90’s I have had quite a lot of success running Ackbar on the AF2 with the MC80 having projection experts. The MC80 then spends most of the game engineering (with a few choice nav commands thrown in if required). If the enemy goes after it that’s great, its better able to absorb damage than any of the other ships and has the engineering commands ready to go. If the enemy goes after Ackbar then between engineering, Ray, and projection experts it can heal five shields a turn and becomes hard to bring down……if the enemy does manage this then it’s not too bad since the TRC90’s and the MC80 are capable fighters even without Ackbar. I agree with the others that enhanced armament and boosted coms would be the best place to start shuffling upgrades. Leading shots really is nice to have, as is XI7 on the MC80…….you start getting into the realms of one shotting medium ships then. Leia is nice on the CR90 for getting a concentrate fire on the Defiance when you don’t need another command rather than setting it on the dials. If you are keen on running Defiance then this looks like a good idea. It also helps if someone tries to block the MC80…….home one gets stuck badly, while defiance with a concentrate fire can throw five dice out its front which is enough to start worrying light blockers. It’s not a situation you want to have occurring, but does help get you out of trouble in a close game.
  8. Has anyone tried to make a long range Imperial fleet using VSD’s? I have this vague idea that maybe VSD1’s with slaved turrets and (or not) intel officers in a Vader fleet could possibly work. They would do comparable damage per shot to Ackbar AF2’s, with the intel officers to offset the gunnery teams. The VSD’s then also have the brutal close range attacks if they ever get to use them. No idea if it would work, haven’t tried it, haven’t even written a list for it…..but it’s on the list of things to try. On the topic of VSD1 vs VSD2, I noticed that when using a VSD2 there were few times I got blue dice that I wouldn’t also have got black, but when using a VSD1 there were plenty of times when I was just out of black range so would have got blue……..I think it comes down to how badly the opposing fleet wants to avoid any given range band.
  9. Have you tried this against some of the more traditional Ackbar lists? I found that Ackbar CR90’s seriously struggle to match their own value in enemy assault frigates because the enemy arcs are so big (and thus difficult to consistently hide from – unlike Imperial arcs where the CR90’s strengths play to the imperial weaknesses). Put another way, how do you think you would go against something like: AF2 (Ackbar, gunnery team, X-I7) AF2 (gunnery team, X-I7) AF2 (gunnery team, X-I7) 5x YT2400 1x Han 399 A more extreme version can cut most of the fighters for a fourth AF2. Having tied similar things to you, and going against things similar to the above I found it really hard work……the AF2’s just chew up the CR90s too easily. You can generally hide from one, but the other two get you.
  10. If you wanted a little defence against squadrons you could go for: Ackbar 4x AF2b (gunnery teams) 4x A-wing 398 total. Boring (two unit types makes me sad), but probably rather nasty.
  11. Id love to see a rebel (or maybe both) admiral that made a certain number of squadrons per turn rogue.
  12. Hi people I have heard good things about this game and am going to give it a go (have already borrowed a couple of decks from a friend as a tester). However I was wondering if people could give me a description of how each faction plays…..I realise there are probably multiple builds for each faction, and that they can be combined in many ways to expand these options even further, but a broad brush overview of each faction would be super handy. Thanks
  13. I was very impressed by a Defiance recently when I moved an MC30 into its front arc to block its movement while getting some juicy dual arc shots on it........I felt a lot less clever when it started throwing 5 dice back at me including two blues and two blacks!
  14. What’s the thinking behind the single Y-wing? One bomber on its own doesn’t look like it will do too much. Maybe swap for another X or A (at the expense of the AF2a becoming an AF2b). If you are set on keeping the AF2a maybe put Ackbar on one of the b’s. Presumably the A wants to be closer to the action so as to attack squadrons, Ackbar probably wants to be far away from such excitement.
  15. It’s starting to sound like a very important part of competing against an enemy Ackbar is having precisely the right ships paired up with your commander. Perhaps where my fleet falls down is in too much mixing of ships desiring different commanders (specifically the CR90 and the AF2 – while I have half my number of capitals as CR90’s they still only represent 25% of the fleet so I think Ackbar is still the better commander given that 40% of my fleet is in AF2’s). I play most of my games against imperials, and in these matches the CR90 appears to pair very nicely with Ackbar. Imperial ships typically have three weak arcs so the CR90 can generally hide in them quite effectively, adding in Ackbar gives it very flexible firepower so that it can focus on being where it needs to be to stay alive rather than where it needs to be to stay alive and fire effectively). In the mirror match the CR90 under Ackbar has a harder time. Most rebel ships only have two weak arcs, and they are generally small arcs at that……much harder to hide in. As such Mon Mothma would help them out more than Ackbar by straight up boosting their survivability. As such a Mon Mothma fleet comprised of CR90’s and MC30’s sounds like it would have a decent chance against an Ackbar fleet comprised of AF2’s, MC80’s, and MC30’s (all broadsiders already, and most have access to gunnery teams)…….in theory. I’d love to see some matches to make sure the Ackbar firepower doesn’t completely overpower the Mon Mothma defences. I think a fleet mixing too many elements from both may be at a disadvantage compared to its more focused counter parts in the blue on blue match. Hopefully someone like JJ will end up facing Matt or Green Knight at some point in the vassal tournament and we can see how things pan out. I’m tempted to drop the bomber component of my squadrons and add more fighters and use the saved points to change one of the CR90’s to an Admonition with gunnery teams (haven’t been impressed with Foresight outside of Mon Mothma builds…..in those its epic!) This retains the irritating CR90 for nipping round Imperials, but means I don’t have to rely on the CR90’s doing too much work in a mirror they aren’t perfectly suited to (hiding one CR90 in blind spots should be much easier than hiding two – lol ground breaking observation there!) Good brainstorming sesh people – high fives all round. Not sure on the squadron gambit. It moves into a situation where it is badly outgunned in the capital game so has to win the squadron game really fast……which wasn’t happening in the trials I did. Focussing all my squadrons and commands into fighting squadrons it was taking 3-4 rounds to clear all the A-wings out (one is tyco after all). Obviously if you throw Yavaris into the mix and start using capital firepower on squadrons this all changes but it’s one very bloody mess and I’m not sure from theory who comes out on top. Matt – You up for round 6 next week? NWS on Weds maybe?
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