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  1. Thanks all for your good ideas. I was particularly interested by the suggestion of Thendoctor. Only I decided to bring along dark eldars (The clan of the Dark Claws) instead of a Nurgle Cult. The dark eldars' domain was not too far from Calendis, the planet whose population my PCs had decimated. The nasty xenos sensed the warp disturbance caused by the enormous mass of pain and deaths the pandemy had caused. They decided to come and investigate. My PCs were quietly admiring the vaults of their ship almost full of recently mined precious ores when the dark eldars attacked. They stroke by surprise, approaching concealed until the very last moment behind an asteroid field nearby Calendis. They quickly caused severe damages to the PCs ship, targeting their weapons components in priority. I wanted my PCs to flee, go somewhere to lick their wounds and elaborate a nice plan for revenge. My PCs understood this was a fight they could not win as the structure points of their ship were dropping fast. They warp-jumped in hast. When they came back to real-space, they found an « independant » space station. This was a place the PC Scenechal had heard of. The perfect location for traffics, a convenient meeting point for the most wanted and dangerous VIPs in the area. The PCs negociated for urgent repairs in exchange of a good portion of their precious ores from Calendis. While the local tech-clans were working hard for them, the PC psycher had decided to visit some dodgy space taverns on board of the station. He was of course caught in a massive brawl initiated by a Kroot horde. The other PCs had to come to the rescue. Once the situation calmed down, they met another dark eldar clan, the Bahrkeis, impressed by the PCs combat skills. This clan was rival to the Dark Claws, attackers of Calendis. The leader of the Bahrkeis was the very own brother of the Dark Claws leader. The Bahrkeis were very interested in getting their hands on the Dark Claws. They agreed to escort the Pcs back to Calendis. The PCs appeared first. The Dark Claws attacked them, sure of their victory over these weak humans who were coming back so soon to have their *** kicked a second time. The Bahrkeis appeared on their back in the middle of the battle and operated a boarding. The PCs spent the rest of the battle observing both Dark Eldars clans slaughtering each other at close quarters. The Barhkeis had specified they much preferred to kill their siblings themselves. Of course, my PCs were tempted to obliterate the two dark eldar ships altogether. They were now so close to each other and perfectly static. A massive volley at short-range would have done the job perfectly. Unfortunately, the Rogue Trader had to conclude at the space station a weird mystic blood pact with the leader of the Bahrkeis to prevent any attempt of treason. The RT and the Bahrkeis leader had a strange red tatoo engraved on their arm. The eldar had said any treason would result in a terrible curse without further explanation. The Rogue Trader preferred not to give it a try. He dismissed the generous offer of the tech-priest to sever his tattoed arm and to backstab the Bahrkeis. The Dark Claws were annihilated. The Bahrkeis left after a final handshake and the removal of the strange red tatoo. Tension aroused just before the Dark Eldars departure as they asked if they could take with them some of the Calendis population as torture slaves. The PCs did not allow it. "Decimating their subjects themself relatively quickly with deseases to prevent rebellion was one thing. Allowing xenos to torture humans was another." End of the adventures so far. Always interested in suggestions for next sessions.
  2. I am a novice French MG but I positively love the Rogue Trader RPG. I could consequently not resist organising a campaign in it. I decided to serve my PCs a nice little low-tech planet to begin with. A medieval planet quite densely populated. The planet has a big potential with a lot of rich metals to mine but suffers a high risk of rebellion against the planetary local royal family. A version of the pre-revolution France during the 18th century. The initial mission I had prepared for the PCs was to make a deal with the local royal family: we save your fat rich asses from the crowd, help you to keep control of the planet and you allow us to mine in return. I had planned the population was too large for them to fight against, even with a futuristic armoury, their personal troops were too few. The PCs arrived at the main royal palace. The situation was tense with a large crowd surrounding the palace. They met with the local planetery king but decided he might soon be too hungry. They left him at the palace, with various promises of help and future business together. After that, they met the main leaders of the rebellion and made the same promises. They came back to their ship to organize the distribution of food and blankets to the main cities of the planet. The food and blankets were contaminated with all sorts of diseases. The diseases had been carefully selected by the Mechanicus PC: a nice cocktail of smallpox and measles adnd others, relatively easy to cure for our own people who would sooner or later be in contact with it but lethal for a medieval population without basic medical knowledge. And the viruses were chosen/modified as not too fast to have the time to spread across to the population easily. They spent several weeks following the distribution to repertoriate the best locations to mine. Also time to let the diseases spread and see the results. After two months, I had decided the population was reduced by 5% in the main cities of the planet. They were very happy with the result and came back to the local king. They said they had called some deleveries of weapons for him to help him fight the rebellion, only to gain his trust and exterminate his own family with a kill-team some days after that. After some more months, the population had decreased by 10%. The local population was too desperate with the diseases. The death of the king had left the leaders of the rebellion without a common enemy to rise against. The PCs encouraged them to fight against each other. They provided with some basic and scarce military equipment to play with against each other. The PCs started to build mining facilities as far as possible from the plain cities to keep a low profile, begin to cash in and assess the progress of the diseases and civil war. What advices would you give me to continue the campaign? Let me specify I love the gothic feeling the Rogue Trader but I am not found of Chaos. I like to keep xeno-contacts as a minimum. I prefer intrigues and dark schemes Game of Thrones style. As my sadistic PCs do.
  3. Very interesting topic. One of my key rules as a RT gamemaster is in deed to give at least a good sweat to my players every time they use their warp engines. We are in RT, thecnology is capricious in general and warp technology is one among the trickiest to use. Very poor chance to get a "all goes well" result. 1/3 chance to encounter a low or high threat. Rest of the time, something only strange happens with no danger for the ship or the crew.
  4. For PCs giving orders to NPCs under their rank and upon which they normally have authority, I would personally grant them 70% of chances to suceed if the actions are of the kind the regiment like and is trained to (...like blowing things p, you maniacs!) via various bonuses. For operating behind lines (and far from commissars) or for types of actions the regiment is not specialized in, I would give them maluses.
  5. Ah Ah Mr Stimpson! With this talent for improvisation,you must be a GM impossible to trap... and a very annoying PC sometimes. Love it. It's good in deed not toget stuck and limited to technical details you can read in the fluff.
  6. Where is the Battle Maneuvers detailed in the core book? I can't find it. Nice 3 missions system you detailed here. This looks like permitting each to use his specific talents and to easily "inserting" the PCs into gigantic battles.This also seems to be a good balance between the narrative and structured approaches of mass fights management.
  7. Thanks for the information. I did not know these two adventurers inspiring Kipling. This reminds me the biography of a German officer during WWI, other potential source of inspiration for an Only War campaign. The French title is "the Papuans of the Kaiser". In New Guinea with absolutely no support he conducted a guerilla war against Allies leading a force constituted by Papuans What do you guys think about this battle system by the way in Rogue Trader? Does it work well?
  8. In terms of technology, Afghanistan during the 19th century as in the novel and film seemed quite interesting to me. Not to advanced, not to primitive. And this period and location is far too rarely used in films not to speak about roleplay. So flintstone muskets misfiring 50% of the time and copper chamber pots being the most advanced form of domestic comfort. The pike and shots period in Europe would also be cool if you wish to the PCs to manage one or two elegant cities and not only mud-built villages. Sgt Lazarus: speaking of the American Revolution (some might say Independance War, noble fight for freedom!), we French helped these ungrateful colonists a great deal to kick these **** Brits out... in retaliation following our recent defeat in the American Indian Wars. Antigonism between France and England reminds me sometimes of the relationship between elves and dwarves.
  9. Thank you all for the funny replies. Always fun to tell you are French abroad. Jokes suddenly rain down hard. France is probably the country people from other countries love to hate the most... apart from USA of course. Regarding the Chauchat, I have to agree: we apparently are better at making cheese or wine than machineguns! Merlin actually disciple of the Ruining Powers? I love the idea! Regarding the scale of the game, this all depends of the number of gaming session, the talent, inspiration and ambition of the GM, I would say. I would begin nicely with a dozen of villages to manage and come up with a small realm.
  10. Dear fellow-masters, I was thinking about building a campaign inspired by the novel from Kipling "the man who would be king" (perfectly adapted in a film with Sean Connert and Michael Caine by the way). Here are my first thoughts: The PCs are part of a small contingent sent to a recently discovered planet with archaic human population. The initial plan was to absorb the planet into the Imperium and prospect interesting resources. For a reason or another (accident while in orbit or during the landing, an ambush from an enemy while the ship is in orbit, etc...) the vast majority of the personnel of the mission dies except PCs. The PCs suddenly find themselves on the surface of the harsh planet with very few resources (plus several dozens of la guns). In the first part of the campaign, the PCs would have to gather what they can from the carcass of their crashed ship if they want to survive (foodstuff, medicine, shelters). The PCs would later have to join the nearest village of locals. With their Imperial technology, they could be hired as mercenaries by the ruling class in the vicinity and later try to overthrow these latter. They could soon forge themselves an army to carve their empire on the planet. The end of the campagin would be when the Imperium sends a new mission on the planet. The PCs would have to face the questions of the persons in charge of the second mission. They would be rewarded if they have done well, having contributed to quickly absorb this planet and its human population within the Imperium. One of the PCs would have prepared the priests to adapt their religion within the Imperial creed. They could also be severely punished (and quickly executed) should they have during the campaign totally forgotten the Imperium and decided to proclaim themselves rulers or even worse gods among the locals. Sorry for the multiple mistakes above. I am French. Please do not hesitate to add your ideas.
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