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  1. IceQube MkII

    Arquitens Rant

    @LordCola - I must say that I enjoyed your OP - it's a very well written rant! Yup - Jaina's Light and Yavaris are definitely better ship titles than Centicore and Hand of Justice. The TRCorvette is one of the better kits in the game. I feel like there does appear to be an Imperial tax on Empire ships in the game. I think it'd be pretty funny if Disney ever made a movie from the Empire perspective... don't they have something about the kids of famous villains - the name eludes me. Yup - Rebel Commanders appear to be more interchangeable in fleets than their Imperial counterparts. Actually, the best analogy is GDI vs Nod in the Command & Conquer series. Overall, would I trade the CR90 for the Kittens in the Empire? My first response is heck yeah! Imagine TRCorvettes supporting an ISD! Then again, imagine Ackbar with Kitten spam. The Neb's front arc can be arc-dodged and many a Gladiator has t-boned and one-turn-killed a Neb. I'm biased but why fly a Kitten when you can fly a Gladiator? ;-D
  2. IceQube MkII


    Since @BiggsIRL and I won't be there, I'll throw this out... Clark Street Grill - it's right next to the hotel. I would say that folks should probably congregate around (Registration - 1 hr). https://www.google.com/maps/place/Clark+Street+Grill/@38.84894,-77.0529621,19z/data=!4m8!1m2!2m1!1sbreakfast+near+hyatt+regency+crystal+city!3m4!1s0x0:0x48a34b42a69a3eaf!8m2!3d38.8486759!4d-77.052421
  3. IceQube MkII

    Don't order anything from Miniature Market.

    Hi, MM had a snafu with Destiny release. I ordered Legion stuff and an Ultimate Guard SuperHive (hard to get online). They told me that they didn't get their full allotment. It kinda sucks but this order had a $10 off coupon for me so I think we have to wait for the next reprinting. Perhaps, MM is just overselling some they can reduce inventory storage costs or whatever, but I'm pretty sure they want to sell as much as they can. For Legion, I'm just a "one of" player... I'm not trying to optimize/spam for tourneys so I'm grudigngly accepting of a longer wait time.
  4. IceQube MkII

    What scares me about the SSD

    On one hand, I see the SSD as a model/mantel piece for a lot of folks. I have no idea how much a replica Star Trek enterprise is but I gotta think the $200 is competitive? As for must-have upgrades, at the highest levels of competition, I always assume somebody is gonna have enough money (and or borrow off their friends) to have whatever they want to build. Some may argue that it's "pay to win" but not everyone has the means to go to Minnesota for Worlds as well. It's just the reality. That being said, I'd like to think that below the Regional level, your TO would let you play with photocopies... I really do believe that FFG wants us to have fun with toys they make. I guess the real analogy is like the World Series of Poker. You can play weekly with your buddies or you can stake up 10k to play in the Vegas tourney.
  5. IceQube MkII

    Gentlemen I propose a toast to FFG

    Whoa! You back from your mission! Welcome @clontroper5
  6. IceQube MkII

    New SSD Photos & Info

    I surmise all the defense tokens are probably included because it's the generic cardboard for ship speed, etc...
  7. IceQube MkII

    Restricted List

    The new line there is in blue along with the blue restricted language. I think Seeker Role override rule changes so you don't need one of every element in your provinces.
  8. IceQube MkII

    IF flotillas were costed equally...

    Loving the discussion guys. I'm too stupid. Is there a poll option on these forums? Again... My recommendation is to raise the points of flotillas to be equal. I love the reduction of squadron on GR-75 transport to "1" though. Heck, I would remove the anti-dice on the better GR-75. The Gozanti-ECM-Tua-Suppressor is devastating but you are still losing a 50ish-pt ship so you better be killing over 120 pts. In today's meta, we'd trade a Demo for Yavaris but then we're still down on points. Sorry, but you're gonna need to avg 7.5+ to make top two cuts at Worlds.
  9. IceQube MkII

    Are "Aces" all aces?

    I forget who did the math(s) for squadrons but I think there is a "1 pt" addition for Rogue. Are aces undercosted, overcosted, or just right? In most builds, it appears that 8 squadrons is the magic number (deployment advantage, and squadron activations needed by carriers). Then again, Jon R. won the first Worlds with his normal A-wing spam that, at the time, there were discussion of them being OP'd. On other threads, I've heard people argue for 1 ace for every 2 normal squadrons. I don't remember if it was for fluff, squadron diversity or because aces are OP'd. IMO, Commander Vader's ability should apply to Imp Aces, much like Rieekan applies to Rebel Aces! Perhaps, there needs to be a "wingman controller" card... when one non-unique activates, another one can... then again, it would make Yavaris so devastating. Or I guess it would be easier to have... "upgrade - +2 to your squadron value. you may only activate non-uniques." I remember a time when the Neb-B was hated because it would be one-shotted by Demo. Rieekan was probably created to deny the Demo triple tap. Overall, the part that makes spamming ties, or Z's risky. If you make the cut, you may lose by 7/8 because they killed a squadron and you did not. Not good for viewing! Thoughts?
  10. There are other threads regarding flotillas in the latest FAQ, so I'll pose this... What if both faction flotillas were costed equally 23 and 28, respectively?! 1. It can be argued that Bright Hope is the best flotilla title. 2. It can be argued that the rebel ones have the better navigation chart. 3. Yeah, but then when compared to each other, the rebel ones have less/no firepower but are costed equally? WTF are you thinking?! Hear me out... It's an asymmetric game. The cost of individual pieces should reflect the synergy and power level of its own faction not in direct comparison to its enemy equivalent. When playing Imps, do you feel an Imp ship tax (e.g., Interdictor, Raider) makes it more difficult to build a diverse fleet? Rebels just have more wiggle room to make something unique. If both side kill a flotilla, the Rebels automatically win. @Tokra - I definitely want to hear your thoughts in particular.
  11. IceQube MkII

    Like watching paint dry

    Holy cow... still 5 rounds in a day...that's crazy!
  12. IceQube MkII

    Mustache Report - Worlds Day 1b

    So just skimming the 1A... and lack of Imperials. I think I posed this question on the Galactic Conflict podcast. If you go with 2 ISDs in a mirror match, who wins and how do you win big? You obviously win big by killing one ISD while not losing anything. However, I think going first leads to just a win in most cases. The Rebel builds (e.g., Raddus) allow your navigation skills to be more of a factor. (e.g., in 2x ISD mirror, maneuvers will have less of an impact since you are pointing the pointy ends at things). So yes, I believe the Rebel builds allow for greater chance of bigger point swings. @BiggsIRL - you beat personal challenges, do it, brother!
  13. IceQube MkII

    Mustache Report - Worlds Day 1a

    That's why it's the People's Game! You gotta play hard throughout!
  14. IceQube MkII

    Armchair Admirals: The Ian Edition

    That's right Ian! Don't be a "tool" by using the "finger." LOL
  15. IceQube MkII

    Gladiators and early wave ships

    The Gladiator is point-for-point the best ship in the game. The upcoming frosted card says so. The Guppy is probably the most versatile rebel ship. Haha, back in the day, I ran 5 Glads + 2 Raiders and almost pulled out a store championship.