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  1. The greatest flaw in requiring squadrons is the traditional cut rounds. Yay! World Champion because he/she won by taking out a Z-95 and running away! How crazy would introducing GENERIC OBJECTIVE CARDS (that apply to both players - haven't figured out how it's chosen) while playing with the 2nd player's Objectives? Just spitballing... Bounty Hounter: For each squadron Ace destroyed (10) Annihilate Them: For tabling (not sure in the pure sense or not, e.g. flotillas) (50) Mining: When a squadron ends its turn on an asteroid (5). Asteroids have 5 "hull" and only ships may attack. If destroyed, all squadrons on it are destroyed (15). Entrapment: At end of game, if you control ships that are closest on both of the short edges of the map. (50) Our Only Hope: At end of game, whoever controls the lowest cost ship. (25) I get it... someone will eventually find a degenerate combo, but think of the chaos... AND fun!!!
  2. We haven't tried the medium yet because our one guy had to study to past his radioactive medicine exam for the army. In general... (4P) 1. Upgrades... Fight: It's usually better to upgrade for multiple targeting (e.g., area of effect - AoE damage). A mega attack overkilling a minion is a waste. You just can't take bonus damage when have too many guys on you. 2. Aid is the best action in the game. Your Scout and Fighter need to be doing explore/damage-dealing at +2 as much as they can. 3. Our rotation usually went Fighter, Wizard, Cleric, Scout (you want the Scout to have least amount of baddies on him) because you need to be pushing Explore. Getting to the boss quickly... you just don't want to go deep in the enemy deck because the baddies usually get stronger.
  3. Yeah, I'm hoping they announce expansions soon which are inter-connected campaigns. Perhaps, upgrade to different dice? Or maybe you can get to Level 5 from leveling up? Of course, new characters/classes... maybe a little bit of branching for quest locations? I like how it's faster than Arkham Horror LCG (from a deck-building perspective).
  4. We finally got to try again (4P). Haha, reading is fundamental! 1. We absolutely crushed The Goblin Problem. 2. We beat the Foul Ritual and everyone survived but we took heavy damage. Based on wording, I think if you kill Reeda, then she's removed from the game (sorry, haven't been keeping up with the Nemesis discussion). "Aid" and rushing to explore locations was the key. We've definitely gotten better at the game. We love Arkham Horror LCG (it's more complex and better story) but HoT is faster. If FFG is reading, please make campaigns and expansion heroes (I can't see why guys can't upgrade to at least level 3 or gain mounts or more permanent items). Hehe - hopefully the 2 Challenging Missions will be enjoyable!
  5. True. Forced is not the right word. I like the feel of rolling dice in my hand but a dice tower saves table space.
  6. @Budgernaut - right on travel. We had a mission that let you pass the torch (Mistlands?) every phase... haha, of course, the leader forgot about other things which may have made the scenario easier! Regardless, while I love Arkham Horror LCG, I want more expansions for HoT... I laughed so hard for like 2hrs as our butts were getting kicked. The game has so many rule nuances that you need to remember!
  7. What I found... 2P (since both guys get to go twice... action, rest & +10 HP) is rather easy. It seems like the attack upgrades that allow for AoE (multiple targets) are way better than the super damage dealing one since you need to clear minions otherwise you get overwhelmed. Also, it seems like you need to pass the Party Leader each turn to optimize your turns. Aid seems to be the most important action because the "+2" is the only way to guarantee consistency so usually (attack, explore, aid, aid - no order). When you can trade explore progress to prevent enemy spawns, you should do it. LOL - you almost always need to prevent spawns is a good play. And you really need to push explore.
  8. Agree. But the 4p mat is too small for Arkham as well. This game forced me to get a dice tower to play with as well.
  9. @Budgernaut --- I consider us decent decision-makers but playing as-is, there's really no room for error, ya know? I don't mind losing but you need to feel like there are multiple ways to solve the puzzle (e.g., non optimal plays all the time).
  10. LOL - I must've laughed for like two hours while we were getting our butts kicked in a 4P game. Actually, we have laughed a lot!
  11. We've thought about two house rules to help with game enjoyment. We got crushed on the "medium" scenario... The Mistlands. 1 - Allow the use of more than 2 success tokens. 2 - Let the party go in any order you want instead of just clockwise.
  12. For those Warhammer Quest ACG Vets, any general advice? Seems a lot harder with 4 players than 2. It seems like you want your Warrior to Fight, your Scout to Explore with both Healer/Mage Aid. Do you have the classes in an optimum seating pattern?
  13. I will go with analogies so I apologize if you're unfamiliar... there's a pretty in-depth review on BGG... I've only played with 2 players. Some calibration data: I just don't have time to play Armada (2hrs+) these days. I want something quick but not too quick (1hr - 1.5hr). So I think the Gloomhaven card mechanic of your "moves" is really good. In Terrinoth, each guy has Aid, Fight, Explore and Rest actions that can only be used once until readied again. I wish the cards were "double-headed" (e.g., you have two moves per card) but they do the job and can be leveled up one time. If you play Arkham LCG, fighting is kind of the same way (monsters have armor, health and just physical attack), but there is equipment in Arkham. Explore is advancing with clues. All in all, it's a good spot for time vs. complexity. I think when campaign boxes come out, you'll be able to have more complexity (e.g., nonlinear exploration, more "leveling" up). Right now, equipment is one use items. Another analogy is Pandemic the Cure (dice, optimize for that turn) vs. Pandemic (optimize for the entire game). I feel like Terrinoth is a puzzle-optimize with the current situation game (e.g., balance monsters vs exploring with the "threat" timer). Again, apologizes for the stream of consciousness but I think it's a good gateway game and I'm better there will be more complexity later (I mean, it's an FFG game where they always add new nuances per expansion). For $40 MSRP, it's a buy. Warhammer Quest ACG where FFG controls the IP so they won't let the game die.
  14. @Truthiness, @BiggsIRL... Am I spotting a 4x4 format?!!! It would be great if the SSD drops in Jan/Feb... a shaked up meta for a truly awesome Worlds Event? In Chicago too (which is pretty central for the continental US) and a decent-sized city for our international folks to visit? Only issue is that it's gonna be freaking cold!
  15. @Caimheul1313 - I just know that the 4 player playmat for Arkham Horror is hard to get in stores or online. So I got mine off FFG. Sadly, I agree with you because they probably have a giant plotter to print their own playmats; hence, it's releasing soon. I think FFG is focusing on the next Destiny release and KeyForge so I bet HoT won't be out until Jan 2019. Hopefully there will be an influx of articles soon... it'd be cool to hear about campaign expansions before the core drops.
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