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  1. Haha... I'm dating myself but I used to own all these MtG books that talked about card advantage, etc... and then it had a history and analysis of famous decks. I used to collect the MtG encyclopedias. I know this is the online age but I'm wondering if there's any interest of an eventual hardcopy of things at some point in the future. Just trying to wrap myself around minion value for starters. In MtG, if you got a 4/4 for 3 mana, you know you were probably paying double of a color. I know a lot of guys have card text with abilities so maybe stat lines in not purely discussable. I have no idea if I'll ever "git gud" at this game but it's definitely useful for mitigating brain atrophy!
  2. Hey everyone, Disclaimer: I'm Stephen's buddy (I just learned how to play via YouTube and scrubbed out with 0-2 record). Facts: If you lost 2, you were out. Stephen went 7-0 in the Swiss rounds along with another player. In his run, Stephen went 11-0. Opinions/Thoughts: Not knowing the rules well, to me, it seemed like Stephen knows the rules better than the judges. I know he was disappointed in letting Crab down at Worlds and vowed to do better at this Grand Kotei. When you are on Twitch, it does affect your play (cause it's different than what you are used to) and I think the Finals are longer than the other rounds. If you watch the feed, Stephen prefers to put his honor dial on his right... anyone who plays sports has rituals (e.g. free throws) and with the crowded boards and play space, it can affect your rhythm. There's a lot of stuff to keep track of... I think the top Lion guy in the semis against Stephen was "Wells"(?). The final conflict of that game was insane! Before the match, Stephen was telling me that Wells might be the best player (if not best Lion) right now? We were next to the Main Stage so there was heavy music as well! I think you can hear The Final Countdown in the background. The Lion guy in the final round. He told me that he played a few games with his dad before buying his own Cores on Friday before the Kotei. He's an architecture student who made those wooden tokens he was using. FWIW, I thought his tokens looked cool. I think he has an Etsy shop. Paul Heaver of X-Wing fame made the cut as well. As people who know him... that dude rarely makes mistakes in anything he plays. Stephen plays in the DMV (NoVa) area and he told me that there were a few Hamamotos(sp?) from our local area? At the beginning, seemed like there were a lot of Hamamotos who stood up when they were asked to stand and be recognized. Stephen said he's going to watch the Twitch feed to learn from his misplays. At the end of the day, he has a trophy. Ain't gonna lie, I'm pretty stoked for him.
  3. It looks like GoT2E without the bidding part so it's faster?
  4. @bleezy - GW gets a lot of hate but Shadespire is cheap and quick. I think it has great potential... simple to learn, hard to master... kinda like the early days of X-Wing? I just don't have time for all-day Armada tourneys so I hear you there. I am hopeful that Armada will come out with new campaigns and maybe new formats to play.
  5. Kitted out like that... it's about 200 pts. Ramming corvettes and squadrons!
  6. $80 is a lot more than normal Cataan... I wonder how much more is in the box?
  7. I believe it's a big deal to those playing competitive card games. If the meta is showing rock on the previous days, one can show up with paper as anti-meta. Of course, other folks may account for paper and go with scissors as anti-meta meta... LOL But I think it will hurt someone who goes early with a unique deck (darkhorse) that makes some noise. That being said, the card pool is not big right now so maybe this is not possible. Then again, I believe Boundless Ambition made a huge splash at Destiny Worlds.
  8. Thanks! You figure that being Asmodee that European distribution would be better.
  9. If you order directly from FFG, did you get them sooner than general release? Specifically, Labs of Lunacy!
  10. Based on past performance, the expansions will have different cards (I mean, if there's no difference, why wouldn't people just buy a 2nd core). We also know that core boxes are usually loss leaders to entice us into a game. Yes, you will always get better value out of the core on physical components. The big question is... will upgrades repeat so you can stay within a faction and still be competitive? We know that 0-3 Troops will be a list building requirement. So the Troop expansions will be necessary right away. Thinking ahead, unless you will be hardcore competitive where you spam a certain type... there will be more expansions in the future so why not have an opportunity to play with all your toys? To me, I think "1 of" is the way to go unless you really like something or am trying to win at a Nats and above level. Of course, these are just my two cents - do what makes you happy! :-)
  11. To our friends across the pond(s)... I saw this product for order online at some places... Since FFG is part of Asmodee, I'm certain you'll be able to get it without paying exorbitant shipping fees from your local distributors. It's like the Labyrinths of Lunacy, it will be released at some point for mass consumption. I agree with @Soakman... this is a COOP game, let's have a COOP community.
  12. New player here and just trying to drink all the cards from a water hose... I notice that the Dunwich Investigators can have up to 5 level "0" cards from any class. Has there ever been a discussion of Top 3 from each class? (I realize this depends and can be a heated discussion but I am curious of the community's thoughts.) To me, it seems like the "pumper" cards like Hyperawareness are good picks. Thanks in advance! BTW - I prefer that characters be kinda balanced or teams being balanced... (e.g., I know that after the playthroughs you can powergame a certain scenario but I prefer being "prepared for whatever happens" if that makes sense!
  13. 1) The cards... I love the alt art Jenny. I'm not convinced that the replacement cards are better or worse than the normal ones for Jenny... but it's a different way to play. 2) I'm definitely not an avid reader but I thought the novella was comparable to DragonLance, the fluff in Warmachine, GW army books... it's hardcover and binding reminded me of those children's Golden Books. We can argue over pricepoint but it would have been nice if there was some more artwork inside the novella? Or heck, if the novella was a graphic novel? IMO, the price point isn't backbreaking for a completionist. This is discretionary income. As such, it's really up to you if you think it's worth it.
  14. 1. Flotillas (Bright Hope): they give activation; with scatter, the most efficient tarpit in the game; prevents tabling. 2. Yavaris: in the current meta, the best title in the game. 3-4. Brawlers (Demolisher, Admonition): the highest damage per cost ships in the game. 5. Guppy: All-rounder 1. VCX!: With Yavaris, Relay and Strategic are game-changers. 2. Maarek Stele, Jendon, Saber, Mauler, Zentrik (cheapest tankiest Escort) 3. Norra, TenNumb, Luke, Jan For the record, I absolutely hate Relay and Flotillas.
  15. Also, if my friend has the print-on-demand adventures, are there investigator cards in those packs as well? (e.g., as a group, do we need a 2nd set of them?). Thanks again.