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  1. 1) The cards... I love the alt art Jenny. I'm not convinced that the replacement cards are better or worse than the normal ones for Jenny... but it's a different way to play. 2) I'm definitely not an avid reader but I thought the novella was comparable to DragonLance, the fluff in Warmachine, GW army books... it's hardcover and binding reminded me of those children's Golden Books. We can argue over pricepoint but it would have been nice if there was some more artwork inside the novella? Or heck, if the novella was a graphic novel? IMO, the price point isn't backbreaking for a completionist. This is discretionary income. As such, it's really up to you if you think it's worth it.
  2. 1. Flotillas (Bright Hope): they give activation; with scatter, the most efficient tarpit in the game; prevents tabling. 2. Yavaris: in the current meta, the best title in the game. 3-4. Brawlers (Demolisher, Admonition): the highest damage per cost ships in the game. 5. Guppy: All-rounder 1. VCX!: With Yavaris, Relay and Strategic are game-changers. 2. Maarek Stele, Jendon, Saber, Mauler, Zentrik (cheapest tankiest Escort) 3. Norra, TenNumb, Luke, Jan For the record, I absolutely hate Relay and Flotillas.
  3. Also, if my friend has the print-on-demand adventures, are there investigator cards in those packs as well? (e.g., as a group, do we need a 2nd set of them?). Thanks again.
  4. Thanks for the swift responses guys! Yeah, I think the rephrased question is "2nd Core or 3x Mythos"? I've played with a friend and he has 2x Core + 1 Of... since I'm doing the initial plunge, I think 1 Of everything should be sufficient. I'm not familiar enough with the game to know if something in the core is an absolute money card.
  5. With all the cards out now, is it necessary/recommended to have two Cores? My friend said that that is the only way to get two machetes for instance. But can you substitute a baseball bat (or other melee weapon) or is a 2nd machete a necessity? Rather, are there enough "neutrals" in the core, that you'll want some extras for your friends? Whilst I am a completionist, I'm OK with not having a full set because this is a non-competitive game if that makes sense. Also, I'm not trying for repeats in classes for a party. Thanks in advance.
  6. Another benefit of 4+4... you can stream and just move the camera to where the action is! Like "NFL RedZone" in the States. I think viewers would have more fun watching. Also, it guarantees that everyone fights hard because you can't just dodge and "outpoint" someone. To me, it's unnatural for folks to play Swiss scoring and then switch to single elimination scoring.
  7. What needs to happen is Relay needs to be nerfed to within command distance of the squadron commanding ship. I watched glimpses of the HH Swarm w/Rogues at Nats... I still don't know how we did so well in the current meta. If he reads the forums, I hope he posts his thoughts!
  8. Oops! @Curlycross... my bad! Thanks for the clarification @Vineheart01!
  9. @Curlycross - you can absolutely keep surging unless it has the "circle surge" (look at the Deepwood Archers) which makes it a unique (one of) ability. While the objectives try to force engagement/tempo, what I've seen, is that most armies rally on Turn 1 (think banking engineering or nav in Armada) so you kinda need double blight to make a blight stick (probably saying double immobilize is a stronger example). Of course, a Rally Action removes all banes. Tell you what, from playing WHFB... once you line up, you really don't maneuver... and one turn of lucky shooting, the game is over. RuneWars feels like what a rank and file game should be!
  10. I don't think Legion will detract from Armada. However, I do think that using a 6x3 is a factor. With X-Wing, being top dog... How would you guys space out GenCon and Worlds? Unfortunately, I see it as.... that's why I'm proposing the "4+4" system (see other threads). Wed: Bulk Armada Thurs: Armada Swiss Playoffs, Legion Fri: Legion Playoffs, X-Wing 1 Sat: X-Wing 2 Sun: X-Wing Playoffs I guess I can see them switching Armada and Legion but I think Legion will be more popular? Yes, I haven't even factored in IA or Destiny... Thoughts? Should we fear the Legion? GenCon will be even messier with RuneWars or L5R. #firstworldproblems
  11. It's no Ricky & Morty (I can't seem to find the image of a cosplay of Morty with the Big Arm next to Pickle Rick.)... I've watched both episodes of the Orville in passing and it's definitely watchable... maybe it's Star Trek meets a Knight's Tale? As for TV scheduling, I think Fox knows that people will be tired from watching NFL games on Sunday? The Orville would get wrecked by HBO (e.g., Game of Thrones) on Sunday night. I think Married with Children was on Sundays though? In its hey day, Thursday night was the marquee night (Seinfeld, Cheers, Frazier?) and NBC dominated. I don't even know when the new episodes of Big Bang are on... Honestly, I think TV nowadays is designed to be binged watched and for convenience (e.g., the Netflix model). I actually watched a few NFL games this weekend but was doing other stuff in the background.
  12. These ideas are a starter... you do what is best for your local community! 8-players, 3-rounds (Each round ends after 2 hrs.... when time is up, game is finished at the current dice roll - this is to give consistency for the time.) Hopefully, more seasoned players can lend materials to newer players. Players show up with 300 pt list (with no Admiral, no uniques, no titles). With the available players, you have a 4-round snake draft of uniques with the only requirement that you MUST take an Admiral with your 4 picks. After drafting, you can fill your list to 400 with only upgrades (the exception being any unique squadrons that you just drafted). All normal rules apply...
  13. Indeed, but we all aren't as young as you. :-D Understanding that some tourneys may not have critical mass, but a Top 4 cut could have a round robin on playoff day. That way, you can stream to where the action is.
  14. What's going on across the pond?!
  15. See my thoughts from Nationals... Day 1: 4 Rounds Day 2: Depending on how many peeps show up on Day 1... (let's default to 16)... play 4 Rounds of Swiss to determine the winner. 4 + 4 Peeps get their money's worth of 4 games on Day 1 (5 in one day is too much to play/ref)... on Day 2, everyone is good so minimizes big point swings from matchups. 4 Rounds is the optimum for fighting hard to score to qualify but gives you a bad game matchup. @Vorn and his crew for serving as inspiration for this format.