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  1. Taking the Fish Farm to a Regionals - AAR Article

    AG may force engagement. That's what I would pick hands down.
  2. Taking the Fish Farm to a Regionals - AAR Article

    The simple answer (I can't see the thread due to work firewalls) is to pick the red objective, likely Most Wanted. Remember, in a tourney, they might need to score more than 6 to win it all. It sucks that a 6-5 will probably knock both of you out, but it is what it is.
  3. Taking the Fish Farm to a Regionals - AAR Article

    During the days of the Clonisher, people were bidding crazy to go FIRST. I think bidding for SECOND is also a valid strategy (I mean, there have been numerous discussions that going 2nd wasn't worth it because objective points did not provide enough of an advantage). I've never been one to talk about how one should enjoy the game or what they should do with their leisure time but, given the nature of the event, it is a reality that there will be a part of the population that will try to win it all - hopefully within the rules. So, you should assume: 1 - Infinite resources to spam upgrade cards or models as needed. Whether they buy it or have friends who will let them borrow. 2 - Part of the puzzle in a game like this is... a) finding max point efficiency b) optimizing rules That being said, these are things associated with a Regional. You can fun drinking beer and playing at your house with your friends which is totally OK as well.
  4. Apologies for dumb question but we play skirmish so we may be mixing things up. In skirmish, Fenn can "Assault." Also, can allies (e.g., Rebel Troopers) attack twice? We say "no." Thanks in advance. We are trying out the app and haven't played campaign normally. Any other big differences that we may be missing?
  5. @geek19... I'm aware that H9 exists. But a 8pt gun added to kill an 18pt model is not efficient. Home One is still 100pts+ to kill the best tarpit in the game. :-) Maybe upgrades that can be played on squadrons in a future campaign kit? No scatter upon impact called the "flotilla busta buster." Totally agreeing with you though!
  6. When playing at Premier Events, I agree with @Green Knight... you play to win within the rules. As a Marshal at a National Event, I had to enforce a missed opportunity when a player forgot to set his dials in the playoff round. I will not say go as far as that David Sirlin book (I think he's a proponent of cheating by omission?). Right now, I see zero drawback in using flotillas. They are the best ships in the game. Activation-advantage, cost efficiency, tarpit, etc... not counting towards tabling would be a fair "negative." In itself, Relay isn't completely evil but it's just part of big combo machines. Armada Want List: 1 - More efficient ways to kill flotillas. 2 - More efficient ways to kill Relay Squadrons (maybe locking down abilities on a squadron?). Overall, I think we are having this discussion because there hasn't been new product to disrupt the meta. We are 7 months since Wave 6?
  7. Armada trade thread

    Have: Lots of Armada - including NIB Lots of extra upgrades Most of the promos Want: Legend of the Five Rings L5R Kotei Metal Honor Coins
  8. Night of the Zealot Redux

    66 new cards I believe. I'm pretty sure it's the only way to get the new cards. IMO this game is the best COOP and I'm cool with getting the expansion. Along with physical product, FFG should get rewarded for developmental costs.
  9. Would be great if FFG could include them in later expansions... like 63 cards in each pack of the next cycle until we catch up. No idea how much if would cost or if it's feasible. MtG just bans cards? Thoughts?
  10. PSA: Daisy from Invoke thy Name... This article pretty much sums it all. The only thing is that the small Daisy card is credit card material. I was hoping to meet new players but we had a group among other groups. :-/ It would have been cool to play with people with unknown playstyles but it is what it is. Everybody gets a mat and cards which was pretty good value. Oh, we didn't use any of the Ultimatums. We played Curse of the Rogarou(sp?) with no experience and got absolutely destroyed.
  11. PSA: Daisy from Invoke thy Name...

    Correct - it's from the organized play pack. She's the same. Just alternate art. But the plastic is a nice touch. I sleeved her anyway. Apologies for any confusion.
  12. The mini-card is the plastic credit card material... the actual investigator card is normal.
  13. Tournaments... why bother?

    In any given Store Championship, anyone with reasonable skills can win. In a 3-round sprint, anything can happen. When we are talking Nationals and above, it would make sense if the "good" players win. What's the point of any competition if talent/skills don't contribute to performance? Haha... that why I propose the 4+4 format for Nats and above. Kinda like how golf has the cut after two rounds in a four round tournament. The goal would be to make the cut. Under this system, I would argue. that good players will advance to Day 2 usually. On Day 1, everybody gets a lot of games in. Movie tickets are $12 for 2-hours of entertainment. If you get 3-4 rounds of enjoyment, how much is it worth to you? That being said, things at Nats and above are really stressful to me. LOL But, hey, we all have reasons why we do what we do. Do what is right for you.
  14. Haha... I'm dating myself but I used to own all these MtG books that talked about card advantage, etc... and then it had a history and analysis of famous decks. I used to collect the MtG encyclopedias. I know this is the online age but I'm wondering if there's any interest of an eventual hardcopy of things at some point in the future. Just trying to wrap myself around minion value for starters. In MtG, if you got a 4/4 for 3 mana, you know you were probably paying double of a color. I know a lot of guys have card text with abilities so maybe stat lines in not purely discussable. I have no idea if I'll ever "git gud" at this game but it's definitely useful for mitigating brain atrophy!
  15. Hey everyone, Disclaimer: I'm Stephen's buddy (I just learned how to play via YouTube and scrubbed out with 0-2 record). Facts: If you lost 2, you were out. Stephen went 7-0 in the Swiss rounds along with another player. In his run, Stephen went 11-0. Opinions/Thoughts: Not knowing the rules well, to me, it seemed like Stephen knows the rules better than the judges. I know he was disappointed in letting Crab down at Worlds and vowed to do better at this Grand Kotei. When you are on Twitch, it does affect your play (cause it's different than what you are used to) and I think the Finals are longer than the other rounds. If you watch the feed, Stephen prefers to put his honor dial on his right... anyone who plays sports has rituals (e.g. free throws) and with the crowded boards and play space, it can affect your rhythm. There's a lot of stuff to keep track of... I think the top Lion guy in the semis against Stephen was "Wells"(?). The final conflict of that game was insane! Before the match, Stephen was telling me that Wells might be the best player (if not best Lion) right now? We were next to the Main Stage so there was heavy music as well! I think you can hear The Final Countdown in the background. The Lion guy in the final round. He told me that he played a few games with his dad before buying his own Cores on Friday before the Kotei. He's an architecture student who made those wooden tokens he was using. FWIW, I thought his tokens looked cool. I think he has an Etsy shop. Paul Heaver of X-Wing fame made the cut as well. As people who know him... that dude rarely makes mistakes in anything he plays. Stephen plays in the DMV (NoVa) area and he told me that there were a few Hamamotos(sp?) from our local area? At the beginning, seemed like there were a lot of Hamamotos who stood up when they were asked to stand and be recognized. Stephen said he's going to watch the Twitch feed to learn from his misplays. At the end of the day, he has a trophy. Ain't gonna lie, I'm pretty stoked for him.