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  1. IceQube MkII

    Restricted List

    The new line there is in blue along with the blue restricted language. I think Seeker Role override rule changes so you don't need one of every element in your provinces.
  2. IceQube MkII

    IF flotillas were costed equally...

    Loving the discussion guys. I'm too stupid. Is there a poll option on these forums? Again... My recommendation is to raise the points of flotillas to be equal. I love the reduction of squadron on GR-75 transport to "1" though. Heck, I would remove the anti-dice on the better GR-75. The Gozanti-ECM-Tua-Suppressor is devastating but you are still losing a 50ish-pt ship so you better be killing over 120 pts. In today's meta, we'd trade a Demo for Yavaris but then we're still down on points. Sorry, but you're gonna need to avg 7.5+ to make top two cuts at Worlds.
  3. IceQube MkII

    Are "Aces" all aces?

    I forget who did the math(s) for squadrons but I think there is a "1 pt" addition for Rogue. Are aces undercosted, overcosted, or just right? In most builds, it appears that 8 squadrons is the magic number (deployment advantage, and squadron activations needed by carriers). Then again, Jon R. won the first Worlds with his normal A-wing spam that, at the time, there were discussion of them being OP'd. On other threads, I've heard people argue for 1 ace for every 2 normal squadrons. I don't remember if it was for fluff, squadron diversity or because aces are OP'd. IMO, Commander Vader's ability should apply to Imp Aces, much like Rieekan applies to Rebel Aces! Perhaps, there needs to be a "wingman controller" card... when one non-unique activates, another one can... then again, it would make Yavaris so devastating. Or I guess it would be easier to have... "upgrade - +2 to your squadron value. you may only activate non-uniques." I remember a time when the Neb-B was hated because it would be one-shotted by Demo. Rieekan was probably created to deny the Demo triple tap. Overall, the part that makes spamming ties, or Z's risky. If you make the cut, you may lose by 7/8 because they killed a squadron and you did not. Not good for viewing! Thoughts?
  4. There are other threads regarding flotillas in the latest FAQ, so I'll pose this... What if both faction flotillas were costed equally 23 and 28, respectively?! 1. It can be argued that Bright Hope is the best flotilla title. 2. It can be argued that the rebel ones have the better navigation chart. 3. Yeah, but then when compared to each other, the rebel ones have less/no firepower but are costed equally? WTF are you thinking?! Hear me out... It's an asymmetric game. The cost of individual pieces should reflect the synergy and power level of its own faction not in direct comparison to its enemy equivalent. When playing Imps, do you feel an Imp ship tax (e.g., Interdictor, Raider) makes it more difficult to build a diverse fleet? Rebels just have more wiggle room to make something unique. If both side kill a flotilla, the Rebels automatically win. @Tokra - I definitely want to hear your thoughts in particular.
  5. IceQube MkII

    Like watching paint dry

    Holy cow... still 5 rounds in a day...that's crazy!
  6. IceQube MkII

    Mustache Report - Worlds Day 1b

    So just skimming the 1A... and lack of Imperials. I think I posed this question on the Galactic Conflict podcast. If you go with 2 ISDs in a mirror match, who wins and how do you win big? You obviously win big by killing one ISD while not losing anything. However, I think going first leads to just a win in most cases. The Rebel builds (e.g., Raddus) allow your navigation skills to be more of a factor. (e.g., in 2x ISD mirror, maneuvers will have less of an impact since you are pointing the pointy ends at things). So yes, I believe the Rebel builds allow for greater chance of bigger point swings. @BiggsIRL - you beat personal challenges, do it, brother!
  7. IceQube MkII

    Mustache Report - Worlds Day 1a

    That's why it's the People's Game! You gotta play hard throughout!
  8. IceQube MkII

    Armchair Admirals: The Ian Edition

    That's right Ian! Don't be a "tool" by using the "finger." LOL
  9. IceQube MkII

    Gladiators and early wave ships

    The Gladiator is point-for-point the best ship in the game. The upcoming frosted card says so. The Guppy is probably the most versatile rebel ship. Haha, back in the day, I ran 5 Glads + 2 Raiders and almost pulled out a store championship.
  10. IceQube MkII

    Armada Refugees Check-In

    Lt. IceQube reporting in... we have just achieved land fall. "I only have one rule. Everyone fights. No one lives. If you don't do your job, I'll choke you myself." Also, you are not authorized for bullets, just flamethrowers; else it's game over, man!
  11. Love Wide-Area Barrage! Great job!!! As Passenger 57 said, "always bet on black [dice]!"
  12. IceQube MkII

    Taking the Fish Farm to a Regionals - AAR Article

    AG may force engagement. That's what I would pick hands down.
  13. IceQube MkII

    Taking the Fish Farm to a Regionals - AAR Article

    The simple answer (I can't see the thread due to work firewalls) is to pick the red objective, likely Most Wanted. Remember, in a tourney, they might need to score more than 6 to win it all. It sucks that a 6-5 will probably knock both of you out, but it is what it is.
  14. IceQube MkII

    Taking the Fish Farm to a Regionals - AAR Article

    During the days of the Clonisher, people were bidding crazy to go FIRST. I think bidding for SECOND is also a valid strategy (I mean, there have been numerous discussions that going 2nd wasn't worth it because objective points did not provide enough of an advantage). I've never been one to talk about how one should enjoy the game or what they should do with their leisure time but, given the nature of the event, it is a reality that there will be a part of the population that will try to win it all - hopefully within the rules. So, you should assume: 1 - Infinite resources to spam upgrade cards or models as needed. Whether they buy it or have friends who will let them borrow. 2 - Part of the puzzle in a game like this is... a) finding max point efficiency b) optimizing rules That being said, these are things associated with a Regional. You can fun drinking beer and playing at your house with your friends which is totally OK as well.
  15. Apologies for dumb question but we play skirmish so we may be mixing things up. In skirmish, Fenn can "Assault." Also, can allies (e.g., Rebel Troopers) attack twice? We say "no." Thanks in advance. We are trying out the app and haven't played campaign normally. Any other big differences that we may be missing?