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  1. Well, Admiral Ozzel is really interesting. He could be useful in some spam list. Rapidly accelerating and decelerating a ton of raiders to maximize your shots. I'm somewhat surprised the raider is so focused on fighter hunting duty. Would have expected at least 1 title doing something else. Then again, the gladiator takes up most of that design space so I guess it isn't a huge surprise. So Imperials, you guys think you'll run 2 raiders in place of fighter squads? I don't think I'd be sold on that personally, but maybe I'm just underestimating that firepower.
  2. Well, Intel is a dirty dirty trick. Run Jan Ors with some X-wings, lob them into a big furball, and then let your slower B-wings calmly float past all the enemy ships and blast whatever that wing of TIE fighters was defending.
  3. and leading shots continues to be one of the most impressive cards in the pool. That thing is going to be terrifying on the big ships if they can take the ion cannon upgrade.
  4. ah, yeah, thanks for pointing that out. yeah, squadrons without escort will still be engaged, the enemy will just have to focus on your escort craft first. Thank you for correcting that!
  5. when you say escort title, do you mean the keyword on X-wings? if thats what you mean, the rule ensures that if an enemy squadron gets in range of an allied squadron to fire, and an X-wing is also in range, the enemy must first target the X-wing. the enemy also must engage the X-wing (or equivalent escort fighter), while your allied squadron does not engage, and can continue moving as if the enemy was not there. However, if your squadron fires on the enemy squadrons, and they have the counter rule, the enemy squadrons may fire their counter attack. Right now, with just X-wings and TIE fighters, the rule won't come up. this will matter more when more fighters release. Or did you mean something else when you said Escort title?
  6. While your opponent does get to do that, the Corvettes so small that no matter where your opponent places them on the model during the squadron phase you can get back in front of the corvette.
  7. I was thinking more the CR-90 would constantly 'bump' into the B-wings as it flies- and you would continually place the B-wings directly in front of the CR-90. this would allow the corvette to 'carry' them, and for the slower craft to match its speed. Mind you, the B-wing won't be able to do much while the corvette's carrying them along, but it would allow the much faster corvette the ability to help the B-wings move. Of course, this might just be me misreading the overlapping rules.
  8. I'm thinking something more along the lines of one or two B-Wings with a dodonna's pride CR90 carrying them along. Get into a prime flanking spot, and force your opponent to either pour fire into your B-wings or Dodonna's pride. Have a Gallant haven with an actual deadly swarm to make overcommitting a reaction to this flanking force even more ruinous. B-wings are mostly going to be a one of or two of, I suspect. They won't be a prime fighting force you spam, like the Y-wing. B-wings will demand a very powerful alpha strike, with support from multiple sources, and used as a small weight to counterbalance a flanking force.
  9. Just a reminder, cards have been modified after being previewed. for all we know, FFG is aware of this confusion, and already modified the Paragon's description to take the questions being asked into account. As it stands, I personally agree with the argument that you add a black die into your pool to roll at any range. you've already measured and declared your battery will be attacking, range at this point is irrelevant.
  10. you start at whatever you want to set yourself at. that's covered here. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/139498-rules-faqs/
  11. Current list I'm playing with- CR-90 Corvette B- 39 points Raymus Antilles 7 points CR-90 Corvette B- 39 points Assault Frigate mark 2 B- 72 points Garm Bel Ibis- 25 points Adar Tallon- 10 points Gallant Haven- 8 points Y wings x 6- 60 points X-wings x 3- 39 points main goal is to run a fighter swarm with gallant Haven, with a few Y-wings flying with the Antilles Corvette. hoping to play off everyone building with only a bare minimum of anti fighter defence- if nothing else, Y-wings can overwhelm an enemy in shots and durability.
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