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  1. Let's discuss. I think the best one is Tauriel/Kili because it's basically the only lesbian pairing Tolkien invented.
  2. You are literally the only one who thinks so, yes.
  3. OK but John Cleese in a dress doesn't explain your fixation on the entire old white male cast of Monty Python
  4. Don't use transphobia to avoid the question
  5. Why do you like men so much?
  6. Soontir Fel - Lupita Nyong'o Maarek Stele - Lucy Liu Darth Vader - Naya Rivera Han Solo - Rinko Kikuchi Backstabber - Amber Riley Howlrunner - Quvenzhané Wallis Echo - Mila Kunis Whisper - Laverne Cox Mauler Mithel - Brigitte Lin Rear Admiral Chiraneau - Vidya Balan Colonel Jendon - Cate Blanchett Boba Fett - Tatiana Maslany Kath Scarlet - Susan Sarandon Carnor Jax - Ksenia Solo Mara Jade - Bonnie Wright Jan Ors - Maggie Cheung Admiral Thrawn - Natalie Dormer Kyle Katarn - Saoirse Ronan Luke Skywalker - Katee Sackhoff Wedge Antilles - Indira Varma Jake Farrell - Gillian Anderson Keyan Farlander - Nikki Amuka-Bird Corran Horn - Zoie Palmer Dash - Kandyse Mcclure Captain Jonas - Viola Davis Colonel Vessery - Ruth Wilson
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