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  1. I'm trying to create the Ysanna race for a game I'm running. For background they are the survivors of the devastation of Ossus, and due to the many Jedi founders of the bloodline have a high proportion of force sensitive members. They are a "Primitive" people by galactic standards, surviving off of their mettle and tenacity on a hostile world. Tribal, and almost xenophobic in nature. Force users are considered wizards. For more info see Ysanna on Wookiee I was thinking they would be near humans, with a 3 in Willpower, and a 1 in Presence. For their skill it would be Survival or Lore I'm not sure if they would have a talent or not, and no clue to their XP. Can anyone help?
  2. Amen. I saw it as an old west showdown, and Han just got the shot off first. It was totally self defense.
  3. From this point of View, so are most of the heroes of the Rebellion. I mean from a certain point of view, the empires, he "murdered" everyone on the Death Star. Most of the officers of the rebellion are likewise deserters from the empire. And most of their equipment is stolen imperial gear, at least early on. And I'll agree that Han was a thief, scoundrel, and deserter, but must agree to disagree about the murderer. In all the cases in the movie it was either him or his opponent. Beckett even said he was going to kill Han.
  4. Still gives me the same error. Maybe we should let someone else try it. I'll restart my machine just in case.
  5. This is exactly what it gives me. Maybe the error code can help with the mystery.
  6. Still says I don't have permission to view the file.
  7. It's giving me an error when I try to open the link. But I'm really interested to see what you've done.
  8. I'm looking for a font that matches the one out of the book and the character sheet. Does anyone know of one? I'd like to make my own house supplement and have them look as close as possible.
  9. A ship with a few "quirks" can quickly become a character in its own right. I'd go for it.
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