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  1. I supposed that it couldn't be 12 fighters since until RotJ, Luke and Wedge are part of the same squadron. I assumed they were part of a flight of 4-6 fighters with the offensive and defensive power being a generalization of their effects on the overall battle.
  2. The only problem I can see is that if the ties ignore shooting the A-wings, the B's can get eaten up. Tycho is awesome, but perhaps supplement with X-Wings instead for the escort ability.
  3. Ssi-Ruuvi! Sentient dinosaurs using other species as batteries! Also, they actually have a niche with light armor/heavy shielding.
  4. Nebulon B Support Refit Salvation Raymus Antilles X17 Turbolasers Nebulon B Escort Frigate X17 Turbolasers Nebulon B Escort Frigate Yavaris General Dodonna 216 Wedge Antilles 3x X Wing Dutch Vander Y Wing 84 Spruced it up. Raymus just makes sense, but I can't figure out if Yavaris or an additional crew member will be more useful.
  5. Nebulon B Support Refit General Dodonna Salvation X17 Turbolasers Nebulon B Escort Frigate X17 Turbolasers Nebulon B Escort Frigate 204 Wedge Antilles 3x X Wing Dutch Vander Y Wing A Wing 95 Thinking of trading Dutch for a Y-Wing and having the naked Neb-B upgraded to Yavaris. Straight up long range list to remove shields and support fighters.
  6. I'm going to hazard a guess that wedge and dutch are going to synergise just fine when it comes to killing imperial aces. Dutch gets a hit in and makes them give up an activation, then wedge blasts them with 6 dice. Most imperial ties just aren't going to survive that, even with bracing.
  7. With salvation, there is a %5 chance of getting 6 damage. (3/8)^3 or (27/512) Not very good odds. Still an increase in damage. Much higher to get 3-4. 6 is just icing on the cake, or maybe my dice like me...
  8. Salvation titled neb b with x-17's has a pretty decent shot at 6 hits in a single volley. This forces the opposing vsd to either brace to reduce damage or take hull hits. A second neb b with only x-17's will ensure a lot of shots hit the same section unless the vic turns toward them. Use fighters to add damage to the open section. VSD 2 would require a lot more dancing than the 1, but I think the neb b can prove dangerous from mid-long range.
  9. Just got the notice that my imperials shipped, so everything is on the way!
  10. Thewarstore... Been ordering from them for years.
  11. My order of rebels, yes. The imperials, not yet. I made two orders after deciding that I want all the models!
  12. 2 ISD's and a mon cal pre-ordered as well as two of the little anti-fighter ship. 1 of each wave 1, going to get the rest at my LGS.
  13. Last game I played, lost one of my VSD's due to overconfidence. Still mopped the mat with their x-wings, but my opponent lost a frigate and nearly lost his second one as well. Lost the overall game since that VSDI was the objective ship, but it was still a great game. 1 VSDI, 1 VSDII, howlie and a bunch of ties vs 2x Escort Frigate, 2x Corvette, 1x Dodonna's Pride, Luke and 4 x wings The VSDI finally blew in turn 6, unable to cope with the punishment it had received.
  14. Technically there have been and are fighters whose wings change positions depending on speed. F-14 Tomcat, F-111, B-1, I'm sure there are others I'm missing. Also, when not near a star, insulation and dissipation of heat is very important. When closed, the internals of the wings are insulated from space, conserving heat and energy. When open, they provide more surface area for heat radiation to dissipate into space as the laser cannons are activated and in use. The B-Wing's S-Foils are of a more practical use for storage when the fighter is not in use. Having the wings closer to the fuselage (especially near the engines) may allow it to maintain an even temperature without as much effort in space flight. Heat does radiate into space, but you need insulation as well or temperature would swing wildly between sections of the spacecraft.
  15. This is very universe canon to see mostly vic 1's. The II was produced for a short time before the ISD overtook its production. Mostly I have found Dodonna's pride supremely annoying when flown well. There are plenty of other threats on the board to allow an imperial player to focus on one corvette.
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