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  1. if the ships are at low speeds they won t be able to end up in a position where they don t overlap finishing their movement so they get stuck infront in a "traffic jam"
  2. After playing a couple of games with 200/300/600/800 points it s as it should be Empire 100% Major Victories with hardly any losses so while i m aware the reb players i face so far aren t on the brightest side of strategy gaming i found a severe problem for the Alliance players ususally the alliance has more ships but is at least 2:1 outgunned by squads in the past games as Imperial player as i was getting tired of flying circles behind speeding rebs so i modified my strategy which led to several rebel disasters as imp i keep my VSDs with expanded hangers and vast amounts of Tie in the center at max speed and gladiator at max speed flanking the simple strategy is to ram into the enemy ships and thereby lock them down in my front arcs with no defense as the rebs have more ships this might quickly lead to a massiv crash where the slower ships crash into their own fleet that was stopped by imps crashing into them in the meanwhile i swarm the reb fleet with Ties and use the advantage of blocked firering lines of there ships once pinned down the reb fleet is lost any ides to help some local reb players against imperial suicide runs?
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