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  1. so finally got to finish my gladiators over the weekend - here are a couple of snaps of my x 4 gladiator fleet
  2. So I have decided to do a repaint for my empire forces for the Sullust event in my local store on October 4th. Here is a test gladiator beside and unpainted one. Still need to work on battle damage etc
  3. And a,pic of the fleet. Corvette got a wash and highlight as well
  4. Sadly my nebuloun frigate looked nothing like the preview model, so I spent 20 minutes trying to improve it. Nuln oil wash Then picked out some of the panels with white, added a few red panels, highlighted grey bits etc.
  5. wow these were fiddly to paint but happy how they came out
  6. A wip shot of the next 3 rebels
  7. Cheers guys these were really fun easy and quick to paint. Took about 2 hours for the both of them, much less than it takes me for s GW mini. Went for a really simple style - over black undercoat, base colour and two highlights (a couple extra on faces) so no washes drybrushing etc.
  8. my first go at the imperial assault models. Still need to do the bases.
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