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  1. I think you can just go on a website like this one http://www.edibletastyprints.com/HTML/photo/photoprints.htm and order a print. Looks like the largest they have is only 8.5"x11" though so I guess you'd have to order a bunch and then just put them together. That's going to be a huge cake too. Can't wait to see the result!
  2. That's 148 points. How did you even come close to 148?
  3. But I want to know at 300 points! I'll have a bunch of new shinies when we start playing 400 point games.
  4. Obviously this leaves little room for upgrades after the commander. Has anyone tried this? Did it work? Your replies are going to help ke decide whether or not to get a third one.
  5. While attacking, you may exhaust this card and spend 1 die to change 1 of your dice to a face with an Accuracy icon. Does this mean that I would get rid of one die and change another one to an accuracy? Or can I change the one I spend to an accuracy?
  6. What about the MC30? It is basically built like a space submarine with torpedoes and stuff. Can you picture missiles coming out the side? I am having the most trouble with that. Home One makes sense to this explanation though. In space, the missiles won't lose their forward momentum after being launched because there's no air resistance. It will keep going forward the same speed as the ship was going, except sideways now too.
  7. http://www.homedepot.com/p/HDX-15-Compartment-Interlocking-Organizer-Black-2-Pack-320034/204515485?N=5yc1vZc28pThis is the one I recommend. It comes in a 2 pack for $10- already far cheaper than most other tackleboxes of comparable size out there. The boxes lock together so you can stack as many of them as you want and they'll all stay together. They are big enough to hold a VSD- don't know about the ISD yet though, but they should be fine. And they have a lot of customizability to them. I currently use them for all my X-wing stuff. I have 4 of them total- one for each faction plus one for general tokens/dice/range rulers/templates/etc. They're fantastic. Would buy again. Would recommend to a friend or family member. Yes, I saw that one when I went there. I didn't think it was deep enough to fit an Assault Frigate. I don't have my stuff yet so I couldn't test the size, but it looked pretty big in the pictures.
  8. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Husky-3-94-in-8-Bin-Deep-Pro-Organizer-Black-211102/203329198?N=5yc1vZc28p This is what I'm going to use. I got one from Home Depot for Xwing which was much larger and half the price but they don't seem to carry them anymore.
  9. After seeing those Y-Wings did anyone else think to themselves "Crap, I'm going to have to drill out all those engine housings... bet I'll have to do the A-Wings too" I wouldn't, especially on the Y-Wings. Unless you're super careful with your models and have a good storage solution. Sounds like they'd snap right off if you drilled a hole into those engines.
  10. Forgive the question, but where was it announced that the standard game will be 400 points? I can't recall anything about that. On-topic: I'll try and grab one of each of the expansions when I have the money for it Tournament rules under The Future of Armada:"The Star Wars: Armada tournament format will expand as the game itself grows and expands. At launch, the official fleet size is 180 points. When Wave 1 is released, the official fleet size will increase to 300 points, the round time will increase to 120 minutes, and the Margin of Victory table will be updated.When Wave 2 is released, the official fleet size will increase to 400 points, the round time will increase to 150 minutes, and the Margin of Victory table will be updated. This is the culmination of the Armada tournament format, and will remain the standard from that point on."
  11. So when wave 2 comes out, the standard game will be 400 points. How many do you think we can fit of each in a list? Is it ever going to be worth it to take more than one? Are you going to get more than one or two anyway?
  12. Since I'm splitting everything with my friend and my stuff is waiting on wave 1, I only have one core set's worth of rebel ships. I'm keeping everything in my girlfriend's old box of hair dye.
  13. I'm pretty disappointed in Gallant Haven just because it only affects squadrons at distance 1 instead of range 1. Obviously the fighters would have to be within distance 1 of an enemy ship to attack. I wouldn't want my AF2 within distance 1 of that, especially since the AF2B doesn't have black dice. You'd be able to shoot at range 3 with 4 red dice with enhanced armament while only sacrificng 1 blue. Also, I'm personally not convinced Garm Bel Iblis is worth the 25 points either. But that's not why I'm responding. Just wanted to make sure you differentiated between range and distance.
  14. So a standard B-wing is Speed: 2 Hull: 5 Anti-squadron: 3xblue Anti-ship: 1xblack, 1xblue Special Rules: Bomber Cost: 14 https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/5a/40/5a409e94-5ba2-4ba3-8080-566290f5a251/bwingsquadron.png While a standard Y-wing is Speed: 3 Hull: 6 Anti-squadron: 2xblue Anti-ship: 1xblack Special Rules: Bomber, Heavy Cost: 10 points https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/ae/39/ae39a9eb-333f-4990-a774-d7ec4cb7bd7e/ywingsquadron.png Which do you think is the better bomber? Do you think it's situational or there is a clear "best"?
  15. I had this card come up during one of my games and had a few questions. Does the damage go to shields or the hull? If shields, who decides which arc the ship suffers the damage on?
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