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  1. The problem with this idea is that while it makes perfect sense from a community standpoint, every one of these "X-Wing Essentials" sets that gets sold is (probably) one fewer 2.0 Core Set that gets sold. FFG would be competing with itself and seeing how core sets are probably already loss-leaders adding another product that devalues it even further makes no economic sense.
  2. The biggest problem I've always had with Distant Suns is that while the exploration tokens sound cool, what they ended up doing is making an already-long game even longer my making planets ahrder to capture. Given the streamlining that has clearly been evident in TI4 I'm neither surprised nor really saddened to see it gone.
  3. My guess is that between the license to print money that is the Star Wars IP and their own Terrinoth IP (not to mention the now-defunct GW license) there hasn't exactly been a lot of resources or design space to expand TI.
  4. Well back in the Legends canon one of the major reasons ships like the TIE Defender never saw widespread usage is that the Imperial admirals had no idea what to do with them. The use of capital ships such as Star Destroyers as the lynchpin of a fleet with fighters as support was so deeply ingrained into Imperial Navy tactical thought that they simply weren't properly able to grasp the implications and possible uses of a totally independent starfighter, so they dismissed it. Additionally there was the fear that if hyperdrive-capable starfighters became more prevalent, there would be less of a need for Star Destroyers. And the admirals REALLY loved their Star Destroyers.
  5. With FFG transitioning away from making games where you buy single models at a time (X-Wing/Armada) towards making games where you buy multiple figures at a time (Runewars, IA, Legion) I think it's safe to say that there will be no more games with pre-painted models forthcoming.
  6. Honestly Scarif sounds like a great way to link IA and Legion together. On the IA side you have Jyn Erso and company trying to sneak to the data core, but there's a swarm of stormtroopers that can only be distracted if the rebels outside (i.e. the Legion side) can cause enough damage to the garrison to force those stormtroopers outside and away from the heroes.
  7. RRG, Pg 3: "After placing all the dealt system tiles, players attach their home systems to the rest of the galaxy." Is this not different from TI3 where as soon as you placed a system tile next to a starting system position you attached your home system in that position?
  8. From a thematic standpoint IA is the heroes escaping from the Death Star (or Cloud City), while Legion would be the Ewok battle in RotJ.
  9. It's probably going to take a day or two for the staff to decompress. Gen Con is enormous and with a booth as popular as it is I'm sure they're all exhausted.
  10. Do we have any concrete information about whether Runewars is struggling or not?
  11. It seems like FFG has done a good job of making sure that all factions in Runewars have equal access to neutral upgrade cards. You might have to buy extra unit boxes to get them but if you're sticking to a single faction you should be fine. The heroes from the core set have not been released as standalone minis, the expectation is that everyone playing would have (or have access to) at least one core set.
  12. One game is a rank-and-file fantasy miniatures game, the other is a loose-formation sci-fi miniatures game. Yes, they are both miniatures games, but they scratch very different itches.
  13. Everybody could get advanced fighters in 3E, Naalu were simply more likely to go that route because they started with a fighter combat bonus.
  14. Right, I forgot that Flagships were an expansion. I admit that I'm surprised at the popularity of leaders and mercenaries, they always seemed too fiddly for my group *shrug*
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