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  1. Are you aware you can access decent resolution images of the card art through FFG’s official squad builder API? The images are around 700x300 pixels. Or are you looking for more full resolution images such as at Deviant Art? Edit: Maybe this will be helpful as well. On GitHub there is a nice repository of data organized by card with a link to the art for each card: https://github.com/guidokessels/xwing-data2
  2. I added all cards spoiled in this stream to the Infinite Arenas Card Browser.
  3. Updated for the current season of Hyperspace play, all seven factions. I also made the bold assumption that the HMP Gunship, Xi-class Light Shuttle, and LAAT/i would be available in Hyperspace upon release: The Hyperspace quad-style sheets can be designed here and the Extended format sheets can be designed here.
  4. Yes, lots of RL crap, but thanks for mentioning the site. http://www.infinitearenas.com/xw2dials is now updated.
  5. Updated for quick builds in the re-released RZ-1 A-wing, Interceptor, and Defender (thanks @Tervlon). Also fixed missing attack info for Mag Pulse Warheads and missing charges for R1-J5 and Deuterium Power Cells.
  6. I’m thinking this should be called your “Wilder Index.” Great write-up!!
  7. The Custom Quick Builds for huge ships is now fixed. Thank you for letting me know I broke it! 😁 Yes, random quick build squads! I want that too! But there are a few other things I also want to build, so I'm asking my supporters to chime in on what should be developed next...
  8. The cards are intended for print-at-home so I wasn’t trying to match any official card dimensions. The size of the cards is simply from printing at 96 dpi and using the entire roughly 300 pixels by 700 pixels card art that FFG has made available. To get different card sizes, I would need to either distort or crop the images. I am working on making tarot sized decks, but that’s a separate project.
  9. Thank you! I'm happy you are enjoying them. Providing various languages is on my todo list, and I believe I've found a way to do it by parsing information provided by the official app API. It hasn't gotten to the top of my todo list though, because I seek input here for what I should work on next... regardless, I will work on this!
  10. I was looking for the most intuitive way to display the official quick builds that consist of two ships. In the official quick build format, this particular Ezra Bridger build cannot be purchased by himself. Instead, he is paired with a Hera Syndulla build. So I put "paired with" in the area I'd normally put the threat level and then on Hera's card I include the threat level bars and "Paired With Ezra Bridger." Since Hera shows a threat level of 6, I didn't want that on both cards. Someone may interpret that as a threat level of 12.
  11. Updated for all Quick Builds I could find in the Fireball, Vonreg's TIE, and Hotshots & Aces. Unfortunately, with the official squad builder not receiving updates, I've had to make up for a lack of high pixel count card art by using lower pixel count images. So the background images for some of the more recent cards will be a lower quality than we've come to expect. Hopefully when the official squad building app gets rebooted, they'll continue to provide an API for accessing higher quality artwork... ...and FFG updated the official app! Art quality is now back up to snuff. You may need to clear your cache to get the improved images.
  12. Updated for Wave 7 and Wave 6 re-scope, all TIE/ba, Fireball, and Hotshots and Aces cards are now included. I apologize to the users of the site for the extended time without an update. It was a busy real-life stretch.
  13. I think I missed where this card was spoiled. Anyone have a link?
  14. The pro web developers know how to force browsers to refresh a page... I have to ask my visitors to Ctrl-F5 or to clear their cache to get the latest. I'm glad you find them useful!
  15. I added huge ship metadata a couple weeks ago, so they are showing up in the maneuver reference sheets now. But I need to spend more time on the maneuver sheets to fix a couple things: 1) Hyena bombers are missing their k-turn. 2) Huge ships have 6 possible speeds (from 0 to 5-fwd), which is a first! Previously, any ship that had a stop maneuver could not go 5-fwd. So I need to reformat my boxes to accommodate this.
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