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  1. J1mBob

    Speed round

    A similar problem has been addressed in threads talking about how to introduce the game to new players in a demo-like setting. To summarize what those threads have stated: * Pre-print quick build cards (infinitearenas.com has a page for either selecting quick build cards to print or printing the whole deck by faction). * Set a lower points limit. Using quick builds, set it to 3 or 4 points (roughly equivalent to 75-100 point lists). * Play a fur ball where 3 or 4 players play one ship each. Take your deck of 8 to 10, 3 to 4-point quick build cards, shuffle, and have players draw cards. When their ship explodes, they draw another card and keep playing. Keep track of kills to determine winner, or don’t keep track (depends on the temperament of your play group). * Ignore printed initiative on the pilots. Instead, have a “first player” token. That player moves first, then the player to that person’s left moves. After the round is done, the token is passed to the left. This solves some of the problems inherent in having a bunch of Init 5 and 6 aces with equal quick build prices on the map, and also adds a neat tactics twist! (Thanks for the shout-out, @SpiderMana!)
  2. J1mBob

    FFG Live Pics 4-30

    I've added them to the Infinite Arenas Card Browser, which I'll just mention makes it easier to add the images to threads: Oh and one that has been translated from the original French leak: Did that cover everything you were hoping to see? There are a few more...
  3. Updated for Wave 4 cards spoiled during FFG's live stream.
  4. J1mBob

    FFG Live Pics 4-30

    Why is the droid bomber on Jaycris Tubbs’ base?
  5. I saved the images and posted them in my online Card Browser.
  6. Can’t find pic. Link?
  7. I now have a "Card Art Pre-Sets" drop-down near the top of the page. You can select "No Art" in the drop-down. I've also got a couple other card art pre-sets listed in there, but I'm not happy with how they're coming out yet. If anyone knows how to filter an image for edge detection via CSS, please ping me!
  8. I’ll work on adding this.
  9. Updated for Wave 3!
  10. Thank you for finding these! I've included the images in the Wave IV section of the Card Browser.
  11. J1mBob

    Snap Shot

    Snap Shot text: Talent Attack 2, forward arc, range 2, ordnance icon  After an enemy ship performs a maneuver, you may perform this attack against it as a bonus attack.  Your dice cannot be modified. 
  12. Card Browser updated for Wave 5 announcement. I'm reorganizing to keep the unreleased content (Waves 4 and 5 currently) listed separately from all the released content. I hope this works for people.
  13. J1mBob

    DM's QBs

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the quick build cards! As a little teaser, I’m working on a few more items including fully custom homebrew quick build cards (check out @Phelan Boots‘ post here) and... squad cards! Squad cards will be roughly 8x10 sheets with 4ish pilots on a single card. I’ve been testing them out lately with my recent favorite list (4x Trade Fed Drones, 4x Sep Drones, all with ESC) and am pretty happy with them. I’m curious if there are any added mechanics planned for the Flight Stands that would change the card info... anyway, between the surge in swarms lately and now the return of Epic, this seems like good timing! I also plan to jump all over Epic when it comes out and do my best to make print-and-play options for Epic. My buddies and I have only managed a couple Epic matches because of the huge time commitment and I’m hoping the 2.0 Epic is more streamlined...
  14. I was happy to read this because this is exactly how my group uses the tool. And yes, it does seem that a lot of top lists right now are fairly uncomplicated in terms of what BAC is intended to measure: triggers, extra rules to remember, etc. Right now X-wing seems to favor larger squads with fewer upgrades. I've been enjoying that a lot. I started BAC in 1.0 (I have a 1.0 version online if anyone wants the link) and that was at a time where the meta was dominated by 2 ship lists with half a dozen upgrades each. We would grab these lists off the internet and try them out in the basement, and get frustrated trying to remember all the triggers, card interactions, etc. Then this tool helped us objectively assess why some of these lists were so difficult to fly. Being a bunch of basement casuals, we of course first assumed that we were just doing it wrong and blamed ourselves. The truth is if you're going to grab a list that has high complexity, you need to practice with it a few times (things like Fly Casual and the like are great for this) before thinking you can fly it right on the first try.
  15. I appreciate the feedback I've received! I have made the following changes to the algorithm based on this feedback: Cloak/Decloak: This particular action adds +6 to the squad's complexity the first time it occurs and +1 for every repeated occurrence. Mixed Ship Lists: The first occurrence of a ship type (think TIE/ln, or X-wing, or Aethersprite...) adds 3 to the squad's complexity with repeats of the same ship dropping back down to 1. This is intended to represent the added complexity in "TIE Salad" or "Alphabet Soup" lists where the player needs to remember multiple different dials. Mixed Initiative Lists: The first occurrence of a given initiative value adds 1 complexity to the squad. Additional ships at the same initiative add no additional complexity. I've edited the first post to reflect these additions.
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