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  1. I agree with above about slaved turrets, its nice to throw the extra die but I've flown Arcs with slaves and they just let you down so hard when it needs it to count. better to have the informed reroll with DTTs or if you can, Needa TRCs is best.
  2. I've played the campaign once before now, and I found building my "ideal" 500 point list first to figure out my upgrade path, then pairing it down to the 400 point start is the way I like to do it. It's not necessarily how my final fleet looks (in the first campaign there ended up with some changes based on the opponent fleets from my 500 ideal upgrade track), but I find it handy to have a end fleet in mind so Im not making unnecessary purchases and wasting points. Ive got my glads pretty well figured out, I liked the way they ran in the previous game - made a few changes but I like them. But I do like your suggestion on a raider with overload pulse - its a great early activation punch that I could really use. Ill have to consider that over my planned addition of a Arcquittens
  3. Hi I've decided to go with something a bit unconventional for this next campaign: dual glads and an interdictor (plus others). I had chosen Screed as my commander, and the idea is the glads to glad stuff, interdictor messes with movement, and also using screed to trigger its blue crit abliity. I tested out a few things last night and made some good discoveries about my build - what works and a few things that dont. But I do need some help: 1) If the idea is to use the blue crit ablility, what do you recommend? Overload pulse was my first test, but the interdictor wants to naturally activate after the gladiators so its ineffective - Im playing with NK-7s, yes they are expensive, but since I can at least guarantee the crit to trigger it - could be handy. 2) I dont know if I should put points into supporting the glads from the interdictor, like projection experts and targeting scrambler, since they want to run farther ahead of the interdictor - I wonder if im better off just concentrating on board and objective control. 3) what helps for survivablility? Wulf (for 8 engineering) or Tua with ECMs? How else do you load out your interdictors?
  4. Going into Round 5 8-3 for Rebels. Rebels agreed to delay the All Out one more round to see if we can get our three imperial fleets up to full strength. Rebels shot out of the gate and Imperials havent had the traction to catch up. Sato is 5-0, flying sqadron heavy 6 ship fleet (pelta, salvation, AF, MC30, 2 transports), and the black die are just ripping everything apart. Vader is keeping the Imps up, Motti triple vics was too damaged and had to swap to Screed in the 4th round. Myself playing Tarkin, am still figuring out Imperials as I normally play rebels.
  5. Nebula Outskirts: The third part of the card reads: "The total number of command dials that must be assigned to each of the second players shipts during each command phase is decreased by 1." This should be added to the end: " to a minimum of 1" second player always gets the objective buff - not being able to assign dials to your 1 command value ships would be terrible.
  6. I did pour myself a drink after getting home from that game. Moving Gunnery Team was the first thing I thought of. I'm also tempted to not un-scar my ISD and spend the points in more defensive options- but Im thinking thats not such a great idea.
  7. We played our first round of campaign last night- I normally play Rebels, but for balancing out the teams I went Imperial. Im so not used to building Imp teams and flying imperial ships, a squad heavy Sato build got me pretty good last night. I was not aware of the hyperspace escapes, so I unfortunately took a lot of damage. List: Tarkin ISD2 +H9 turbolasers VSD2 + Gunnery Team ACC + Medical Team Boba Fett Defenders x2 Interceptors x2 only the Arquetins survived. After repair/refit, I repaired the ISD2, Boba, and the 2 defenders, leaving the VSD and interceptors scarred. that gives me 11 more points to play with. Not too interested in keeping the interceptors, I might just let them die. How can I salvage this?
  8. well, Imps have 1 large base ship and two medium base ships; Rebels have 2 large base ships and 1 medium. I'd take a shot in the dark and guess the next wave will have something nice for Imperials.
  9. Im currently sitting at: Rey (45) Stay on Target (2) Kannan (3) Finn (5) Falcon TFA title (1) 56 points. untested still, but id rather have the ability to change my manoeuvre and use Reys ability
  10. Hi Just played at a local store tournament. Ran into a couple problems. Opponents Demolisher simultaneously lands on a debris field, also overlapping 2 of my X wings. Demolisher was down several shields already. So: Does the effect of the debris field occur first, then the squadrons are placed, or the other way around. Our interpretation was that the squadrons are removed, then the effects of the debris occur, then the squadrons are placed. This order left an arc without shields and the squadrons were then placed adjacent to that arc. Correct? Second Issue: the next game, an opponent had all his ship and upgrade cards laid out, but forgot to lay out Expanded Launchers and Ordinance Experts with his Demolisher. He also had a printed list with him to verify that these cards were indeed supposed to be in his build. So into round two, Demolisher is supposed to fire and he realizes he forgot to put out the cards. However, had I known that those cards were on that ship I wouldn't have gone head to head with it. Eventually we decided that those upgraded cards wouldn't be used for that round, but could be added the next round. However had this been a bigger event, I would argue that the printed list isn't valid, its the cards on the table that count. Thoughts?
  11. Wave 5: two more fighter packs featuring Defenders, Punishers, K wings and E wings
  12. I like to use Cluster Mines on low pilot skill ships. A Gold Squadron or Warden Squadron pilot, is cheap, but the ability to move first into just the right spot, drop the mines right on them just increases the damage capability of a cheap ship.
  13. I like the Double base idea, but there should be this "Bridge - Before attacking any arc on the aft section, the attacker can declare he is targeting the bridge. Treat this attack as obstructed" the rear support of the ship would have its own shield dial as part of the support. Maybe the possibility of its own damage deck as well?
  14. @Marinealver Thanks, I had not yet seen your link, and thats great! Looks like you've been playing with this idea for a while now and have definitely given it much more thought than myself. @gabe69velsquez You know i must have looked at that page 5 or 6 times and missed that information completely. I guess that does confirm that this train of thought is not unfounded. But yes, I did post this rather quickly, I was only thinking of it a few days ago and was more approaching it from a game mechanic perspective and not really looking to far into SW lore for answers.
  15. not really, as it still lacks a hard point. but thats just my opinion. The Gozanti does open up a lot of possibilities however.
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