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  1. Well let's hope they do said things, but they do need to later on revisit core villians to make them harder imo
  2. As of right now with the exception of Mutagen formula, the heroes that are in the pipeline are more powerful than the villains we currently have to play with, expert doesn't feel like an expert it feels like normal at this point and I might be in the minority on this but if you take some inspiration from games like Arkham Horror that have four difficulty levels built into the game, there has got to be some happy medium outside of community content to make this game harder. I'm only saying this because I truly love the game and I want this to be a game that is played for years to come, but with my playgroup it's getting stale more quickly because of the fact that the challenge is not there. Or there is very little challenge. So please consider on adding something extra to the game to make it more difficult for those other people that have tons of lcg or card game experience.
  3. Glad we're getting like that, but ouch my wallet! And at least the speculation can stop.
  4. One thing about this game that makes it so good is that you can literally house rule it to make it as hard as you want it to be, start every villain with an extra 10 hit points when you do a boost always have a minimum of one icon so all boost get plus 1 damage or scheme or everybody gets one additional encounter card or all of the above or you have to beat level 1 2 and 3 of all villain phases, Anyway way the basic idea is you as a player can arbitrarily add numbers to make it more difficult on yourself without changing the deck you play
  5. Ou1975

    Ghoul Question

    Can the Ghoul get rads?
  6. Still haven't received a response from the developers
  7. I emailed the designer this exact same question, I'll post back here when I get a reply
  8. In my games it seems the rebels win more often than not, they can do just enough to score a couple of objectives and turtle it out.
  9. the top part of the card (requiring a shuttle) says: "you may immediately retreat. if you do, cancel the imperial tactic card" my questions pertaining to this card are: 1. Do I need a leader in the system to preform this (i would rule no). 2. If i retreat, do I have to take all my forces? can I leave ground units as normal? (i would rule that i can leave ground units) 3. If I have already retreated once (normally) can I play this card's action and retreat again(yes?)? what if is the other way around, can I retreat again after I have played this card(maybe?)?
  10. The answer to your question is NO, the attacker cannot “save” lightsaber results. All results must be resolved during that player’s attack and any unused symbols have no effect. This is from Corey designer of the game
  11. Sure you can do it like that but if you choose to do it like that you need to have the leaders to move any of your other forces thus extending the time of the game for the rebels to build their fleets and give the rebels more time to win, plus the rebels get to deploy and choose their base after you place the dust are under construction figure they just put it on the other side of the board and if you don't have the leaders to move there to check because you're too worried about the Death Star then the Empire's already at a disadvantage
  12. Well that is true, but you're assuming that the rebels will let you have it a shield Generator there, they can just sabotage it away, for the first three turns of the game the Death Star under construction is a giant 4 hit point target for the rebels thus thinning out the rest of the Empire's forces
  13. Except for initial setup I don't think the empire can deploy to the remote system with out a Shield generator present
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