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  1. Dead ... there were up to seven of us that owned fleets and played, but nothing in months to the point I sold Armada off. DEAD DEAD DEAD
  2. My wife and I enjoy Battlelore, we have no plans to play Runewars. I'd like to see more for Battlelore, but I don't think they will do anything for it until they see how Runewars does.
  3. I've played the last two versions of FoW and I'm looking forward to a new version.
  4. Very interesting, thank you, I look forward to its release.
  5. The Rogue One movie didn't help us see less intentional ramming.
  6. I too love the Venator, but see including it and the fight against the Separatists as an entirely different version of Armada.
  7. Sovereign, but I don't think Imperials will get Fleet Commands.
  8. No, just mine. I HATE painting because I suck at it, but I wanted to do something different. I must admit that the campaign has definitely increased my interest in Armada.
  9. We launched our local Corellian Conflict campaign this past weekend with four. I was instructed by Lord Vader (Matt) to assemble a fleet and all I (Moff Jerjerrod) could find were three old VSD-1's rusted from extended planetary operations that were headed to mothballs and a new Gozanti flotilla. One of the VSD's still retains its Clone Wars markings.
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