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  1. I love how the Starhawk actually looks like it's made from ISDs. The ship's a bit jarring to look at first. But the details are growing on me. It's definitely in the upper limit of a ship that can fit on a large base.
  2. I would kill for a mini of Durge! I think, based on X-wing's current releases, we will see Episode 1 and 2 characters as part of Republic/Seperatists. Maul and Jango would make great operatives. Maybe Nute Gunray as a commander. Kalani was the tactical droid that appeared in Rebels. I think he'd make an awesome commander. It'd be fun to be able to field a pure droid force without the force-users.
  3. Another ship for both Rebels and Empire before the end of the year. Then there will probably more focus on Clone wars until they are caught up. Someone asked the same question about Legion and the answer was basically 80% Clone Wars to 20% Civil War until they are at parity. It's necessary when introducing new factions for any game to focus on them for a while. I'm sure this will happen when Sequel trilogy gets their time. Two bits of good new about this. First, card packs will eventually be a thing, allowing people to be able to focus on a single faction and still have all the cards. Second, we're basically used to large stretches of time without new product so how much worse can it get? At least we'll be getting something.
  4. When did they say this in the stream? I couldn't find anything about RR release times.
  5. I honestly have almost an opposite opinion to yours. Legion's current PVC tends to warp and is nearly impossible to return to its intended shape. I've also had to purchase greenstuff for the first time in years specifically to fix the gaps in the legion models. I've been buying/assembling/painting hard plastic minis for 20 years and have never had to use greenstuff to fix gaps, nor have I had any warping issues. My Legion core set took me longer to assemble(missing parts not withstanding) than any comparable "army starter" set from another company made of plastic. Clipping, trimming, and gluing are very basic skills. Much simpler than correcting warping issues and filling gaps.
  6. A bit of good news is that I've had a few people, who haven't touched Armada in years, tell me they are definitely going to jump in on the RR campaign. The focus on rpg(Custom Commanders!) and a possible smaller starting force seem like a huge incentive for people to jump in.
  7. I'm going to be honest and say that I'm just slightly more excited to have a campaign set that includes standard upgrades like this than I am for another Rebel or Imp ship. I love using the ships we have. And I love getting so many new ways to play with what we have.
  8. https://www.nobleknight.com/Products/Star-Wars-Miniatures-Knight-Models-30mm This stuff is hard to get a hold of. But Knight Models made the best Star Wars miniatures ever produced. I could never afford to buy any until they had to drop the license. It's one of my big mini gaming regrets.
  9. Star Wars may have the worst fans, but Armada has the absolute best. I love that Anthony sounds surprised/confused while mentioning us.
  10. I think Star Wars: The Resistance hints that Starkiller has it's own propulsion. IIRC, Poe and Kaz find a system with a dead star and an abandoned First Order weapons factory. Maybe it just kills the star and leaves immediately. However, that makes me think that firing Starkiller once doesn't fully deplete the star, since the resistance tracked with the shot was from after it destroyed the Hosnian system. Could also mean two stars, though.
  11. You're welcome, friend. Glad I could address your concerns.
  12. https://mobile.twitter.com/missingwords/status/1063958128411074560?s=21 My quick search shows that: 1) It specifically takes place after TLJ 2) The story is as canon as a theme park ride can be. This seems similar to the OT. Who had any idea the rebellion was larger than what was on Alderaan? Yet somehow, between large time jumps and a desire to sell more, cool looking toys, the rebellion turned out to be a galaxy spanning organization with all kinds of cool space ships.
  13. This trailer for Rise of the Resistance(a canon story) shows the Resistance having a fleet that's obviously different from TLJ fleet. All of these ships may have been acquired after TLJ, but it shows there is a Resistance presence outside of the flotilla we see on screen.
  14. I actually kind of like the idea of the Grand Admiral choosing WHICH player activates during their teams turn. But they are only allowed to decide the player, not the ship. This might work better if the Grand Admiral doesn't have a fleet of their own. This would help the GA be able to keep the big picture without having to focus on his own world.
  15. Not sure who will be in Indianapolis. But I can ask for info.
  16. We've had an ongoing battle companies campaign since September. Unfortunately there are only 4 of us, but it's still a ton of fun. My Dwarves have wrecked face. My company rating is around 380(a lot). Do it! Isengard is a great faction to play because their warriors are fantastic and can be purchased fairly cheap. Most of the tactics recommendations I see for Isengard is to basically take as many warriors in a pike block as you can with Lurtz as your leader. They have a lot of variety too, which makes collecting an army a little easier.
  17. 5th was definitely my favorite edition. It had the tightest ruleset(thank you, Alessio Cavatore), and I played it WAY more than any other edition. Plus my beloved Dark Eldar received, what I still think, is the most gorgeous mini line they've ever produced. 4th was pretty good. But toward the end of 5th the style of the game started changing from battles with armies of troops, some tanks, and some elite stuff, to giant mechs/monster/demigods with mandatory troops thrown in, sometimes, to hopefully hold an objective for a turn before they die.
  18. The lack of releases has worked out for me this way as well. Middle Earth SBG re-released last August, and I've enjoying only having one line of minis to worry about collecting. I played Dark Eldar back in 5th and (early)6th edition. 40k has never been good for it's rules, but 8th edition has seriously turned me off of the game.
  19. We're fortunate enough to play at a FLGS that's busy every evening of the week. While we do have a designated star wars night, there are always people there playing other games. Most of the time the odd man out has something else they can play while there.
  20. We've had a Battle Companies Campaign going for a few months at my flgs. My Dwarves are kicking butt! I'm loving the updated rules for ME so far.
  21. @Gottmituns205 You still in Cbus? Our group has grown a ton in the past year. You'd have no trouble finding a match.
  22. There typically aren't Armada events at Origins. However, we do have a rather large Armada community in Columbus. So if you're in town for the week, send me a message and I can set up some people/games for you at a local store. Mondays and Wednesday are Star Wars nights at two of our stores, but there are people who have other days/evenings free.
  23. Bill from ORJ podcast ended round 4 in first place. He was flying a Raddus fleet. I was standing next to him when he won. Ignore the trolls. I think the real solution to all of this is that@geek19 needs to submit all the data he collected.
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