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  1. I'd love a tutorial on how you painted it. Thats some nice work.
  2. And to clarify this is once per each ships activation right? And not just once per turn?
  3. Tracking info from The Warstore shows my stuff arriving tomorrow!
  4. I'll add that after I sprayed the bases with black primer I painted the outside faces with black paint, then I flecked stars all around on then and finally hit them with a coat of matte spray. They blend in real nice to a star matt now. I also hit the sides of the card pieces with a black sharpie.
  5. WOWOWOW thats crazy.. and I didnt think I could "spend" blank dice either.. this changes a lot! Thanks guys!!
  6. I tried my search-fu and didnt come up with anything but I came across an issue while reading something from another site. In short it said that if a card or ability allows you to change the face of a dice to another facing with a different symbol, the new facing has to have at least one of the different symbols on it. If this is true then if a card or ability that says change one of your "X"'s to a face with a HIT icon on it..theoretically I could change it to a face that had TWO HIT icons on it since it has at least one HIT icon. I've always interpreted the reading as if it says change it to a HIT icon then you can only change it to a facing with a single HIT icon, otherwise it would have stated change it to a HIT HIT facing or etc etc. any thoughts?
  7. a link would be awesome. the only ones ive been able to find all have some sort of texture on them.
  8. Figured I would weigh in on this. I had a pre order through walmart too and went back and forth with walmarts customer service after March 27th trying to get an answer as to why the order was still saying a ship date of April 28th. Not long ago the ad space for the regular priced game showed up but said out of stock online. The other day it apparently updated and had shipping dates and dates when it would be available in the store. Taking that info I emailed walmart CS again and got a verification the product was in stock. I then called and with that info got someone to look at the SKUs and product info of the product in my order vs the product on the website and he verified it was different. They let me cancel the order, reorder at the regular price and refunded me the difference and gave me expedited shipping. I should have my copy this Friday now.
  9. Ordered mine from Walmart as I missed out on the super cheap Amazon pre order but second guessing it now as it still says it wont ship until April 28th Im hoping they are just going off outdated info and should get their stock this week. Fingers crossed.
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