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  1. I really hope they don't defect, because I'm tired of that same story being repeated for EVERY FREAKING IMPERIAL SOLDIER. Give me die hard loyal Imperials going ham on trouble makers within the Empire. If I want a defector sob story I'll go play Battlefront 2's piss story again.
  2. I am disappointed that there are two DFS pilots, now their title can't be "Doofus".
  3. The f---? That bow better shoot laser arrows or something, because if it's just a regular bow, in a world with laser blasters galore, that might just be the stupidest thing. "Oh yeah, I'm so cool cause I shoot arrows and-aw ****, I ran out, better go retrieve some from the dead bodies and-" *gets mowed down.* Actually, if that scene happens that would make me so happy.
  4. It's always the dice. At least, that's what I keep telling myself.
  5. Or just...double check your dials...
  6. Warlon

    What to play

    Mrs Tweety from Chicken Run.
  7. Warlon

    What to play

    TIE Interceptors. All of them.
  8. We'll defeat him together, Tier lists don't mean anything when we have NUMBERS.
  9. Alpha Class Starwing Initiative 2 "Before you execute a maneuver, if your maneuver template would overlap an asteroid, you may loudly say; "Gunboats don't care about asteroids!" If you do, ignore that obstacle until the start of the engagement phase" I fly my Gunboats over asteroids a lot if I can get a good shot out of it. Gunboat don't care!
  10. TIE Interceptors are good.
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