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  1. i had a difficult time doing the face details because of how the gun and arms are positioned on the figure
  2. i did a metallic silver then i dry brushed over it with brown and black to make him look more dirty and rusty
  3. i have a few questions about abilities in skirmish mode if anyone can help. 1. in the rule book it says characters can only use one action to attack and that negates darth vader's brutality. does the force choke action count as an attack? if so does the defender roll dice to defend against it, or do they just take damage? or can you force choke an enemy then attack a different enemy? 2. does this rule also apply to fenn signis' abillity assault to perform multiple attacks in an activation? 3. if jyn odan uses hair trigger against a figure to interrupt their attack, does that figure get to continue it's attack after being attacked by jyn odan, or does that figure lose it's attack that round?
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