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  1. Thanks for sharing this list! I personally think it is amazing and quite competitive. The only thing I've changed is a HLC on Rexler, which provides some more 4-dice potency. However tonight I tested swapping advanced sensors onto redline. It feels so much better having 1 ship with advanced sensors and the other with pseudo advanced sensors
  2. I'm glad great minds are thinking a like. I like the synchronisity between the punisher and the defender. I really like aces so I wanted to find a list with high PS but each being a viable threat. In preliminary practicing I've done pretty well with the following: (84) Rexler Brath (4) Lone Wolf (3) Homing Missiles Points 91 (44) "Redline" (9) Proton Torpedoes Points 53 (52) "Whisper" (4) Juke Points 56 Total points: 200 Having no bid is annoying and the build on redline isn't ideal. But I believe it's still effective. LW rexler is quite formidable in the late game and the homing missile gets rid of pesky ships with 1-2 hull left. I'm amazed in testing how often rexs ability triggers naturally. It's just one of those things.
  3. I really, REALLY approve of this idea! If you can perfectly position this list against one U boat - you have a distinct advantage- your 11 red dice versus your opponents 2. That right there sets you up for success! Even if you have to engage against 2 U boats, you're still only one torpedo - which is still a great bargain! Against aces and especially against fel - he has an oh crap moment. Wes beats him in PS, has out of movement repositioning and is able to remove one of his focii. That synergises perfectly with homing missles, negating his evade token. If the guardians can have range 3 in arc - connecting with the missles is much more probable. Another thing in this scenario, if you catch fel with his pants down by being in arc with your force (slightly possible), him turtling up is great for your force. Wes removes a focus token, homing missles negate evade, practically forcing fel to use his last focus token defensively! Really great idea, Cyber forum High Five!
  4. I was thinking about this list concept and thought I might add to the discussion - albeit a couple weeks late. So rebels have to find a verstile list that deals with triple u boats and imperial aces. Despite having access to a 5 a-wing crack swarm, I think this concept could do it. I might be getting ahead of myself and being deluded, but how about integrating a decent agile ace instead of a guardian? My idea is as such: 2x Guardian Squadron pilot -Extra munitions -Homing Missiles -Intelligence agent -Autoblaster turret Tycho Celchu -Chardaan Refit -Title -Rage -Push the Limit -Autothrusters It has a decent alpha strike (not as good as 3 guardians) Intelligence agent applies some well sought information regarding high PS aces Intelligence agent and SLAM leaves for some nice blocking opportunities where tycho can pounce in ABT is still deadly for aces Tycho gives a little bit more long term survivability. Alternatively you could replace tycho with Jake and have tactician k-wings/seismic/ion bombs Or You could have Nera dantels w/ deadeye, plasma torps, extra munitions and guidance chips. Or (Just spontaneously thinking of an idea...) Have biggs with r4d6, IA and implement prox mines on the guardians (no intel agent) Thoughts?
  5. I really like this list mate! Despite my love of flying a-wings I personally would aim to put as many red squadron vets in as possible. My variation is: 3x Red Squadron Vets w. Crack Shot, R2 Astromech and IA Green squadron pilot w/ Title adaptability, Crack Shot and Chardaan Refit 100 pts I would love to fit in autothrusters in (especially on the a-wing), but I think a trio of X-wings will give any opponent something else to think about. IA does add some extra health to the list, and I gain 3 ships with 3 attack dice and crack shot - which is something at least! The green squadron could be replaced with something like a Tala w/ GC and Ion pulse missles (or thread tracers)... but yeah..... Overall I think I'd prefer your balanced offense and defense variation
  6. Adelaide, South Australia Store Championship. Hosted by Infinity Games (19th of March, 2016) 28 players, 5 swiss rounds with cut to top 4. (Wave 8 excluded) Top 4 List Summary: 1st Place- Tim S (Me) (4th in Swiss) Prototype Pilot -Chadaan Refit -Autothrusters Tycho Celchu -Awing test pilot -Push the limit -VI -Proton Rockets -Autothrusters Corran Horn -VI -FCS -R2D2 -Engine Upgrade 98 pts 2nd- Tom D (2nd in swiss) IG-88 B&C (symmetric) -Crack shot -FCS -HLC -Title -Glitterstim -Autothrusters 100 pts 3rd- Brad S (3rd in Swiss) Wampa Omega Leader -Juke -Comm Relay RAC -VI -Palpatine -Engine Upgrade 99 pts 4th- Tom B (1st in Swiss) IG-88 B&C (symmetric) -Predator -Mangler cannon -advanced sensors -Inertial dampners -AT -title 98 pts Tournament lists and matchups: http://lists.starwarsclubhouse.com/get_tourney_details?tourney_id=1367 My personal tournament report: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/206101-2016-adelaide-south-australia-store-championship-hosted-by-infinity-games/ Note: The top 4 and finals were recorded, but they are in the production stage.
  7. So In the top 4 I was paired off against Tom B from game 1. We were both pretty nervous to face each other! The asteroids were sort of cental in position but more so spread out. My prototype was in the centre as usual and his brobots were on my right flank. I deployed tycho on the far left and corran near the prototype. My proto got into a central position early, with his brobots coming straight down the right flank. My tycho turned left, choosing not to joust, whilst corran made his way up the middle. Now I can't remember if this happened turn 2 or 3, but something deisastrous happened for tom. With one of his brobots he boosted forward (with adv sensors) and then K-turned. But His bottom right corner was a couple of millimeters of my table edge - so he was gone. Tom took it very well, and remained a great sport. With only one bot remaining, The rest of my ships pounced and eventually destroyed it. Grand final v Tom D (Glitterstim B&C crackshot brobots) Tom D is a great player, and most likely the best and consistent player in the adelaide meta. So I was pretty tense facing up against him. But I did have a solid list to counter his brobots. If I could conservatively play corran throughout the game without him taking not a lot of damage, I would have a good chance to win. Rock placement was fairly spread out this match. I beleive I deployed centrally whilst tom deployed on my left. Now I can't remember many of the details, since it was a long drawn out game (close to 2 hours I think....). But I managed to get into a central position with corran and the prototype, with his brobots coming in on a diagonal lane from my left flank. Tycho had k-turned facing left to open his options. Tom used crack shot early on to deal one damage more to the prototype and to tycho. Corran was double tapping and running away. Fortunately for me I got some great damage through on B where Tom risked not popping glitterstim. And whilst I was flying corran with great precision, I was flying tycho sloppily. I had 3 chances to unload a procket shot into a brobot but picked the wrong manuevre. For my failure Tom got rid of tycho without him doing much. Turns went by until C blocked corran but was in a firing position on a 3 hull B (The turn before corran and a the 1 hull prototype had firing solutions on B who had segnored who glitterstimmed). who was still stressed. Corran's double tap finished B off. More turns went by where corran would cheekily arc dodge and deal massive damage or the prototype would block and let corran deal more damage. At the end of the game, corran was at full health and the prototype was at 1 hull remaining. It was a fantastic game and a fantastic tournament to participate at! Thank you to all my fantastic opponents, and I'll hopefully so you at regionals Take care everyone!
  8. Hi every one! Yesterday I participated in (19/3/16) an Adelaide store championship, hosted by Infinity Games within the CBD. I was super excited coming to this tournament, and more so improving my position from our recent X-wing league, where I was eliminated in the semi finals. But you'll have to read through this report to see if I did or not . Before we go onto details, I just wanted to say thankyou to Infinity games for holding a fantastic tournament, and also our T.O Jake who kept the event on a timely schedule! Yesterday we had 28 players participating, which is so huge for our small community! The Adelaide meta is very say, non-typical, because most players are casual and fly what they want to fly. So on the day, they're no Palp + 2 aces, no quad TLT's, no double regen rebels, no large swarms etc! Instead there were 6 brobot players (mostly crackshot brobots). I was a little disappointed by this, because I was hoping to out PS some pilots such as Fel, VI poe and so on. I have been practicing with a theme of A-wing aces since January, and this is the 8th variation which I love! Also note wave 8 was not legal in the tournament (since it came out 2 days prior). So here is the list: "AAE that's no moon, it's a scrub" Prototype Pilot -Chardaan Refit -Autothrusters Tycho Celchu -Awing test pilot -VI -Push the limit -Prockets -Autothrusters Corran Horn -VI -FCS -R2D2 -Engine Upgrade 98 pts So onto the games! Round 1 v Tom B (Brobots) B & C - Predator - Mangler cannon - ID -AT -Adv sensors -Title Tom is a great player and I think he has less than a years experience playing the game! The asteroid configuration was mostly congested and central. I deployed my ships scattered centrally on my side, whilst tom deploy on my left. I can't remember the intricacies of the opening turns, but I was mainly trying to imbed my position into the asteroid field whilst Tom was skirting the outfield. My dice were good and consistent, plinking a few shields of C. The game started looking bad for me where tycho was blocked, and a mangler cannon shot through a rock at range 2. Tom rolled hit, crit ; whereas I rolled all blanks (Tych was on one shield, crit came through as loose stabiliser). Phew that wa a close one! We kept battling it out But I couldn't seem to kill IG-88 C. The prototype died fairly early on I believe. With 7 mins left on the clock I was in a fantastic position where corran was in a range 1 position (switch TL to C as action) from a 1 hull C, and Tycho was range two from C with focus, evade. Ig B was one 1 shield left. This was my chance to get a great lead! Corran shoots (hit, hit, blank, blank). Rerolls both blanks for more blanks. Tom gets two evades. Tycho uses his focus out of desperation at C for 2 hits. 2 evades. C kills tycho in return. Sigh..... Corran double taps, getting hit, blank, blank, focus. Rerolls for another hit. 2 evades again. Gah! One of my friends watching the game said I was red in the face after that! So we quickly played the rest of the game, and C smartly ran away whilst I was regenerating shields. I still couldn't get any more damage through! IG B shot at corran getting a crit through (I rolled blanks again), and it was console fire! Phew! Time was called Loss 24 - 52 I was feeling pretting deflated after that loss, and was hoping my dice started to behave! I picked my self up and moved to the bottom most table for round 2 Round 2 v Richard W Richard was running: Maralo Eval -Mangler - Gunner -K4 -Hull Black sun soldier -Glitterstim - Cluster missles Kavil -VI -R4 agro -Blaster turret Richard has been playing since the release of the game, but considers himself to be a casual player. He popped in to see how he'd go and have fun, which was great! Asteroids deployed very much like Game 1, so was deployment for both players. As usual I approached through the asteroids, whilst richard moved up from my left flank, with a Z-95 in more a central position. On turn 2 I got the jump on the Z-95 at range 3. Tycho dealt 2 damage and corran sealed the deal for another 2! Wow my dice were warming up! Unfortunately not so much for richard. Turn 3 my proto was outflanking on richards table edge. Maralo stopped for firing positions, and Kavil got bumped! Tycho moved in with a range 1 procket shot! And corran positioned himself at range 2 obstructed. I can't exactly rememeber the dice rolls from corran, but he did strip 3 shields I believe. Tycho was on fire, dealing 4 hits and a crit. Maralo I believe dealt 1 shield to tycho. The prototype dealt two more damage to Maralo. And Corran double tapped for a hit and 2 crits. 2 of these crits were directs, so In one turn I had dealt 13 damage, killing maralo! Corran flew away to reposition was the prototype and tycho chased down kavil. But kavil like a truck getting a crit through on tycho! (weapons failure, phew). Tycho disengaged, and corran hunted kavil down with plenty of time to spare Win 100-0 I was feeling better now, but my dice were insanely hot in Round 2. I had jumped from Table 14 to table 7. Round 3 v Callum J Callum was running: Scum Boba -VI -Glitter -EU Torkil Mux - TLT - Tactician Thug -Unhinged -TLT 98 pts Callum won initiative and chose to keep it. Callum smartly spread out his small rocks, so that most of the obstacles were on my right side. He deployed on my left, and I deployed in the centre-right of my zone. I cautiously came through the rocks in the middle, as his TLT's had open room to move. Boba engaged first, shooting at corran to no avail. I had no shots. I decided to come out of my fielded area and engage the the TLT's after Boba had over committed. Tycho chased after boba. Torkil made Corran PS 0 but focussed on the prototype dealing 3 damage to it I beleive. I dealt 1 shield to torkil. The next turn, my proto blocked the TLT formation, and corran got a range 1 focussed shot on torkil. I missed an opportunity to 2 forward with tycho and engage the thug, but instead I 1turned bumping into Boba. The TLT's did a damage to tycho I think. Corran double tapped to destroy torkil. A couple turns later, the Thug had to run away, but I got tycho into a range 1 shot of Boba (sitting on a rock), and Corran range 2 with his weapons ready to fire. Boba popped glitterstim, as he should. I try to restrain my use of prockets unless I have focus, target lock. But I decided to take a risk. The procket attack came up blank, blank, blank, blank, focus - converting for 1 hit! LOL! No damage. Corran double tapped for 3 shileds I think. After this tycho wasn't in a prime position to chase boba, so instead went after the y-wing. The proto and corran chased boba. In my pursuit of the thug, the TLT got 2 cheeky damage onto tycho (rolling blanks again). But in turn boba took at least 4 more turns to kill the proto type on one health. There was a position where the proto had blocked boba and corran k-turned behind dealing more damage and damage sensor array. I kept doubting myself with tycho and couldn't get into range 1 of the thug to deny. Corran was chasing boba without actions, and stressed but lucked out going through a roid and a stress field. The second to last turn tycho was killed. Boba at this point was on 1 hull and there was 1 minute left. Corran was ready to fire. Callum was a gentleman and a great sport for not stalling the last minute. Corran chased down boba and killed him on the final round. If time was called before boba died, I would have lost 50 - 52. But now I had won 73 - 52 You are a legendary sportsman Callum! From here I had progressed up to table 3! Round 4 v Juliet (Crackshot B&C but with ID) 98 pts The asteroids were deployed just how I like em, central and congested. Again I deployed centrally (but tycho on the left flank) whilst Juliet's brobots, were deployed to my right of centre. My prototype flew up the centre with corran guarding behid, and tycho flew up the left flank. Both B&C boosted into firing positions of the prototype (only 1 shot though), and dealt a damage. Turn 2, My prototype 2 banked right around a large asteroid to come into a blocking position next turn. Both B&C banked right but C was very close to the rock. Corran slowly moved up and either took at pot shot / tl action at C for no damage. Tycho was right behind the prototype. Turn 3 was crucial. My proto approached C's top right corner but couldn't boost in the gap between the C and the asteroid. B was out of the fight and out of position. Instead of doing a 1 hard left with C, ID was triggered. This proved costly as corran turned in a boosted into range 1, and tycho had moved in with focus target lock. With the accumulation of of all three ships (plus double tap) C was destroyed. Before C was destroyed Juliet chose to focus on the prototype to no avail (had a TL on it). I was only a matter of time where B was destroyed, but took the prototype with it. Win 100 -17 For the last round of swiss I had moved to table 4, to see if I had a chance to get into top 4! Game 5 v Cameron (Typical Dash and Corran build) TBH I've never faced dash corran in my life! My 2 point initiative bid proved very useful as I chose to not have it. The asteroids were sort of central, most at range 2 of one another. The prototype had a central position, whilst dash corran were on my left flank. Tycho and corran deplyed nearish to the proto. Turn 1 I zoomed my proto with a left 3 bank and boost, to get into a blocking position. Dash moved up to engage the prototype, with his corran close behind. My aces were also close behind the proto type. Dash got 4 hits at range 2 of the proto, destroying him (blanks again lol). This was a bummer because the proto had a fantastic opportunity to block since Dash had pushed. But next turn I predicted dash wouldn't turn left into my tycho and corran/the asteroid field. So I dialled in mor corran to do a 2 hard left. Which caught dash inside range 1 and at range 3 obstructed from his corran. Tycho wasn't really in the fight at the moment (btw dash didn't push this turn). Corran double tapped for 3-4 damage. The next turn dash moved alongside my deployment edge and shot at tycho to no avail. His corran was still chasing and not doing much damage. My corran was still maintaining range 1 of crran and tycho was getting in postion. Next turn dash smartly moved 2 forward and barrel rolled left to block corran. But this left dash exposed to a proton rocket shot from tycho dealing 3 more damage I think. His corran was chasing my corran and did 1 damage. The turn after dash was trapped in my right corner (I was expecting him to hard 3 left, after not push last turn, instead did a 1 turn right). With this, my tycho overshot, his corran was in a great range 1 position of my corran (but went through debris to do it). My corran did a 1 forward and thankfully for EU, boosted into range 1 of dash and range two of corran. His corran dealt 1-2 damage (blanking out again) and his double tap stripped my shields. Dash died to my corran. Since his corran double tapped, I was free to run away and reposition. The end game resulted in my tycho dealing shield damage to his corran - getting in a final position where both corran were in range 1 of each other and tych was right behind. Both corran's died! Win 100 - 63 So after my my swiss rounds I was 4-1 with a decent MOV. There was one 5-0 player (Tom B, great work buddy!) and 4 players at 4-1. I managed to sneak into 4th position, beating the 5th place by 40 or so MOV. At this point I was pretty chuffed at my performance and got extremely lucky to get here (Game 3 could have ended it for me). This post is getting too long so I'll post the top 4 below. By the way, the top 4 and top 2 were filmed, and are in the editing process. So when they are done there will be links.
  9. I really like the foundation of the list! One slight change I'd make: Implement Weapons engineer and k4 on Latts. That combo is excellent with her. I like your choice of PS3 vipers (Reduce effects of predator, and can hunt down PS1-2 pilots. So I'd only replace gunner with weapons engineer. With this change you could have a 2 point crew like outlaw tech/tactician. Or with the upcoming wave 8 releases, implement Zuckuss or 4-LOM in your 3rd crew slot. Additionally you could replace Inertial dampners for glitterstim. But that's personal preference Thanks for sharing
  10. At the moment I working on a list based on this exact theme. I've been playing/practicing with this sort of theme ever since early january. Currently I'm flying the following list, which I prefer the most! Tycho Celchu Wired Push the Limit Awing Test Pilot Chardaan Refit Auto Thrusters Jake Farrell Veteran Instincts Push the Limit Awing Test pilot Chardaan Refit Autothrusters Corran Horn Veteran Instincts R2D2 Fire Control System 100 pts I've come to the realisation that this is Essentially Dash and corran but substituting Dash for 2 high quality aces. It is SO MUCH fun to play!
  11. What about this one? It's 0 points, so it doesn't increase the price of the already overcosted X-Wing. Both sides have both positive and negative effects, so it's not autoinclude. The "open" side increases the effectiveness of the ship's attacks, by adding one attack die at range 2 and 3, and depriving the defender from range 3 defense die bonus, or autothrusters. As a counter, these attacks never crit, and if you don't have focus tokens, crits actually decrease your damage output. This should help the X-Wing actually pay for what it costs, as it increases the chance of it destroying an enemy ship before it is destroyed. The X-Wing doesn't have tricks, but becomes a dangerous jouster. Also, consider that this card doesn't mention "primary weapon", so think on what it does with certain ordnance. The "closed" side gives you a weapons disabled token, so technically (read below) you cannot attack. However, your can perform the Evade and Boost actions that weren't available to you before. Also, all attacks against you are considered to be range 3, so you roll an extra defense die. This helps the X-Wing with survivability. If you think you are gonna be arc-dodged, go full evade or get out of their arcs. This boost or evade comes with the inconvenience of not being able to attack, so the X-Wing doesn't become a better TIE Interceptor or A-Wing. Just a more elusive jouster. Lastly, both side have an optional Action: header that lets you immediately flip the card to the other side for the cost of one action. That allows you to make an advanced use of this card and try to benefit from both sides in a single round if you can afford it. What a well thought out fix! I'm heavily biased to my idea, but I'd replace a boost with a slam (gain evade token) when S-foils are closed
  12. I really advocate the S-foils title idea. I've always liked the idea of having a 'flippable' function card. So I propose the following: S-foils (Attack position): No real change. (Only cause I can't think of a simple fix atm) S-foils (Flight position): Immediately perform a slam action Sure the Bwing can use the S-foils upgrade, but it sure works better on an X-wing
  13. In the elimination rounds, if at the end of the game, both players have the same points of their respective opponents ships destroyed - the player with initiative wins.
  14. Despite quite the wild negativity to this idea, I think it is quite a unique and well thought idea. I do agree that 150 MOV is very arbitrary. From my point of view, FFG endorsed a full win and 150 MOV to the 'bye' player - against a simple and standardised 'imaginary opponent'. What I mean by this is that the 'imaginary opponent' has ships (or half-ships) worth 25 pts each so a 50 point margin is a fair and easy estimate. But in the empty vacuum that is X-wing list building, these standardised lists are very few (Like you were saying in the US Store champs thread, Symmetrical brobots is a great example - Your situation with your assymetrical build in the top 4 was an interesting situation!). This 150 MOV guess also doesn't account to how much the bye player has lost, so the situation gets even more complicated! I hope that I'm making sense. But I'd suggest making two suggestions to your idea. 1.) Instead of one roll of a d100, I would take an average over 3 rolls (rounding up) - to reduce outlying randomosity. The apply your idea. 2.) Give the bye player an option to take the 150 MOV or take 1.). Sure an average would be in a neighbourhood around 50, but this will give the player to risk/conserve a few MOV points. Which could make or break the players ranking/ cut to elimination Overall, great idea
  15. I had an interesting idea, but highly situational. You could have 4 green squadron pilots with rage, wingman, prockets and guidance chips for 100. Unfortunately boosting/ evading will be a rarity, but you can constantly use rage if you formation fly and perform a following green manuevre.
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