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  1. Not anymore, there was a time, but right now the designs stay.
  2. DScipio

    Sliding (Hangar Bay) Doors...

    Refitting is not always cheaper than new build craft. There is a reason most ships end their service after 50 years.
  3. DScipio

    X-Wing/TIE-Fighter Missions for Armada

    Feedback is most welcome. Btw I have reuploaded the cards:
  4. DScipio

    Sliding (Hangar Bay) Doors...

    Just a quick glance:
  5. DScipio

    Sliding (Hangar Bay) Doors...

    Its pretty similar tot the ships I have, but unfortunally thats not the offical rooster. The Ton-Falk is jsut the much more fitting Imperial Carrier. The Lancer is a pretty unique ship, because its not a fast ans small craft, that also can be used as a destroyer. The Carrack is pretty similar to the Arquitens (which I like) but also the much more logical choice. The canon is just to clustered with old Clone Wars ships. The Victory made sende because it was a late design that was develeoped at the end of the war, but pushing all that old buckets from the clone wars into the Galactic Civil war is a bit too much for my taste. You are pretty right with Patrol Craft an Gozantis, altough Patrol Craft were more fighting craft (they were dedicated military ships after all) instead to the more support oriented Gozanti (that were in the end converted civilian crafts if I remember correctly). The whole reason I play Star Wars Armada is for the setting and the background. Most people play it because of Star Wars (and its has a good ruleset) only very few play it for the ruleset alone. Thats why I want the Dreadnought: No Fleet need or wants it, but they had them and had to use them. Its part of the whole civila war thematic. ... AND I really love the old buckets. The Strike Cruiser on the other hand is a odd choice for Star Wars: Its a ship that actually makes sense. Its a mass produceable, modern and powerful multi role ship. Strange enough I love that ship too.
  6. DScipio

    Terrain for Armada?

    I got that. The platform from Shapeways and the missions are self made:
  7. DScipio

    X-Wing/TIE-Fighter Missions for Armada

    Thanks for the feedback, i will look at it.
  8. DScipio

    Sliding (Hangar Bay) Doors...

    How beautiful! What a great Armada rooster that would make!
  9. DScipio

    Custom card/ship yard: Star Trek (Armada)

    Overview fixed (less pretty now). And here is the new "expansion":
  10. DScipio

    Custom card/ship yard: Star Trek (Armada)

    Little Teaser for the next "Expansion"
  11. DScipio

    Custom card/ship yard: Star Trek (Armada)

    That are very interesting ideas.
  12. DScipio

    Custom card/ship yard: Star Trek (Armada)

    Interesting idea. How exactlly do you imagine the rules for that?
  13. Here is a "short" sheet where you can find all kind of sources for Star Wars and Star Trek (and Galactica) ships for armada. I tried to incorporate the various Star Trek source on shapeways as well: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1V_EibMDVWhths5VV3_5GZvSi5JkGv3YX0VFFD2n_mhc/edit?usp=sharing Cards for Star Trek Armada can be found here: @Crabbok @EbonHawk
  14. DScipio

    Battlestar Galactica armada

    Unfortunally it seems that Ares, went for very large capital ships so that the "slightly larger than X-Wing" Miniatures could fit somehow to the captial ships. Lets see how that works.
  15. If have made a great scale sheet for Star Wars and Star Trek where you can see the scales from the ships form the various producers: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1V_EibMDVWhths5VV3_5GZvSi5JkGv3YX0VFFD2n_mhc/edit?usp=sharing