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  1. DScipio

    New Interdiction Ship would be cool

    The Interdictor in Armada (from Rebels) is something like a Immobilizer 418-class pumped up to the size of the Interdictor-class Which I find sad and ruining the possibility to have both, which I would have liked much more, but thats the way your Disney canon goes. Btw: Whats wrong with Disney and their relation to Bridge sections? Is there a rule to silly put every bridge section (ISD, "Interdictor", Mandator IV)
  2. DScipio

    Suggestion for a final squadron pack

    Source comparison Yours: K-Wing :14 TIE-Punisher: 6 Mine: Xg-1: 30 TIE-Avenger: 22 TIE-Scout: 16 TIE-Vanguard: 4 Missle Boat: 6 T-Wing: 11 R-41: 11 Y-Wing Longprobe: 15 Stromtrooper Transport: 13 TIE Heavy Bomber (Could really be left aside, it just looks more acceptable than the TIE-Punisher, I thought others might like it😞 2 Of course looks are a matter of preference, but there are also objective aspects. And the point that the K-Wing is a pretty unfitting fighter/bomber for Star Wars. On the legends matter: It might be that FFG favors the Disney Canon (depsite the Victory beeing something of a central piece for Armada), but we dont have to restrict our whishes to them because of their mindset in that matter. I didnt loose a word abput the Bellator-class and very dislike the "PUT MOAAR STUFF ON IT" doctrine, which is btw. much more common in the new canon than in the old. My suggestions are picked with sense because there would be much more legends stuff, but the one I picked all have a valid role in the setting and are not just "fill ups".
  3. When you say Mandalorian Gauntle Fighter... do you mean the DX-9 Delta-Class Stormtrooper transport? Can you? Can 2 Tie/sa actually kill the ISD or does it have merrits to "annoy" the ISD and reducing its efficeny instead of just removing shields?
  4. DScipio

    Rebel Lucrehulk-class Battleship

    Here is my suggestion: and some others:
  5. DScipio

    Suggestion for a final squadron pack

    You are right, it should be in.
  6. DScipio

    Suggestion for a final squadron pack

    YOU are to much obscure legends stuff! In honesty: What do you find to obsucre? I am asking that also because you included the K-Wing and the TIE-Punisher, the two perhaps most ugly and worst designed, Star-Wars-unfittig craft of the whole franchise.
  7. DScipio

    Squadron upgrades

    I am not PRO-Upgrades, but from WWII up to now, the most important decision in naval warfare for an admiral is the use of his squadrons, including the question of equipment and armament (Bombs or Torpedos for example). I also dont think that Armada is a ship game, its a small fleet game and squadron warfare is a important factor of it.
  8. DScipio

    Squadron upgrades

    Thats exactly my feeling, much more difficult to balance but allwos for more flexibility and narrative in casual games. And it would be a bit closer to the X-Wing / TIE-Fighter games feeling.
  9. DScipio

    Suggestion for a final squadron pack

    Imperial Fighter part III Xg-1 Gunboat, Missleboat, TIE-Avenger, TIE-Heavy Bomber, Imperial Recon: TIE Scout, TIE Vanguard Scum of the Galaxy Fighters ( = Rebels and others) T-Wing, R-41 Starchasers, Rebel Recon: Y-Wing Longprobe, Recon A-Wing Transport and shuttles Delta-class JV-7 Escort shuttles, Delta-class DX-9 Stromtrooper transport,Gamma-class ATR-6 Assault transport, Beta-class ETR-3 Assault transport
  10. DScipio

    Squadron upgrades

    Just curious, would you have liked if FFG made squadron upgradeable? Perhaps something like that:
  11. Paradox games (Europa Universalis, Vicotoria) are exactly that: Think of Civ but better. ^_^ (Saying as a long time Civ-Fan)
  12. DScipio

    SSD Poll Threat. Happy or not.

    Now with a real poll:https://doodle.com/poll/zsp5gwtwcnnf87k9
  13. You mean stick to the REAL Star Wars ships? To which ships are you referring now?
  14. Which IS a cleary one of the weaker parts of Star Wars and close to a "deus ex machina" plot device.
  15. DScipio

    Clone Wars Factions, or just Ships?

    If you let a soulless company decide that something that already was canon for centuries is not canon anymore its up to you. I dont. I am totaly fine to label the old canon "legends" but I dont see why the "legends" fantasy should less valid than the new disney "canon" fantasy. And of course, the old canon is old canon, disney cant change and you cant deny the fact that it had been canon for some time. And to be honest the new canon has an impressive rate of " inconsistent drek" for the short span of time it existed. In what way does the first attack invalidate the Rogue One story line? Its just the first use of the aquired plans.