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  1. I like the dreadnought. I always have. And most people like him so he seems like an obvious choice. However my secret darling was always the Strike Cruiser.
  2. DScipio

    Kill it already

    I didn?t say I dont understand joy and demand for new content, I said I dont understand the need for new content to stay in a game.
  3. DScipio

    Kill it already

    I still play Battlefleet Gothic and Mordheim, and they are still great games. Never understood this "need new content to stay in a game".
  4. DScipio


    Something like this? 2 black are as powerful as 3 blue against squadrons (1,5 damage; 2blue, 1 black would be 1,75), but wont grant you Accuracies, fitting to larger cannons that also grant longer range (Snipe 1). 1 Red antiship grants the possibility of a double hit with the large cannons.
  5. Really, I had the impression the reception is 60% positive, 5% love, 5% dislike, 30% hate.
  6. I bought a huge collection for very little money last year only to find out it was only the models without cards, without the seller telling me. So yes... I am pretty happy.
  7. Already en route! Anything remotly 1/7000 -1/8000?
  8. DScipio

    Quick question for the maths gurus

    by: Blair Riding (blair524) https://boardgamegeek.com/image/2498909/star-wars-armada
  9. DScipio

    WTF??? (What The Fluff)

    Discarding doenst represent that the character dies or is laid down, its just that he spent his tricks for the duration of the part of the battle the game represents.
  10. DScipio

    WTF??? (What The Fluff)

    B ecause, why only ruin The Last Jedi with Powerranger Moves, when you can also ruin a show on top with them?
  11. DScipio

    [KDYv2] Development Blog Thread

    Cardassia is a strong and independent nation!
  12. DScipio

    Custom card/ship yard: Star Trek (Armada)

    New offer comming in:
  13. DScipio

    [KDYv2] Development Blog Thread

    Would need: New Faction: Star Trek: Ferengi Alliance And Silhuettes: D´´Kora class Marauder
  14. I hope not as pointless as your comment.
  15. DScipio

    armada card maker?

    http://kdyards.com/ examples: