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  1. I am working on a new pack for the discord. I'm sorry that this hasn't been up-kept as well as it should be, but other than a bit of OW I don't play much anymore.
  2. It's been great everyone. Even though I feel I got started late, about a year or so before the ItmeJP stuff that made Dark Heresy super popular, the materials and games have always had a lot of heart and hard work put into them. Thanks to everyone involved. I know i've still got a few DH2 games in me though.
  3. Fixed. If anyone knows a better place than filedropper let me know. I haven't been updating a lot because effectively I've managed to crash roll20 with all my assets. Seriously, I've managed to lag out roll20 with my pretty maps. At this point the lag is putting me off running, so I don't make stuff much anymore. A lot of these tokens are big files. Roll20 doesn't like big files. Use with caution.
  4. I've probably got a few more Dark Heresy games in me. I imagine it will eventually become much harder to pull random players though from LFG sites. Not looking forward to that. It's sad that the sort of era of Dark Heresy online play started with Roleplay RPG and kind of fizzled. I'm just happy to have played though the good part.
  5. I've got to make a serious decision soon about dividing up stuff into top down view or standard token. I know a lot of top down exists, but I don't really use it myself.
  6. Speaking as a guy that has made a lot of Dark Heresy maps these are useless other than for getting ideas about different types of structures. You need high resolution to run DH due to the fiddly combat.
  7. Things should be working again. I try to update the main ones, sometimes i have internet issues with filedropper. I'm totally fine with the collector files being on rollforheresy.
  8. Obviously, the end of the collaboration is a problem. Not seeing new books means that we are going to see the community starved for new blood and effectively stuck in a holding pattern until a new solution appears for those of us that want to game in 40k universe. This could obviously come from several directions. 1. Games Workshop could release its own RPG, as they have before. Given their proclivities I wouldn't rate the odds of it being good as high or the odds of it happening as high. 2. FFG could get the license back at some point and revive the system. This could even be the result of GW going defunct. This would be the ideal. For the most part they were good stewards. 3. The community could make its own thing. This has been tried a few times with some very good looking results, but adoption overall has been difficult and the days of Dark Reign are over. Getting players to dive into a non-official book is always a big ask. What is the path forward for the holding pattern ? 1. Secure the resources as soon as possible. Books and PDF's aren't being released anymore. There will probably be a big sale very soon. Stock up on everything. The ideal situation is that 40krpg's become very accessible. 2. Keep running games, if you like the systems. Keep bringing in new blood. Keep the vets happy. Keep producing assets. Try to keep things organized. 3. Migrate to https://www.reddit.com/r/40krpg/ and other forums before we get archived. There is no good post-Dark Reign successor with more people than 40krpg it's not as good as the forums by far, but it's populated. The community survives by keeping in touch.
  9. I like this stuff I will add it to the collectors files. If you guys want to do stuff faster, then please feel free to PM me and can exchange skype info. EDIT : Collectors have been updated. One of these days I'll update the imgur.
  10. Try using meetup man. That's how I found my group. Dark Heresy is a hard to find good people for.
  11. Model shots need to be taken strait down if possible and be higher res. Some stuff has been added to the pack though.
  12. Also, this isn't bad with the right packs Today (6/24/16) I am trying this Editor... http://bgmapeditor.eu/ I've fired it up - seems to work and and the tiles are good resolution! Stay GAMING Morbid
  13. Fixed. I think there is a bandwidth limit. Some of the links hit it faster. http://www.filedropper.com/tilecollectorrevision1_1
  14. I've 'unpacked' 40k vassal before. It's pretty easy. You can get all sprites individually.
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